De Facto President Klain: GOP Will Make Inflation Worse

Things continue to look better and better for Republicans. The GA, AZ, NV and PA Senate races are all trending GOP.

Herschel Walker now up 5 points in the latest poll.

Blake Masters is making a move in Arizona.

So, with Biden about to go to his beach house in Delaware for the weekend, the defacto president, Chief of Staff Ron Klain has taken over making the Democrats’ closing argument.

They’re like kids in a playground: “I’m not a stupid head, you’re a stupid head!” And for the record, what Klain said is a lie. Republicans are going to stop the damage Biden has done to the economy — as well as on the border, crime and everything else.

It’s so bad for Democrats, they’re sending Biden to New York. New York!

Buck’s already predicted a Zeldin win, but Clay’s still a little nervous about the governor races in New York, Michigan and Oregon. But hey, who would have believed Republicans would be in the conversation in these deep blue states?

Red Tsumani alert!

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