Dave Rubin Sees a Massive Red Pilling of America

15 Nov 2021

CLAY: We’ve got Dave Rubin now, by the way, on Locals, also Rumble., I believe he’s in Nashville hanging out for a couple of days. Dave, we were just talking… First of all, we’re glad to have you on. We were just talking about the Kyle Rittenhouse story, and I know you’ve been following it as well. Are you still finding that many people — you’re based in L.A. — are getting more and more red pilled as they continue to look at the way the media covered this story?

Because a lot of people out there, I think, assume Kyle Rittenhouse, one, was a hundred percent guilty. But, two, had just started shooting all sorts of black protesters at BLM, and it turns out that he actually shot three white people, all of whom had criminal records, one of whom was basically a serial pedophile/child molester. And it’s just another series of lies that are being exposed much like the Steele dossier and everything else.

RUBIN: Yeah, well, look. As a guy that, as you said, is in Nashville at the moment… Sorry I’m not seeing you guys in person. But libs in Los Angeles at least for now, I am definitely seeing a mass red pilling that is long, long overdue, and this is just a perfect example of that. Clay, everything you just laid out there, those are the facts.

And if you look at the sort of chasm between the way, say, MSNBC and the New York Times and Washington Post — just like the Blue Check Mafia on Twitter, if you look at what they’re saying — versus the reality of what’s happening with the trial, it’s like people really are living in two different worlds. And I think it’s our job to basically show people, “Hey, the stuff that they’re showing you or not showing you…”

And it’s usually that’s the bigger issue. It’s the stuff that they’re not showing them, that it’s not true. And all you need to do is get one little glimmer with these people. If you can get them on one thing, go, “Boy it turns out Brett Kavanaugh isn’t a serial rapist. It turns out the Covington kids weren’t all racist. It turns out the Russia thing was a hoax. It turns out that ‘very fine people’ by Trump was a hoax.”

Once you can get people to see one, then they can start seeing a lot of them. And I think this Rittenhouse thing, thankfully — for as long as enough of us are still on Twitter, and Lord only knows how long that will last — if we can keep getting the truth out there and showing those clips where basically the judge is saying to the prosecutor…

I mean, this prosecutor’s just horrendous. Saying to the prosecutor, you know, Rittenhouse does have a right not to incriminate himself and a right not to speak, and this… They cause the whole trial to be thrown out. It’s like, get people to see a little bit of that, see how really poorly this prosecution has done, and then they start waking up. So I do sense that there’s a red pilling — and look.

Across the whole country right now, I mean, nobody can think that things are going well. Inflation and shortages and gas prices, not to even speak of Afghanistan which we don’t even talk about anymore, and a litany of other things. So I would say you’re either red pilled or you’re just so deeply asleep that I don’t know what to do with you at the moment.

BUCK: Hey, Dave, it’s Buck. I want to know… You can just react to this part of you may have seen the Andrew Sullivan piece in his Substack about the lies, the serial media lies about the Rittenhouse case specifically. Here is a quote from the New York Time. Unlike the dishonest commies at the New York Times, I actually quote them when I’m criticizing them.

“As Mr. Rittenhouse is running, he trips and falls to the ground. He fires four shots as three people rush toward him. One person appears to be hit in the chest and falls to the ground. Another, who was carrying a handgun, is hit in the arm and runs away,” end quote. That’s their description of what we see on the video. That doesn’t make it seem like what happened, happened.

RUBIN: No, and look, I did read the Andrew Sullivan piece and, you know, Andrew Sullivan is one of what I would say are about twenty remaining sort of decent liberals in America, sort of a Bill Maher, Bari Weiss, the Sam Harris crew. These people that are trying to remain liberals. But I don’t really think that’s really a position anymore. It’s like we all knew, Buck and Clay.

You guys knew and we’ve been talking about it for years, that the media has been lying about all these things. So it’s not as if they didn’t know that the media was lying about all this, but they went along with the lies so that they could get rid of Trump. So it’s like on one hand, it’s nice that a guy like Andrew Sullivan is finally like, “Oh, yeah. The media lies about everything.

“And, you know, actually so much of what’s wrong is because the Democrats are kind of in charge of the media and they’re just running a protection racket together” and all that. But at the end conclusion, if your position is to still vote for Democrats, then it really makes no sense. So every week, say, Bill Maher on his show — and I basically like Bill.

But it’s like, if you rail against critical race theory every week on your show, and then at the end you don’t cheer the fact that Glenn Youngkin won, it’s like, “Well, what are you actually doing?” It’s like, “You know what’s wrong but you’re just afraid of saying that you’re a scary conservative.” That’s what scares them more than anything else, and we gotta… I don’t know what the answer to this is, but we gotta figure out a way to take these last few people and be like, “Hey, just come — come on over. These conservatives, they ain’t that scary.”

CLAY: Dave Rubin. He’s the host of the Rubin Report — I’ve been on before, great show — and author of Don’t Burn This Book. What do you think about Kamala and her staff accusing Joe Biden of being in a CNN expose and article that went up yesterday?

RUBIN: You gotta love it. Like, it’s just the perfect story. You know, if you fakely and dishonestly call everybody racist, you call everybody a homophobe and a bigot and a transphobe, well, eventually it’s gonna come for you. So congratulations, Biden. Now you’re gonna be called racist and everything else. Like, look, Kamala is deep unlikable.

It has nothing to do with her skin color, it has nothing to do with her gender. Nobody knows why she’s the vice president. She was polling at zero in her own party. You know, that crazy cackle laughter. Her endless sort of nowhere babbling in everything she says. It’s like, they brought her in, and now she will most likely destroy Biden. It’s kind of beautiful.

Like, this is a beautiful Hollywood ending to this whole thing. They created a monster, and it’s like Biden, you know, he’s 10 months in, basically, to this presidency. It’s breaking down a lot quicker than most people thought. And I mean that in terms of not only in terms of policy and sort of how bad things have gotten and inflation and all that, but in terms of his mental state.

So it’s like she… Unless they pull something crazy, this woman is gonna be president within two years. That seems pretty obvious, you know, her trying to take him out because he’s a racist now? All right. It’s sort of your just comeuppance.

BUCK: Hey, Dave I want to ask you before we let you go — we only got a minute or so — but I’m on BuckSexton.Locals.com, a platform that you’re involved with, trying to create additional avenues for reaching audience. How is the fight for free speech online and platforms that allow free speech going? How we doing?

RUBIN: You know, we’re doing a little better over the last couple weeks. As you guys know, we merged with Rumble, and Rumble has an incredible infrastructure to really replace Amazon AWS. So everyone knows that, you know, Amazon blew up Parler after the January 6 event. Rumble has really fantastic underbelly-of-the-internet stuff to keep websites up.

That’s one part of the business, and then they’ve got the sort of YouTube front-end video side, which is really slick, and we’re rolling out some new stuff. But these companies have come together and just guys in the last couple hours — I’m sure you’re seeing this online — but YouTube is knocking down all of these streams these live streams of people that are talking about the trial right now and guess what?

They’re all up on Rumble and they’re all up on Locals, and although I don’t own Locals anymore, you guys… I’m obviously staying with the company and you guys can always put whatever you want there and guess what? If you’re not breaking the laws of the United States, guess what? That’s gonna be just fine. And if you are breaking the laws of the United States, you got a much bigger problem than Dave Rubin and Locals. So I think we have a glimmer of hope right now. I know a lot of people are black pilled these days. A lot of people don’t see the hope. But I actually think there is a little sliver of something going on.

CLAY: Dave, outstanding stuff. I appreciate you being in my hometown here, hopefully be able to hang out again soon. Encourage you guys to go follow @RubinReport on Twitter while you still can —

RUBIN: (laughing)

CLAY: — and follow him out on all those social media devices. Appreciate it, my man.

RUBIN: Thanks, guys. I’ll talk to you soon.


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