Desperate McAuliffe Invokes Jan. 6 in VA Race

15 Oct 2021

BUCK: I know you’re fired up about this, too, because of what the narrative shift would be if Democrats lose in Virginia, the governor’s race. They’ve got a big-name Democrat, longtime Clintonista Terry McAuliffe, who’s running against Glenn Youngkin, who we had on the show earlier in the week. I think Terry McAuliffe is feeling the heat. Here he is saying that Glenn Youngkin is not ready to be governor.

MCAULIFFE: People have fought and died to protect the right for democracy, and these thugs go up here on January 6th and destroy and people died, law enforcement died, and they use a flag that they want to destroy…? The flag is a symbol of democracy! They were pledging allegiance to a flag that they wanted to use up there to destroy our democracy. Glenn Youngkin is unfit to be governor. It’s disqual… He needs to come out and say it was wrong to say pledge allegiance to that flag, and I want him to come out and say January 6 insurrection was wrong.

BUCK: Glenn Youngkin was a private equity guy. He had nothing to do with January 6. But, see, this is a preview, Clay. “Oh, Glenn Youngkin, January 6!” Yeah. These things have nothing to do with each other.

CLAY: It’s desperation. Yesterday we played Terry McAuliffe coming undone, if you remember. If people missed it, you should go listen to the podcast. Terry McAuliffe came undone when a parent asked him whether parents should be able to be involved in school choice and education choices and said, “Are you vaccinated? You’re a danger.”

He’s desperately trying to pivot to what he thinks is greatest hits. And, by the way, this is not gonna get any attention. But climate change activists today have breached the Department of Interior headquarters in Washington, D.C., my understanding, and have begun a sit-in there. Is that a Department of Interior insurrection?

There is a desperation. You heard Terry McAuliffe there saying it was “bloody,” right? I was talking to my wife yesterday. She said CNN now has people who refer to it as “the bloody insurrection.” Not even just the insurrection now, the bloody insurrection — and, by the way, most of the blood that was spilled was because one of the protesters got shot. An unarmed woman who was a veteran of our armed forces. We now know that none of the Capitol Hill police officers that died there died because of anything having to do with January 6th. It’s all a lie.

BUCK: I just folk to Tom Fitton yesterday, who is the head of Judicial Watch. They got documents, internal documents through a court order that looked at the shooting of Ashli Babbitt, the situation there. And, Clay, the officer who shot her, the Capitol Police officer, according to eyewitnesses — many of them — did not even give a warning.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: There is no police procedure book that I have ever seen or am aware of where a person who does not pose an imminent threat to life of another because they’re trying to attack away knife or a gun or whatever doesn’t even get a warning and is shot. I’ve never seen this before in my life, but we’re supposed to accept that somehow justice was done in this situation.

It’s hard for a lot of people to stomach that. Of course, the Glenn Youngkin as part of January 6? It’s ridiculous, but Democrats do this kind of stuff all the time. It’s like every four years, you’ll have some intrepid reporter from ABC News or something ask — only Republicans will get asked — “What do you think of David Duke?” And everyone sits around, “What? Who the blank cares about David Duke?” No one thinks about this guy.

CLAY: Do you condemn his…?

BUCK: Do you condemn him? They did this to Trump. They did this to Trump, of course. That’s the game they play. “When did you stop beating your wife? Why won’t you answer the question?”


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