Duke and Oberlin Shamed for Fake Racism Charges

There was an allegation in late August of a racial slur being uttered on the volleyball court at BYU in a match against Duke.

This is one of the few places you’ve heard about this story.

The subtext was, “How dare these white, Mormon, religious people, be so racist during a sporting event that they would be hurling racial slurs at a black woman’s volleyball player?”

Well, BYU conducted an exhaustive review — they went and reviewed every audio file, every video — and there is zero evidence that any racial slurs were used during this match at all.

Now, BYU was thrown completely under the bus, although you’d think Duke would know better after everyone jumped to conclusions in the Duke lacrosse case.

This is now Jussie Smollett on the volleyball court, and for questioning the story when the rest of the media feared to, did Clay get praise? No. USA Today called him a “right-wing extremist.”

There needs to be a lot more in the way of apologies, including the special-needs fan banned because the player here accused him of shouting this slur.

It brings to mind the case of Gibson’s Bakery involving Ohio’s Oberlin College in Ohio in 2019. They called the police on legitimate crime being perpetrated in their fifth-generation shop, and got smeared as racists. Now Oberlin College has agreed to pay $36.59 million in damages to the bakery.

The job of the press is to ask questions about anything that happens, to find the truth, but the leftists want to discourage anyone from daring to question their narratives.

Duke finally released a statement on the BYU investigation and it’s an embarrassment.

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