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Disney’s Iger Waves White Flag on Woke Culture Wars

30 Nov 2022

In the audio link above, Clay & Buck roust the House of Mouse from their left-wing bubble as the corporate behemoth’s CEO sexualizes kids and ignores a huge drop in revenues.

At issue is the new cartoon with boy-on-boy sex in the plot.

Remember, awhile back Disney declared they would set quotas and all but eliminate normal male-female characters from their movies.

Disney+ is hemorrhaging money as people reject all this politicized content.

The company is leaning on their theme parks to make up the shortfall from going woke and going broke, resulting in price gouging at Disney World and Disneyland.

Unfortunately for CNN, CNN+ not only failed after just a few days, taking billions down the toilet, but they can’t rely on an Anderson Cooper ride at a waterpark to raise revenue.

What do you think of the mess Mickey’s handlers have gotten him into? Tweet us your take @ClayAndBuck — or, if you’re a 24/7 VIP, send us an email.

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