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14 Sep 2021

  • Wall Street Journal: Covid Confusion at the CDC, Decisions on boosters relied on data from Israel. Why isn’t the U.S. producing this research? – Dr. Marty Makary
  • National Pulse: COUP: General Milley Secretly Pledged to Warn Chinese Communist Party if Trump Planned a Strike
  • Federalist: Treason? Gen. Milley Undermined Trump White House With Secret Calls, Promising To Alert China Of Potential U.S. Attacks
  • New York Post: White House livestream cuts Biden mid-sentence as he goes off script
  • Washington Examiner: California recall election: Everything you need to know
  • Breitbart: Brian Mast Excoriates Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Afghanistan: ‘We Don’t Need to Hear Lies’
  • Daily Wire: AOC Mocked, Criticized After Wearing ‘Tax The Rich’ Dress To Elitist Met Gala, Branded A ‘Fraud’
  • Federalist: AOC Dons ‘Tax The Rich’ Dress To Party With The 1 Percent At $30,000-Per-Person Celebrity Bash
  • National Review: Why Did the Staff at the Met Wear Masks, While the Celebrities Went Without?
  • New York Post: Dems’ shameless, pointless Ground Zero act
  • PJ Media: Conservatives Are Now Counter-Culture: True Liberalism Is Dead and Antifa Is Pure Establishment
  • Daily Wire: Fifteen More Arrested For January 6 Capitol Riot As Internet Sleuths Tell On Acquaintances
  • National Pulse: Half of America Says Jan 6 Protesters are ‘Persecuted, Political Prisoners’
  • Breitbart: Amnesty Alert: Bill ‘Blows Away All Numerical Limits’ on Employer-Based Green Cards — for an Entire Decade

  • FOXNews: More kids shot in Chicago than have died of COVID-19 across US this year
  • Daily Wire: Chicago Shootings Continue: 64 People Shot, At Least 9 Dead In Weekend Violence
  • Gateway Pundit: Nothing to See in Israel with COVID, Please Move Along
  • Americans for Tax Reform: Dems Propose $3 Trillion Tax Hike on Working Families and Small Businesses
  • New York Post: Democrats’ tax hikes would slam economy and hurt the working class
  • National Review: Nancy Pelosi’s $3.5 Trillion Tax-Hike Plan, Explained
  • CNBC: Top earning New Yorkers could face 61.2% combined tax rate under House plan, Californians may face 59% rate
  • Daily Caller: Blinken Left Stammering As Rep. Perry Presses Him On Alleged FBI Interview About Hunter Biden
  • New York Post: America’s high-tech tyranny is far more sophisticated than Putin’s crude autocracy
  • PJ Media: ‘New York Times’ Quietly Removes Claim That Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was ‘Unsubstantiated’


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