Does Biden Have a Plan to Diffuse the Powder Keg in Ukraine?

30 Sep 2022

Russia has now had a sham referendum in parts of eastern Ukraine and declared them Russian Federation territory.

Biden’s sending more billions, but where’s the plan for diplomacy? All this guy seems to want to do is insult and send weapons with no way out.

Biden said we’ll never, never recognize Russia’s claim on Ukraine’s sovereign territory. So what does that mean?

Also, now everyone’s declaring the Nord Stream pipeline explosion as a deliberate act of sabotage.

Our leader sounds like a weak and enfeebled person. Do you feel at all like Biden is up to making intelligent, reasoned decisions as it pertains to this situation?

Besides, Biden says outright that we will never accept Russia’s seizure of any territory. Well, Russia had a referendum in Crimea while Obama and Biden were in the White House, and they did nothing.

Putin is in “the crazy-but-not-stupid section,” to quote something said about Dennis Hopper’s character in the movie Speed.

The Kremlin keeps talking about using tactical nuclear weapons, low-yield nuclear weapons. What then? What options would the Pentagon give the president?

We can see and hear Biden deteriorating, and he has two years left. It’s terrifying to think about where we’re gonna end up.

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