Dirty: Biden DOJ Launches Tesla Investigation to Scuttle Twitter Bid

14 Apr 2022

BUCK: Hat tip Charles Gasparino over at Fox News:

BUCK: Think about how the system, the apparatus works, friends. Elon is going to buy it — the libs, the left, the Democrats are in a panic — so the Biden DOJ launches a federal investigation of Elon’s other company to give the Twitter board an excuse to turn down what’s an obviously smart bid for them to take. They play so dirty! They’re appalling.

CLAY: And, by the way, that same party is in power, and they know that Twitter will, therefore, help them to remain in power using the rigged social media algorithms that overwhelmingly favor the Democrat Party. It’s a dirty, rigged game. It’s why Elon needs to win this battle, but it’s gonna be an ugly one.

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