Did Iran Finally Get to Salman Rushdie?

CLAY: In New York, Salman Rushdie was stabbed, reportedly, on the stage as he was preparing to speak. It appears that he is going to be okay. There is someone in custody for that attack. We may have more details about that attack as it progresses throughout the course of the show. I didn’t want to mention it until we officially knew that he was okay, and reports are that he was going to be okay.

But you will remember Salmon Rushdie was the author of a book called The Satanic Verses, among many books that he has written, and a fatwa was put out on him I believe in 1989, and so he has been living under the fatwa that was put on him from Iran. This ties in with the current situation going on in the United States, frankly, where we have recently become aware that Iran was trying to pay to assassinate two different American officials.

I believe John Bolton and also Mike Pompeo were those reported targets that Iran was trying to pay $300,000 to someone to kill those men, and somehow we’re still negotiating with Iran over the nuclear accord there, despite the fact that they are trying to pay to kill American politicians. And maybe we’ll see whether there was any connection to that fatwa that was put out on Salman Rushdie back in 1989 with the attack that happened on him this morning as he was preparing to speak in New York.