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Dr. Oz Tells Us Why We Must Beat Fetterman in Pennsylvania

12 Aug 2022

CLAY: We are joined now by Dr. Oz, Senate candidate in Pennsylvania. I appreciate you taking time, Dr. Oz. I know you got a big battle going on up in the state of Pennsylvania. What was your reaction on Monday evening when you became aware that the FBI had raided Mar-a-Lago?

DR. OZ: I was stunned. I mean, you had the Department of Justice empowered to invade the house of a former president. And I tell you, it’s raised a lot more questions than we’ve gotten answers on, and it’s historic in that it’s unprecedented. And I think we all deserve and hopefully will get some answers about what this is all about. But this is what happens in banana republics.

And I trust that in America, we’re not gonna resort to this level of politicization of the process. I witnessed this during covid when, as a doctor, I had really clear insights on what was happening. Other doctors shared my insights. Some didn’t, but there were a lot of ideas. And when you mix politics and medicine, you get politics. So all of a sudden we’re making decisions on medicine based on politics.

Now we’re seemingly making decisions on criminal justice issues likewise. It is frustrating to a lot of folks, but especially layered on top what’s going wrong in the country right now. People get really frustrated ’cause we’re gonna have some close elections coming up. Mine is a good example. I was just in a diner where I was just off in Harrisburg here and, folks, are saying, “What is going on?

“We’re in a recession, people are losing their jobs now — which hadn’t happened in a while — prices are through the roof, my standard of living is plummeting, and why can’t we get the basic decisions right by the Biden administration?” And the guy I’m running against, as you know, is a far-left radical that they’re pouring tons of money into his campaign to pretend like he’s not. But when he’s in there, he’ll do — what… (chuckles) You know, hopefully won’t happen — which is to push Biden even further to the left, make more radical decisions that don’t make sense for the average American.

CLAY: Everybody out there listening right now, we got a monster audience in Pennsylvania, you’re in a bruising primary. And there were people who supported your opponent, and there’s still healing going on. But the guy you’re running against, John Fetterman, is a far-left radical who was being funded by his parents into his thirties and forties who’s really never had a real job. He’s anti-fracking. He’s not healthy. He is in favor of men competing against women in athletics, like we saw happen with Lia Thomas at the University of Pennsylvania. I mean, this guy is far, far left wing, and so far, he’s being able to hide out in his basement and run a Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign.

DR. OZ: And that’s the shocking element of this for democracy. Forget about Republican, Democrat, independent. The fact that you would have someone who never goes on the campaign trail and let’s his political advising group create an avatar of him, a hollow gram candidate, who’s purposely designed to touch all the right sentiments of the public — and, my goodness, you may never have to leave your home!

Imagine what happens to democracy if candidates don’t have to do what I’m doing which is stop in multiple places every single day. I went 130 stops in July. I’ll do more in August. And I listen to people ’cause you have to. You’re a doctor, right, as you’re trained do. But a politician needs to listen to hear the issues that are most perplexing to your voters, but you gotta give them ideas of what you’re gonna do to fix the problem.

My guy does none of that! Fetterman, as you point out, forget about the Biden approach. He literally doesn’t leave his home, doesn’t say anything publicly that you can do much with, never talks about policy. He thinks snarky tweets are gonna win it, and people in Pennsylvania are finally catching on. I’ll tell you, what happened over the last 24 hours is pretty remarkable.

I accepted five debate requests from the top five people we think in the state that have media businesses here. And we challenged him, “Come to ’em, come to the debates, let Pennsylvania see what you represent. Defend the statements you made in the past, ones that are impossible to pretend weren’t there ’cause they were done on camera.” You know, when you endorse Bernie Sanders and said the two of you are the most progressive candidates in America, and then espouse all the things he does a moratorium on fracking.

The destruction of all private health care kids are in schools where the teachers make the decisions and parents don’t get transparency for this. The buildup of crime in Philadelphia has not in any way slowed his desire, Fetterman’s desire, to release one-third of all prisoners in Pennsylvania. These don’t fit with the values of Pennsylvanians. And then — this is the part that’s important — they character assassinate anyone who gets in their way. And in my case, they tell dishonest stories about me.

But the truth of my life is pretty straightforward. My father grew up on a dirt floor, was allowed to come to America; we lived the American dream. I’m an embodiment of it. And the reason I am running is because I see the American dream not being clearly embraced by many Americans. It is the fundamental secret to our success: Let people work hard, reward them when they work hard, celebrate them for having succeeded, and then pass it on.

And that’s what allows America to continue to thrive. I stand for that. Fetterman, because he’s far-left radical, doesn’t believe that. And as you point out, he’s living off his parents his whole life. is worldview is very different from mine. His worldview is, “Have the government come in and fix the problem.” (chuckling) Well, that it doesn’t work. If it worked, everyone would do it.

CLAY: We’re talking to Dr. Oz, Senate candidate in Pennsylvania for the Republican Party. Is he gonna debate you? What do you expect his response to be?

DR. OZ: I have no idea if he’ll debate me. He hasn’t released any information about his current health crisis. We don’t know what he’s gonna say if he comes on the campaign trail. I can’t understand why he’s so hesitant to do the simple things that any voter would expect to be done. But I think one of the secrets — and I’ll be transparent about this — is he’s having money poured into his campaign, especially from California, New York, and outside of Pennsylvania.

For the reasons I try to emphasize, if you really care about democracy, go to DrOz.com and send me 25 bucks. I’ve put a lot of my own money in the campaign. But the visual, the important reality is if citizens care about democracy, fund the campaign that’s trying to do it the democratic way; that’s talking to people. Don’t throw money at a guy who’s a far-left radical who won’t come out and admit it or talk about anything of substance ’cause you’re gonna create that as your future.

Imagine a world where candidates never leave their home because when you leave your home, you might say something wrong — which, in the case of John Fetterman, is a pretty common thing he’s done. So that’s an understandable fear the Democrats have. And so if you never let the candidates leave home, they can’t make mistakes, you can raise more money so you’re not wasting it campaigning. You just put it on television, pretend you have a candidate that’s legit, and people have to vote based on the commercials. Well, that’s how we buy detergent. It’s not how… That’s not the right way to pick your legislators.

CLAY: Dr. Oz, yesterday’s CDC came out — obviously you’re a medical doctor — and finally said, “Hey, there’s no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated for covid as it pertains to the way that you should behave or how you should be treated.” I’ve been on the show today teeing off.

I think everybody who lost their job who refused to get the covid shot — maybe because they’re like me, they already had natural immunity, they already had covid; maybe they had other reasons — shouldn’t those people get their jobs back? And I would imagine that’s something you would stand for that certainly, John Fetterman would be opposed to in Pennsylvania?

DR. OZ: I would 100% stand for that. John Fetterman was part of the problem. He was lieutenant governor. He ran with the governor. Both of them together shut down businesses for no rational reason, way beyond what was happening in other states. Pennsylvania is one of the worst results of covid because of his foolish decisions regarding just about every aspect of the pandemic.

And you point out a very important issue that came up with me last week in a big town hall I was doing with vets, and people don’t appreciate this. It’s hard to get and train top-notch people to serve in our Reserves and the military. Right now, they’re on the verge of firing 40 to 50,000 enlisted people because they don’t want to get vaccinated, for the reasons you gave: They already had the virus. Why would I bother?

And they know that young people, young men in particular get a very bad irritation of the heart that can be big problems. And so they don’t want to take that risk of getting vaccinated when the virus itself doesn’t seem to do that as much, and that’s understandable. But why would you discharge someone from armed forces if they’re willing to risk their life to save us because they’re not following your rule which seems, at this point, arbitrary.

CLAY: All right. I know you’ve got a real battle on your hands. And I just can’t impress upon people enough, right now we’ve got a Republican senator in Pennsylvania who you’re trying to poll. This is a potential flip scenario if Democrats are able to win. Right now everybody knows we’re 50-50. Let me know what I can do. I’m happy to come. I know you’re gonna be on the road in the fall around a lot of football stadiums. I’m familiar with those places. We got a lot of Steelers and Eagles and Penn State fans who are longtime fans of what we do here at OutKick and on the Clay and Buck Show. Buck and I will be there. Let us know what we can do to help you make sure that you take down John Fetterman.

DR. OZ: I’ll tell you what, right now, on the air, I’m committing to the weekend before the election, the Eagles are hosting the Steelers.

CLAY: Yeah.

DR. OZ: So doesn’t get any better than that. (laughing)

CLAY: Yeah.

DR. OZ: I’m sure he’ll try to come to the game, and it might be the perfect opportunity because maybe have a debate there and at least it’s something before the people have — Pennsylvanians — get to vote. I’m also going to see the Nittany Lions at Penn State. I’ll be doing some other games as well. So I will track you down. It will be a great honor to have you engaged.

CLAY: I’ll be there. I’ll do whatever I can to help. Your fight is an important one for the nation and certainly for everyone in Pennsylvania. We appreciate the time, Dr. Oz.

DR. OZ: And again, everybody: DrOz.com. Come look at my positions. I’m pretty clear about where Fetterman is, and if you have the ability to engage in our campaign any small amount, it matters. God bless y’all.

CLAY: Thank you. And, by the way, for everybody out there, I understand what it’s like to be in a really hard fought primary and have to come together as a state. That’s difficult. That’s challenging. But you just gotta go look at what John Fetterman stands for. Even if you voted for one of Dr. Oz’s rivals, you have got to show up in Pennsylvania and you’ve gotta prevent that seat from flipping back to Democrat control. Just think what Joe Biden would do. Think what the Democrats in the Senate will do if they get John Fetterman in there.

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