Don Jr. on FBI Raid: “They’re Trying to Eliminate Their Biggest Threat”

BUCK: We’re now joined by our friend Donald Trump Jr. to talk about the latest with the raid on the Trump residence of Mar-a-Lago, what comes next, what his expectations are for the judge hearing tomorrow about the affidavit. Don, great to have you join us, as always. Thanks for making the time.

DON JR.: Great to be with you guys. How’s it going today?

BUCK: Don, I’ve known you a long time. Your dad’s home. I mean, yes, it’s a club, but it’s also your family home. It’s raided by dozens of FBI guys, your father is the former president of the United States, what’s the first stuff that goes through your head? I mean, what do you think when this is going on?

DON JR.: Well, you know, honestly, I know this is not a normal response, but, you know, for me at this point, given all they’ve done and all they haven’t done on the other side, you know, nothing actually surprises me anymore. I mean, it’s obviously disgusting. It’s insane.

When you look at all of the things they don’t investigate on the other side, whether it’s Hillary Clinton emails, whether it’s Hillary Clinton’s team taking sledgehammers to BlackBerrys, whether it’s Hunter in China, Hunter in Ukraine, Hunter with coke and the Russian mob and pedophile rings and whatever. You know, it’s sort of mind-boggling, and they go after Donald Trump with an incredibly broad search warrant issued by a magistrate, who’s a big-time Obama donor, who also happened to be Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer, like, I just don’t believe in coincidence anymore. When you look at the fact set, I can’t imagine anyone actually thinks that this is all coincidence.

Beyond that, I thought it was disgusting that I get to hear the FBI did it with the hostage rescue team, the HRT. Like, that’s like the Navy SEALs of federal law enforcement, for those who don’t know. And I understand the narrative, you know, a few short weeks ago was that Donald Trump at 75 managed to choke out two very young, fit, heavily armed Secret Service agents to be able to takeover the Beast to join the rally in support of his fans on January 6th. You know, it seems like the person who said that may have perjured herself, especially since the January 6th committee had no interest in actually hearing from the Secret Service agents that would refute that, but you can’t help but wonder or just, frankly, just know that it’s an intimidation tactic.

This is what they will do if you question their authority. These are the things that they will do to you. And, you know, Donald Trump maybe has the means to cover lawyers and stuff like that. But it’s not meant as a call just to Donald Trump. It’s meant as a call to anyone who would question, you know, the authority of so many of these unelected officials. And it’s absolutely disgusting at this point.

CLAY: Thanks for coming on, Don Jr. I’m curious. How in the world, and have you gotten any explanation, is it possible for your dad’s passports to get seized? If this was supposed to be a very targeted search, right? That’s the argument that they made. It was very detail oriented, it was very specific in terms of what they were looking for. Have they explained how that’s possible? ‘Cause passports are pretty noticeable.

DON JR.: Well, because they say that. You know, it’s just like what they say on TV doesn’t mean it’s actually true, right? They took picture books, they took all sorts of things. They were, you know, raiding Melania’s closet, apparently. You know, these would not seem to be places you’d be going or things you’d be confiscating under a very narrow warrant. But that’s all nonsense, right? That’s what they do.

When they lose control over their narrative, guys, they go to their reliable sources in the media, they leak out some faulty information that those people run with it blind, without questioning, just like Norah O’Donnell did with, “No, no, no, they didn’t in fact take Trump’s passports.” Had she actually called us, we would have been like here, here’s the email. But she didn’t bother to do that. She heard a narrative that she wanted. “You could own Trump, you know, he’s wrong.” It turns out, well, he’s a hundred percent right. And CBS now has egg on their face. That original tweet was still up 24 hours after it was disproven because it was going viral and they’re getting the click bait that they want. So, you know, they’re not even under the pretense of objectivity or trying to report real news. So, none of this should surprise us, right?

You saw the same out of, you know, Merrick Garland, who said, we want the utmost in transparency. So my father releases the warrant, says, “Okay. Now you guys release the affidavit.” Oh, well, you know, can’t do that, so they say they want transparency but they do exactly nothing to prove that. Christopher Wray at the FBI, he does much of the same. “How dare you, how dare you question the FBI. They are upstanding individuals.” But if you’ve had looked at their record over the last few years, it seems like anyone that they’ve been watching has gone on to commit atrocities in the United States. They haven’t prosecuted anyone, you know, on the left for things that are far more flagrant than anything they’ve even attempted to throw at Trump.

They have multiple agents that didn’t even lose their jobs, falsifying FISA warrants, lying under oath, misleading, you know, judges, entrapping a bunch of meth heads in, you know, a seemingly staged plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer right before an election because, you know, that’s what they’d like to be able to have as a narrative out there. So, you know, those things — how does anyone have any faith in the FBI anymore? I mean, at this point — I’ve always — I’ve probably even done it on your guys’ show, guys. I’ve always made the distinction between the bureaucrats at the top of the FBI who’ve been corrupted for generations, you know, and the door kickers, the guys actually doing the work. But, you know, I really hope that, you know, the people that apparently Jim Jordan and the whistleblowers that have come forth, I hope that’s real because at this point if all those things can go on, you know, they tell us there’s equal justice under the law and yet there doesn’t actually seem to be. I mean, it’s a wonderful sound bite, but, like, show me any evidence of that.

How could any sane individual watching what’s gone on for the last five years think that there’s even remotely equal justice under law. A pro tip for life, a life hack would be just be a Democrat. You can do whatever the hell you want. They’ll leave you alone. You can do whatever you want. No problem. You’ll actually get the benefit of the doubt and then some and they’ll probably try to frame a Republican for whatever it is that you were doing. It’s laughable at this point. And, you know, hopefully it’s just gotten so ridiculous that even those who’ve sort of been agnostic to politics or indifferent to politics are finally realizing what’s going on in America right now.

CLAY: By the way, the Norah O’Donnell tweet where she said the FBI is not in possession of the former president’s passports and basically called your dad a liar, still up, no correction offered at all. I just wanted to check that as we were talking.

DON JR.: Twitter, no one on social — you know, they’re not gonna flag here for spreading misinformation. It’s Norah O’Donnell. Like, she’s — she’s a deliverer of our narrative. This is perfect. It doesn’t matter — it doesn’t have to be true. Now, you know, I’ll get fact checked for putting up something that’s, you know, my opinion. And they’ll say no, this is demonstrably wrong for no reason other — I can have an opinion. And, you know, they do that regularly. So, you know, of course that’s up. It’s generating click bait. It will continue to do so. You know, and that’s what we’re doing.

BUCK: For everybody at home, we’re speaking to Don Trump Jr. about the Mar-a-Lago raid, the lack of faith in the FBI that I think all rational people now are feeling. And, Don, to that end, how concerned are you they’re gonna drop a federal indictment against your father? And have you guys already talked about how you’re gonna circle the wagons? I mean, obviously a lot of the people listening are gonna be right there with you, but what’s that like right now?

DON JR.: You know, we have. I imagine that’s what they’re looking to do. I mean, to me, I mean, there’s no other explanation that, you know, for this kind of nonsense than they’re trying to prevent him from running because they see Donald Trump as the only real threat to the hegemony that the bureaucrats have been able to, you know, form in the U.S. government where they have the ultimate power, especially the unelected ones. And, you know, Donald Trump’s the only guy that’s a threat to that.

He doesn’t need, you know, the money of the donor class, he doesn’t have to be beholden — you know, they want to go back to a president that, you know, picks up the phone whenever they call and says, “Okay, we’ll do whatever it is that you want,” because they know they have the ultimate control. They know they don’t have that control over Donald Trump, and that’s ultimately what they’re missing which is why I think you know we’re seeing these sort of desperate attempts.

So, I don’t think anyone — any sentient being can watch what’s gone on for quite some time, but especially as of late and be like, you know, that’s of course what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to essentially disqualify their biggest threat, again, not to democracy, as they’d like front end because they’re certainly not acting like they will have in a democracy. They’re acting like they live in a fascist dictatorship or a banana republic. That’s just fact at this point. And they see him as the threat so they’re gonna do whatever they can to eliminate that threat. So, again, at this point nothing surprises me.

You know, I’ve probably gotten uncomfortably numb to these things. I wish I didn’t because at the same time you can only experience the same nonsense so many times before you get a little bit immune to what would be a typical emotional response to something. But, you know, we will fight, we will do what we always do. The people are getting it more and more. And what’s really interesting is, you know, I’ve seen it across the country, and I think you guys know, I’ve spent a lot of time in real America, probably more than any actual Republican out there, all over the country. And the sentiment in the last few weeks has just been incredible. I mean, at schools has been. We’ve never — that’s never changed with the base.

Again, you see it in sort of, you know, even mainstream conservative publication. You know, they too want someone that answers to them, not a Donald Trump. You see that a little bit with the donor class. They want a president, when the donor says “jump,” the president says, “how high?” They’re never gonna get that from Trump. But with the actual base, with the voters, it’s more solid than probably ever because they see it. You can’t hide from it. They understand just how fragile our democracy actually is. They understand just how effective my father’s policies were. They understand that he was able to implement those policies with, frankly, very little help even from many Republicans and against unprecedented incoming from Democrats in the media.

You know, and they understand just how quickly those freedoms, those economic benefits, all of those things that he was able to achieve can also disappear because we’re seeing that before our very eyes under this administration. Again, that’s not Joe Biden. We always gotta be clear. What we are seeing that’s destroying our country is Democrat policy. They are doing all of a sudden things that they said they were gonna do and, you know, we get to, unfortunately, suffer the consequences of those decisions.

CLAY: We’re talking to Donald Trump Jr. With all of this in mind. I know there’s been a debate about when your dad should announce his 2024 campaign. How do you think this raid impacts that timing, if at all? When would you like to see him announce that he’s gonna run for president in 2024?

DON JR.: You know, I don’t know. I don’t know that it matters too much. There’s a lot of theories on that. You know, I could probably come up with arguments for or against, you know, either right now. You know, I don’t think it matters necessarily. I mean, I think he’s gonna do what he’s gonna do when the time’s right. I think he’s very honest with himself. You know, if he wakes up one morning and feels like Joe Biden looks, you know, he wouldn’t do it. You know what I mean? But the reality is, he’s still, until we have enough of a Republican bench that can truly stand up to all of those things — you know, there’s a lot of people that talk a big game, but you get thrown the full brunt of the FBI and the deep state going after you — it’s a little different. You know, I truly believe he’s the only guy that can actually do that right now that’s actually still beholden to no one. And the more they do this I think the more the rest of America realizes that as well.

So, you know, no question he could do it now and I think from so many Americans who’ve been crushed as of late.

BUCK: Real quick, Don. Don, I know you follow stuff closely. How certain are you one way or the other that Joe Biden’s actually even gonna run again?

DON JR.: You know, it’s hard — like, it’s almost hard to believe. The only way I think he actually runs is if the Democrats realize that their policies have been so disastrous, you know, that they don’t want to blow one of their incredible prospects like Kamala Harris’, you know, incredible orator, obviously a policy genius, totally there for all of the right reasons, not because she checked any boxes or other brilliant political figures like Pete Buttigieg. You know, they may just use Joe Biden as the cannon fodder to throw under the bus, understanding that they’ve sort of created a situation that would be very difficult for any Democrat to overcome. I mean, I sort of feel like that’s where they’re at.

I imagine the House Republicans certainly will have a good November. Senate’s always gonna be tight. There’s just not that many places to make a difference. And, you know, we know what will happen, right? If the House is taken over by the Republicans, the media and the Democrats will use the next two years, even if it’s Democrat policies and even if Joe Biden has veto power and all of these things to take two years to blame everything and all of the woes that they’ve created now on Republicans and, you know, try to change that course. So, a lot can still play out in my mind.

You know, I hope he runs. Kind of love to run against Hillary too. You know, she seems to be dipping her toe back in there or Kamala — it doesn’t really matter. I mean, I look at — I sort of always say that, you know, it feels difficult that we don’t have much of a bench for that level. But, you know, when you look at them, they really have no bench, either, of people who are actually competent and could change things.

You know, now, they have a multitrillion-dollar, you know, mainstream media platform that will boost whoever it is that they choose. That’s obviously a huge advantage. They have a multitrillion-dollar, you know, Big Tech enterprise that will do the same in social. So, you know, we’re working from a deficit no matter what because of sort of the — what they can create, even if it’s totally fake. You know, they’ve done that with Kamala. They’ve done that with Pete Buttigieg. They’ve done that with many Democrats. They did that, frankly, for Joe Biden. You know, he was gonna be the voice of reason. He’s an incredibly articulate person on foreign policy. He wasn’t gonna end the American energy sector. That would be ridiculous. Even if he did those things on Day One, you know, they made sure the American voters would assume that that would never happen. They lied to your faces.

BUCK: Don, I gotta jump in on this verbal fusillade of freedom because we’re about to hit our hard break, my friend. Where should folks go to follow what you’re doing and stay in the fight?

DON JR.: Yeah, listen. I’m everywhere. Check me out on TRUTH Social. You know, I even play in the liberal bastions, whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, just because I think we have to be playing on all fronts. We can’t just retreat into a corner. So, you can find me anywhere, guys.

BUCK: Donald Trump Jr., everybody. Don, thanks so much. We’ll talk to you soon.

DON JR.: Thank you, guys.