Democrat-Inspired Assassin Arrested Outside Justice Kavanaugh’s Home

BUCK: Clay hit me with this this morning right as the news broke, big story here and it’s got a lot of people on edge. The headline up in the Daily Mail is: “Armed California Man Arrested for ‘Threatening to Kill’ Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his Maryland Home: Cops ‘Say He Was Angry Over the Roe v. Wade Leak, and He Was Carrying a Handgun, a Knife and Pepper Spray.’” Now we’ve said here on this show that our concern, ever since the leak, was that some lunatic leftist might take it upon himself or herself to try some violence against the Supreme Court in order to change the outcome in some way.

But let’s remember, this is not just about the lunatics out there. What’s gone on here is lawless across the board. They should never have allowed these protests, which were clear violations of federal law. They should have arrested every individual outside of the home of a Supreme Court justice for intimidating members of the federal judiciary. It’s illegal. And the Democrats themselves, like Chuck Schumer here, have something to answer for, because listen to the rhetoric. This was Chuck Schumer before the leak. This was in 2020. Play.

BUCK: I’m just wondering, Clay, how does a Supreme Court justice pay a price? What’s that supposed to mean? They have lifetime tenure.

CLAY: Chuck Schumer apologized for those comments, but they have set the tone for what is acceptable behavior as it pertains to responding to the Supreme Court. Let me say this, Buck. You and I the moment that the Supreme Court leak occurred talked about this in great detail, that until this opinion is officially released, every single member of the conservative majority is in danger and their families are in danger. Now, thankfully, this guy was caught, but this proves…

Let’s not underrate here: He’s trying to assassinate a Supreme Court justice to stop Roe v. Wade from being overturned. That’s his motivation based on the facts out there. We’ll talk to Karol Markowicz about this, who had the details first that I saw from anybody, that this guy was arrested in the middle of the night, armed with multiple weapons outside of Brett Kavanaugh’s house, and told authorities that he intended to kill Kavanaugh to try to keep Roe v. Wade from being overturned.

This is why I said that they should have — and I still stick to this — expedited the release of this opinion. And also that John Roberts has to join it, because right now the talk has been that there are five votes to overturn Roe. And Roberts has been sitting on the sidelines not committed. He needs to join it, because it needs to be a 6-3 decision, because even after this decision comes down, if it’s a 5-4 decision, you are putting a target on all of these Supreme Court justices as long as Joe Biden is in office and controls the Senate.

Because I hate that we even have to talk about this, but if a conservative justice were assassinated, then Joe Biden would get to name his replacement and the Senate would get to confirm that replacement. That’s a reality of how our government is organized right now. And so at a minimum, I believe we need to get Justice Roberts on board to take this to 6-3 so you’re at least not constantly a heartbeat away from this opinion being overturned. And it needs to be released immediately. I told you this, Buck.

One of the first things I said when this news came out was, “I understand that they have a set template of ‘We’re hoping to release this on June 23rd,’ or whatever it might be, near the end of the term.” I said, “They need to go ahead and expedite this, get it out, make it the law of the land, and take the targets in the short term off of the Supreme Court justices and their families.” I also mentioned this, Buck, Nancy Pelosi, it passed unanimously in the Senate, more security for the Supreme Court justices in the wake of all of these additional threats that have come out. Nancy Pelosi, and the House, has not allowed that to pass yet. So the Senate passed it. There was money there. We can send $40 billion to Ukraine but we can’t pass a bill to protect Supreme Court justices and their families to the utmost. It’s a disgrace.

BUCK: Merrick Garland and his DOJ just decided that the federal law that prevents intimidation of judges, which is exactly what a protest outside of someone’s home is meant to do… You want to protest a Supreme Court, you go to the steps of the Supreme Court. God… (chuckles) I won’t say God bless.

CLAY: People have been doing that for generations.

BUCK: You have the right under the Constitution to do that. I won’t say God bless for the pro-abortion lunatics doing it, but they have the legal right and I defend their legal right and I would never say otherwise. You show up at someone’s home, it’s saying, “We know where you live, Judge, and we know where your kids probably go to school, too. You better watch yourselves,” which is why there’s a federal law against it.

And I think everyone who is paying attention is really sick of the way that, on any politicized issue, Democrats get more than the benefit of the doubt and Republicans — or somebody who is associated with the right or whatever — sits in solitary confinement and gets annihilated by the justice system. Let me also say, yesterday DHS put out a warning bulletin, Clay. You may have seen this one, and it was a little bit curious. “DHS bulletin warns,” this was on CNN, “we could see more volatile threats fueled by election misinformation.”

What? “And upcoming Supreme Court abortion ruling.” That’s really interesting. Who is going to engage in violence based on the Supreme Court abortion ruling? The answer: Pro-abortion zealots who are the Democrat base. That is the truth. The corporate media doesn’t want to say that. They also don’t want to talk about, Clay, there have been four attacks in recent weeks on pro-life centers, two fire bombings — including one just a couple of days ago in Amherst, which is basically Buffalo, New York; also in Madison, Wisconsin — and there was vandalism in Hollywood, Florida and Ashland, Texas as well of pro-life pregnancy centers. There’s already political violence going on against the pro-life side that doesn’t even get reported on.

CLAY: Left-wing extremism is a real thing, and I haven’t heard Merrick Garland mention it at all. Tomorrow we’re having a prime-time hearing on January 6. On June 8, we had an attempted assassination of a Supreme Court justice based on the reports. And we’ll get more details on this. But based on those reports, that’s what was attempted here. Buck, I can’t even remember… You may be able to off the top of your head. I know you’re a history buff too. I can’t even remember a prior incident like this where a Supreme Court justice’s life was in danger such as this.

And I’ll take you a step back. Supreme Court justices used to drive themselves to the Supreme Court. Some of them would walk or bike to the Supreme Court. The amount of security that they needed was relatively low for generations. And they had relatively normal lives in the Washington, D.C. area and so did their families. They would go to shopping malls. They would go out to restaurants. No security anywhere around them. Unfortunately, the era that we’re in right now, these left-wingers are…

This dude traveled all the way from California, evidently, with the goal in mind of killing Kavanaugh. And we should mention this. They made a big deal, in addition to the fact that they were protesting outside of Supreme Court justices — which is, as you’ve pointed out, a violation of the law — they shared these left-wing interest groups did, they shared widely the home addresses of the Supreme Court. Not only encouraging protests but allowing people who would do ill harm to the justices themselves to easily figure out where these Supreme Court justices were living, random neighborhoods, in the suburbs, in Virginia and in D.C. and in Maryland. It’s inexcusable.

BUCK: Clay, we watch this play out and we say, “We all knew this was what was happening.”

CLAY: We told you this was going to happen on this show.

BUCK: And it’s also worth noting that it wasn’t just rhetoric. When this broke, the leak I’m talking about… We still haven’t found the leaker, by the way.

CLAY: Of course not.

BUCK: Of course not, and you know what’s going to happen? Mark my words. Put this one down, mark down this prediction. The leaker in six months or 12 months is going to come forward with a Washington Post or New York Times op-ed, will be hailed as a hero for trying to subvert the court, and will get a massive book deal and go on the speaking circuit within three months of that op-ed. Guaranteed. Because the left takes care of their soldiers and those who fight for their crazy cause. I just want to point out that the only acceptable response after the leak and then the protest at Supreme Court justices’ homes from Democrats should have been, “Guys, the Supreme Court is sacrosanct.

“You want to talk about protecting our democracy. We protect the Supreme Court. We don’t try to intimidate. We abide by the ruling. We abide by the decisions.” That’s not what they said. They said, “People are angry; I understand why they’re so upset.” There’s an angry mob outside of multiple Supreme Court justices’ homes, and you have top Democrats and the White House being cowards. And, honestly, worse than that. They’re just really complicit in creating this completely unacceptable and inhospitable-for-democracy environment.

CLAY: How in the world have Joe Biden and Merrick Garland not had public press conferences to condemn this situation right now? How quickly do you think they would have gotten in front of the cameras if this had been some right-wing zealot arrested for an assassination attempt of a Supreme Court justice on the left-wing of the spectrum? They would have been in front of the camera ten minutes after the news broke.

BUCK: I bring it up because we talked about it earlier in the week. They thought they were heroes for the DOJ sending dozens of armed men in to arrest Roger Stone because he was “a threat to our democracy,” because he made a joke on DM that they have no sense of humor about. So they will crush anybody as a threat to democracy if it suits their political whims, but when there’s a real threat to the system — which, as you point out, the stakes now for the Supreme Court, this couldn’t be any more higher.

CLAY: They’ve never been in more danger than they are right now because we’ve never had a situation like this.

BUCK: Again, I wish they would release that decision as soon as possible. I’m also going to say, I don’t think Roberts has the courage to go against the mob on this. I don’t think he has the courage to go against the mob period.