Does Joe Biden Believe the Lies He’s Telling?

CLAY: So, 8.5% inflation. That’s the month of July number that came out this morning, down from 9.1% in June. Yay. You feel so much richer? Do you feel like, man, my trip to the grocery store, I couldn’t believe how much money I was saving?

BUCK: I’m just walking around slapping my butler with hundred-dollar bills dressed like the Monopoly man. It’s amazing.

CLAY: I gotta tell you, even the New York Times yesterday, they had an article about how expensive pizza was getting in New York City, and I thought, “Uh-oh. Pretty soon that scooter’s getting stolen from Buck again, these high-inflationary times.” I don’t know what might happen. So, inflation at 8.5%. I’m gonna play you a clip of Joe Biden saying it’s 0% because they continue to try to redefine what words are.

What is a woman, what is recession, what is a raid, what is inflation? They lie, they lie, and they lie, and along the way, some of you are looking around like, man. They’re literally changing the definition in the dictionary of words to suit their political aims, not to mention the continued fallout over the raid on Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. And first, Buck, I want to play…just because it’s 8.5% inflation, I felt like we should let people know what the Biden administration is trying to spin out there.

And then we’re going to talk about the continued fallout which I think has rallied people around Donald Trump the likes of which we have not seen in years. Years. But first, they trotted out old Joe, put it in the teleprompter for him to read, and he said, “Today, we received news our economy had 0% inflation in the month of July, 0%.” This is real. This is the talking point that the White House is trying to sell. Listen.

BUCK: Can I ask you a question, Clay? Is he so dumb that he actually thinks this is true, or is he so shameless that he’s saying something that is obviously untrue to people because that’s who he is, he’s lied about plenty of things and he thinks he has no choice? Which one? I feel like you could make a case for either. Which one do you think it is?

CLAY: It is a really interesting question. And, sadly, I think Joe Biden’s ability to even understand what he’s doing and saying from one moment to the next is tenuous. So, I think, unfortunately, as many people who are dementia laden or in the stages of dementia, some moments you can have a conversation with them and you can think, “Oh, they’re pretty sharp. Oh, they seem to be following it.”

And then you just get a sentence where you’re like, “Man, they really don’t know what’s going on here,” and it’s sad. I know virtually every person out there listening to us right now has had a loved one, a friend that they have seen go through this. And so, Buck, I mean, I was watching the clip of Joe Biden. I’m sure you saw it, and I’m sure a lot of our audience did, of him landing in the helicopter and coming back from Kentucky. I guess it was Tuesday.

And he couldn’t put on his suit coat getting off of the helicopter. And then yesterday — I guess it was Monday coming back in the suit coat — yesterday, Tuesday, he had the press conference with Senator Schumer. And, Buck, did you see him shake Schumer’s hand and then Schumer went down the line and shook everybody’s hand probably five, six seconds, and he came back in the direction of Joe Biden, and it was as if Joe Biden didn’t realize he had already shaken his hand because he put his hand out again?

So to your point, I really think they’re drugging this guy up, popping him up with whatever they need. Remember the video that they put out where his eyes were bugging out of his head and then they put him in shades after that potentially because they knew that it looked so ridiculous? I think they put it in the prompter and he reads it. And so, I don’t even think he’s conscious of the arguments, very often, that he’s making now.

BUCK: I do believe if you put that the Inflation Reduction Act is gonna cut $11 billion —

CLAY: He would read it.

BUCK: I think he’d read eleventy billion dollars off the prompter and probably not think twice about it.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: They are shameless about all of this because I also think that if you had Democrats in a moment of honesty and it was, “Is a clearly not of sound mind, too old for the job Biden still better than any Republican alternative?” And I’m not even just Trump. Any Republican alternative, they’ll say yes, because it’s about a figurehead, it’s about power, it’s about the individual. What’s up?

CLAY: Liz Cheney —

BUCK: Liz Cheney would say yes. Well, former, soon to be former, congressperson Liz Cheney. She’s gonna see lose I think in, what is it, about a week? Democrats view it as the presidency is really just about a baton of power now. And as long as their team has it, they’re happy. The actual president himself, they’ve given up on this. They got used to it being really a lot of about the president in the Obama era because they were so excited about him, and they thought he was the most brilliant, amazing, wonderful politician in the history of the planet.

Now it’s just as long as our team is in charge and you have Democrats in the various agencies at the top and appointees and that’s all that really matters to them. So, I don’t even think that there’s –there’s not even a sense of shame that they have about what you’re talking about, which is does Biden even know what’s going on? And it’s fascinating as well, I mean, 8.5% inflation, they’re celebrating this, just so everyone’s clear, the real number is inflation’s at 8.5%. It did not go up in the month of July. It went down a little bit. So, this is a little bit like saying, you know, if you’re a hundred thousand dollars in credit card debt and now you only are $90,000 in debt, yeah, out of the woods. Not really.

CLAY: Yeah. And would you have ever believed we’d be at a position where 8.5% inflation is a victory lap for Joe Biden and Democrats? It’s 8.5% increase off last year, and they’re trying to argue it’s zero percent month to month. But that’s not even accurate because all of you who are going out are paying prices predicated on what you paid last year. Right? So, when you’re going out — and the numbers — I think I screenshotted one of the data points from the July inflation numbers.

It’s pretty wild how much some of these prices are up. And so, the fact that they didn’t go up a little bit more doesn’t feel like a victory. To your point, Buck, when you’re a hundred thousand dollars in debt, if the next month you’re still a hundred thousand dollars in debt, that ain’t a great feeling, you know? I mean, you still got the debt. And I don’t know, when we factor in the nearly $800,000 billion in expenditures, I don’t know how we’re not gonna have massive inflationary pressure moving through the rest of the fall and in the next year.

BUCK: There’s a brazenness with the way this administration operates. They’ve really gotten used to it, Clay. They’ll call it the Inflation… Now, I know that’s Congress, but Biden’s gonna have to sign it. He’s obviously involved in the discussion about the naming of it, the Inflation Reduction Act is not going to reduce inflation.

CLAY: It actually increases it, according to most economic experts.

BUCK: And so, the primary promise of this is false. And they just don’t care. It does not matter to them. You know, are we in an economy downturn? We had two quarters of negative GDP. We’re not in a recession. Well, that’s always what we thought a recession was before. Well, welcome to Biden world. The recession has changed, folks. The recession will not be televised.

So, here we are with people who change words, change definitions because the case they would make the American people I think if they had to do it on the merits, is very weak. I mean, comparatively, people shouldn’t think about what is Biden saying this month versus last month. It should be what was the promise that he made, what was the Biden campaign based on and what have we actually seen?

CLAY: Well, and there’s a great story out from political. I know we’ve discussed a lot the challenges that we’re seeing in some of these Senate races as we come down, I think it’s fair to say, the proverbial home stretch here, certainly post-Labor Day when everybody’s summer vacations are over and all the kids are back in school. Football’s back. I mean, we’ll officially be in campaign season.

But there are some numbers, I was reading from Politico this morning, I think Laura Ingraham shared it early this morning, there are Biden districts that he won by 14 and 15 points in Oregon, for instance, where there are Republicans that are up right now. So, we know what happened with Mayra Flores down on the border with how much she swung a district that had voted for Joe Biden. We’re talking about some of these very blue states in Oregon.

There are 20-point swings that exist right now in the polling out there. And the discussion in the Politico article that I thought was intriguing was how many different places that theoretically are safe districts, Buck, where Democrats are acknowledging that they’re gonna have to spend fairly substantial dollars. And did you see, we got so close to Ilhan Omar almost lost her Democrat primary last night in Minnesota. I mean, I think she won about like 2,000 votes.

BUCK: The ideology of The Squad, the progressive Democrats in the House, is a political liability now that we’ve seen enough of what that actually put into practice, whether it’s defund police, a whole range of issues but specifically on that one, it is a political liability for the Democrats now. They understand that now.

So, sure, you know, AOC will continue to get reelected in a overwhelmingly Democrat district in Queens, New York. But for anybody who’s in a tough race, they’re pretending now, “Oh, that’s not the Democrat Party that I belong to. I belong to a Democrat Party about the…” You’re gonna hear a lot of “working, folks,” you’re gonna see Democrats marching around going duck hunting for the first time in places like, you know, Missouri and states where there’s…

In Michigan, all of a sudden, they’re gonna be wearing camo, Clay, these Democrats who are holding a gun like it’s a laser from out of space that they’ve never seen before because, you know, they’re gun-toting Democrats. This is what always happens. They have to pretend to be less Democrat in order to actually get elected.

CLAY: Yeah. And the person who almost beat Ilhan Omar, 500 Twitter followers. She has three million. I just… It would have been… I was watching that. Those election results come in last night, and I think it ended up 51-49, something like that. And the guy who was running against her was in favor of funding the police. He’s a Democrat, obviously.

But a sane one: In favor of funding police, a believer in business, a believer in capitalism. And in that district, she almost lost. And it makes me wonder, I kinda wish Republicans had gotten involved in that race like we’ve seen all the Democrats get involved in other races ’cause this guy had virtually no money. Imagine if somebody had spent $500,000 on his behalf, I think Ilhan Omar may well have lost.