Democrat Senator Promises More “Professional” Tax Enforcement

BUCK: The situation here with the economy is… You’re gonna hear a lot of talking points and a lot of back-and-forth given the jobs report today as we were just discussing. And there’s going to be a massive effort in the media to try to convince as many people as possible that, as Biden would say (impression), “We’re on the right path. No joke, friend. Not a joke! Middle out. Middle out. Bottom up. Bottom up.

“I’m not being facetious. Not being facetious.” I don’t even know if he knows what facetious means. He definitely can’t spell it. But Biden will be telling everybody that this just shows how brilliant everything is. I would want everyone to that a big part of the inflation act is actually the audit act, as in they’re gonna be auditing more and more of you across the country. Senator Chris Coons, Democrat from Delaware, saying that the inflation act is going to have more professional tax enforcement as a part of it.

BUCK: “More professional tax enforcement.” Yeah. Because if there’s one thing the hardworking American people really need right now, it’s a phone call with the IRS, although it usually starts with the mail, just so you know. The IRS will communicate with you via the mail. That’s why… I never get… Do you guys ever…? I never get anything good in the mail. I get junk mail trying to get me to buy things I don’t want to buy and IRS stuff.

Hopefully not a lot of that, but, you know, I never get anything good by snail mail these days. Occasionally a wedding invitation. That’s nice. Okay, fine. There’s some things. But generally I go to my mailbox and I’m just shifting through junk mail and get — oh, and bills, medical bills, that’s the other thing I tend to get. But they want to have more professional tax enforcement. This means a whole bunch of more IRS agents, who gotta justify their existence, which means they’re gonna be going through your stuff.

You know, if we had a very straightforward, very simple tax code — if it was you earned X this year; you owe Y — wouldn’t it all be so much easier and better? But they don’t — see, the libs don’t want that because they want goodies for their private equity friends, as we see with Kirsten Sinema. They want little carve-outs here and there for the interests that they support.

But, you know, the American people who aren’t dependent on government and aren’t so rich they don’t care what the government take from them, the rest of us? They want to turn you upside down, shake out your pockets, and make sure that it’s as professional as the IRS can be. Just remember that phrase going forward, folks. What they really mean is a lot more audits. There’s going to be far more of that going on.

But I think, as I’ve been telling you, they’ve been a little quiet for a while. You’re gonna see the Democrat machinery here in the media just pushing so hard on, “We’re gonna bring down inflation, the jobs numbers…” They’re gonna try to change what everyone has known since the beginning of this year, which is that Biden is a buffoon and this regime is a failure and this White House is in above its head.

They’re gonna do everything they can to try to change your mind on that one just in time for voting. And there are gonna be so many people that will say just a few months after the vote — if they believe this Democrat propaganda. They’ll say, “Oh, my gosh. Joe Biden, president, and I actually supported a Democrat? What was I thinking?” They rely on this. Short-term memory and flood-the-zone media coverage. The Democrat politicians’ best friends.