Dr. Oz Returns with the Momentum to Take Out Fetterman

BUCK: Control of the United States Senate may well rest with whether our next guest is able to come out victorious in his quest to be the next senator from the state of Pennsylvania. Dr. Mehmet Oz is with us now. Dr. Oz, always good to have you, sir.

DR. OZ: Especially good today after watching the Eagles prevail last night. That was — if you’re a lifelong Eagles fan, that’s the best feeling in the world.

CLAY: Jalen Hurts looks pretty good, honestly. There’s a lot of uncertainty about how he was gonna pan out, but they appear to be on a roll right now, especially with the Cowboys suffering and the rest of the NFC East a bit of a mess.

DR. OZ: We’re feeling good, but of course the Eagles are always in it; the question is how deeply. But “Hurts so good” is what we say. And that’s actually… yesterday I was in Kensington, which is where they shot Rocky, and it used to be, when I was in med school and I went to graduate school in Philadelphia, it was, you know, a reasonable area.

Now it’s the biggest open-air drug den in the drug park in the world, probably. You know, fentanyl pouring across the open border. It’s — they have shooting up everywhere, people walking like zombies through the streets, homeowners can’t go back to their apartments, stores are shut down.

And I went there in part ’cause the Democrats refuse to go to where the homeless are because they know it — and they’re ashamed of the reality of what their policies create. And you mentioned this race. The reason I’m gonna win is my opponent, John Fetterman, is far to the left of Joe Biden. He’s, you know, Bernie Sanders’ bosom buddy.

They call each other the two most progressive candidates in America. They will not own up to the impact of their policies. So, when he says legalize all drugs, create heroin injection sites, open the border, who cares about fentanyl, we’ll deal with it later, and then we end up with what I went through yesterday.

You know, it’s a lot of hurt, a lot of pain for people who, if they had a little bit of help and some courage, could clean up the streets, take care of the homeless issue, and save lives.

BUCK: Dr. Oz, you know, the Fetterman campaign, as we understand it, is trying to walk back a little bit the previous support that John Fetterman had given for paroling second-degree murderers, letting them out of prison. He was also a defund the police guy during the BLM era.

What do people need to know about Fetterman on crime and specifically on the issue of letting murder — I mean, second-degree murder is intentional murder or a murder committed in addition to another felony. I mean, it’s about as serious as it gets. So why would he want to let those people out?

DR. OZ: He’s a pro-murderer candidate. He’s about chaos. He puts the criminals above the innocent. He wanted to release at least one-third of all criminals and he crossed over willing to push for first-degree murderers getting released as well. There was a man, John David Brookins who killed his girlfriend’s mother.

There are people listening right now who probably are upset about the moms of their girlfriends or wives. But you don’t (loss of audio). That’s what this guy did. And because he learned yoga and studying horticulture, Fetterman said it just didn’t square with him, literally he said, “That doesn’t square with me that this guy could have done this.”

A jury convicts the person. A judge sentences them. Fetterman thinks he’s above the law. He’s done it over and over again. And if his main goal in life is take care of the murderers, then where does that leave Philadelphia, which has the highest murder rate in its history ever? I don’t buy it. Pennsylvania doesn’t buy it.

He’s backtracking ’cause he knows that these sound greatest, you know, 140-character tweets, people applaud you ’cause, you know, that’s what they do on Twitter. But in reality, it causes chaos. Murder rates, where they are now, drugs, number three in the country for fentanyl overdose deaths.

One of the women that I took to rehab yesterday last week died, and they managed to get her back with Narcan and she finally said she had enough and wanted to go to detox. Where are the Democrats? Where’s Fetterman when these, you know, pearl-clutching, sits in his living room, tweeting out these things, but the reality is people are dying on stoops, destroying the city of Philadelphia.

The same problems they’re seeing in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg and Erie. Folks, are not gonna side with him in this election. And he is plummeting for this reason.

CLAY: He’s trying to hide in his basement and run the Joe Biden campaign from 2020. The difference is he’s doing it because he’s not healthy because of a stroke and Joe Biden did it because of covid. We know Biden obviously managed to snooker a substantial portion of the country.

But Fetterman is still refusing to have a normal debate with you in a normal time. I believe he’s agreed a late October debate but only for 60 minutes and only if he gets closed-captioning so he can read the questions.

Have I got that correct? What is the latest on the debate battle and whether Fetterman is claiming that he’s healthy enough to do it?

DR. OZ: Well, either he’s healthy as he claims he is and he’s hiding his radical ideas and doesn’t to want debate them or he’s lying about his health. But you tell me. The debate was supposed to be October 6th. He said he’ll only do it if it’s the last week of October.

Obviously, because he has two options, he can either bag out of it if he wants, or if he doesn’t do well, they can try to cover it up for the last 10 days of the campaign. He also does not give me a full hour. We have to disclosed all this closed-captioning stuff, all the things done because of his health problems.

And then closed-captioning means he’s gonna do things slowly, right? He has to see the question written out ’cause he can’t answer it if it’s asked. You know, these are all problems —

CLAY: Let me just ask you this. I know you’re a doctor. And I know you haven’t treated — Dr. Oz, you have not treated John Fetterman, but he’s running for an office that requires that you be an elite communicator to be able to advocate for the state of Pennsylvania.

That’s essentially the job of a senator. He’s saying that you can’t actually communicate unless he can read the questions that are being asked to him. That’s a pretty unbelievable position for someone running for the United States Senate to be putting forward in a public fashion.

DR. OZ: Listen. I’ve got compassion. I know what he’s going through. I treat these problems. You know, when you have heart failure and atrial fibrillation and a stroke and all this stuff is going on, you can’t understand the words normally, I get it, it’s hard.

But you have got to be transparent with the voters of Pennsylvania. Pat Toomey came and campaigned last week and said, you cannot serve in the Senate if you can’t debate. This man, Fetterman, has not answered a question on the campaign trail instantaneously from a reporter.

I did that yesterday, for example, as I always do, gaggle of reporters, ask whatever you want. I’ll field it. It’s my job. I’m running to be your senator. You have to understand how I deal with pressure. Fetterman doesn’t answer questions from voters.

He doesn’t answer my questions. What kind of a Democrats do we have if you’re not forced to answer the questions that appropriately should be asked of you to defend your position? By the way, if you’re bothered by this, everyone, go to DoctorOz.com and support me.

The reason Fetterman is doing as he is doing in Pennsylvania is because he’s funded primarily with money from New York and California pouring in, people — liberals don’t realize how dangerous he is. They just want to get a 51st seat in the Senate, but they’re gonna put someone there who’s a near and present danger.

BUCK: And it’s amazing — we’re speaking to Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz, I’ve seen already the shift in the last few months. Fetterman, everything you saw in this guy until this year was, he’s a progressive, I mean, to your point about being aligned with Bernie Sanders.

He was a “Legalize drugs. Defund the police.”, you know, “Who’s streets? Our streets”, basically like a rabble-rousing Marxist is what this guy is really going for. Like that’s his Vibe. And now all of a sudden, we’re told, oh, no, he’s a moderate Democrat, he’s totally, you know, just like all the other hardworking folks of Pennsylvania. I mean, at some point it’s just too much.

DR. OZ: He’s about chaos. His positions on education are flawed. The hypocrisy gets deeper. On taxes he’s a big advocate for raising middle class taxes. He hasn’t paid his 67 times. How many people out there have not paid their taxes once? I mean, he’s got 67 leans for not paying taxes —

BUCK: Wait, Doc, you gotta tell us a little — how is that even possible? Like I think I owed the IRS once $200 10 years ago and I was told like you better pay up or else. Like, what — 67 leans?

DR. OZ: He’s got properties that he didn’t pay taxes on, he’s got foundations that they didn’t file their documents. And then he was asked about it, said, oh, it slipped through the cracks, not a big deal. What are you talking about? You’re not above the law.

You cannot rewrite tax law to suit your needs. You don’t get to jack up reckless spending and then claim it’s not the fault of you and Biden but rather the oil companies (unintelligible). He wants to send the DOJ after leaders of corporate America who he doesn’t like.

What are you talking about? And this is the kind of stuff that that he — you know, he blurts it out and people cover for him, but this is the person you’ll be putting into the U.S. Senate. He’s basically a, you know, AOC on steroids and growth hormone.

CLAY: So, my understanding — let me get this right, Dr. Oz — he bought his house for a dollar from his sister. His parents funded his lifestyle in his thirties and his forties. He is recovering from a very serious illness and is not capable of actually doing the job according to the current senator from Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey, who has actually done the job.

And back in 2013 he heard bottle rockets going off, grabbed a shotgun, and chased down a random black jogger and held him at gunpoint ’cause he thought he was responsible for this. And he wants to release a third or more of all prisoners inside of Pennsylvania prisons.

Does this guy have any actual normal opinions? Is there anything — I mean this honestly. I haven’t heard one thing that I like about him. And, oh, by the way, he pretends to be working class by wearing shorts and a hoodie around everywhere. Why is he not the worst candidate that either party has nominated in this election cycle?

DR. OZ: Oh, he is without question. He unleashes chaos wherever he goes. And the Democratic Party did not want him to be their nominee, but this is the crisis that America faces. He’s so out there, far left and not just from his costume with his hoodie but everything he says that he attracts a disaffected generation of Democratic voters, far left radicals who just want to blow it up, just America is so irredeemably sane we’d rather destroy it.

And then we can rebuild it with our own — you know, our own ideology. And then they go behind him and they donate crazy amounts of money online to this guy. So, he takes those ads and he pretends he’s something else. That is the Democratic Party strategy.

Don’t debate, don’t answer questions, stay in your basement like Joe Biden, we’ll just manufacture you, we’ll tell people who they should think you are, address it specifically to whatever your biases are and basically Max Headroom. I’m running against Max Headroom.

He never goes out and says anything, he doesn’t take positions, he doesn’t defend his stances. He just runs ads to tell his version which of course ignores the reality of what he said in the past. It’s why I’m gonna beat him because Pennsylvanians are too smart for this.

But watch my words. This is the Democratic Party agenda, a game plan going forward. They’re not gonna run their candidate. And if you get away with it, if you don’t have to actually have a candidate leave home, make mistakes, defend themselves, which is hard to do, then you’re never gonna have candidates campaigning.

You’re just gonna sit in your basement, call for donors, collect the money, put TVs on, ads on television, and con the voting public. We will no longer have democracy as we know it.

BUCK: Pennsylvanians, you gotta get it done for Dr. Oz here. Dr. Oz, appreciate you being with us, sir. Thank you.

DR. OZ: God bless. DoctorOz.com.