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Desperate Biden Absurdly Claims GOP Wants to Defund the FBI

23 Sep 2022

Biden is looking for an opportunity to turn America’s attention away from his failures, and he’s so desperate, he’s swerving into the absurd and ridiculous.

Sorry, who wants to defund and abolish law enforcement? We’re not only seeing it in every city where leftist prosecutors are in power, but Democrats have spent two years saying just that!

The guy can’t even keep his lies straight or which side of the issue he’s supposed to flip to.

Republicans criticize politicized, corrupt members of the FBI, just as they criticize corrupt cops, but only Democrats call to abolish the entire institutions from the FBI, to cops, to ICE.

These are bombshell allegations by FBI special agent Steve Friend from a whistleblower complaint about the overzealous January 6th investigation and threat of domestic terrorism being used effectively as a weapon against the right.

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