Dumb Kids Break Into Mansion, Post Party Videos on Social Media

22 Jun 2022

BUCK: Some kids apparently broke into an $8 million mansion in the Florida Panhandle, and they had a little too much fun from what I understand — a little destruction, a little bit of some other bad things going on. Now, the problem with putting your illicit party actions on social media is that some people find this out the hard way and are surprised, Clay.

The cops can use social media too, turns out. Cops can look at Facebook. That is allowed. In fact, we do — or rather when I worked the intelligence division, we used to — look at Facebook stuff all the time. People would put stuff up there and you’d be amazed how many people steal a car and take a photo of it if it’s a fancy car and put it up on their Facebook. That is not a good move for the criminal.

CLAY: Yeah, especially a lot of kids who don’t know any better and spend a lot of time living on TikTok or Instagram — and, yeah, that’s Clay Travis territory. That’s my favorite place in the country. That’s where I’m doing the show all next week and through July 4th from down on the Florida Panhandle, 30A, in particular. I saw that story, and I thought to myself.

I told my 11-year-old, who’s sitting in studio here with me. I said, “Listen, Bud, there are not gonna be any parties down in Florida as you move closer to the teenage years.” I watched some of the videos of that party. It was… By the way, they snuck into the house. It’s not even like some kid threw a party and his parents didn’t know the party was going on.

BUCK: Right. They were all trespassing.

CLAY: Yes, and then they posted all the videos of the party where they’re all clearly visible all over social media somehow thinking that it was not going to be widely distributed and circulated by the great people in the Walton County Police Department — which, for those of you there who are familiar with that area of the Gulf Coast, they do a pretty good job of making sure people try to stay out of trouble. We have spring break protocols that are put in place in all the communities down there to try to avoid the kids taking over the homes.

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