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Elon Musk Is Having His Red Pill Moment

18 May 2022

CLAY: In the last couple minutes, Elon Musk — who obviously is continuing his pursuit of Twitter, and we don’t know exactly how that’s gonna go. By the way, stock market is down 1100 points —

BUCK: Ouch.

CLAY: — in one of the biggest drops on record in modern era; so that is not good. But Elon Musk tweets as follows:

CLAY: I agree with a lot of what Elon Musk says and I talked about this before. My evolution from a political process has been somewhat similar to his.

BUCK: Kind of tracked his, right? I mean.

CLAY: Yeah. I was ahead of him in that I changed, you know, four or five years ago, really, in a significant way. But, yeah, I think what he has seen is what I saw, and I think there are… That’s why I always am conscious of this when I’m talking to everybody out there. I got asked over the weekend, Buck. I met a lot of our listeners. We did an event, a music event. It was really fun. I was emceeing it.

And a bunch of people said, “Man, I don’t know how you do it. How do you put on the gloves and kind of go in to fight every day given how crazy things are in the country?” And, to me, I’m always thinking, Buck, about the possibility of just adding one or more, two or more, three or more people to Team Sanity every day. And if you keep doing that, you keep winning on a day-to-day basis you stack up those numbers; eventually they become significant.

I think they’re really going to become significant in the midterms in 2022 and then as we roll ahead into 2024. So, in my mind, that’s what I’m thinking. Every day’s a battle. We were talking about this off air. There’s constantly punches flying in every direction. But it’s really a privilege to be able to say every day exactly what you think, which is what we do on this show. And we know we are speaking for many of you who don’t feel like you have that ability to say what you really think. And also, ’cause we’re speaking every day to a little bit bigger audience of people like Elon Musk or me who are sort of having their red pill moment and recognizing what’s going on in this country.

BUCK: Yeah. There’s a great comfort that we take in speaking not just our minds but what I think is honestly — on so many of these issues — just the objective truth every day in a time period when you can hear, you know that the Democrat Party has — and I think it’s a combination of things. I do believe that their dominance of institutions, corporate institutions, government, social media platforms, has allowed for an echo-chamber effect where reality is no longer allowed to intrude on “the cause,” the moment, the striving for power, whatever that may be.

By the way, I’m also seeing on Fox, Clay: “Record diesel prices putting pressure on farmers.” Food is going to get a lot more expensive. Not just ’cause of inflation, ’cause think of it. We already have the inflation issue but also when you have supply chain issues and just supply overall, it’s gonna get worse. I don’t think we’re gonna have starvation in America or anything like that, thank God. But I do think a lot more expensive. But also, we sit here and we have to be honest about this. We’ve just been right about the Biden administration the entire time.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: Look, I just corrected myself before ’cause I gotta stat wrong on something. If Biden… If they had rolled out a plan that had worked really well, I’d give their version of why that was the right choice for them and I’d say why I thought it was wrong but, hey, here are the results. They’ve got nothin’. They got nothin’ to point to that actually has made Americans’ lives substantially better that is attributable to a decision that they have made that we disagreed with.

CLAY: I’m sitting here looking at the stock market, Buck, and people say, “Oh, that’s a rich person thing to be concerned about.” No. A huge percentage of our listeners have 401(k)s and maybe some of you are thinking, “Hey, I’m gonna retire in the next five, 10 years.” When you’re talking about the Dow being down 1100 points and on a percentage basis the S&P 500 being down four points, four percentage points?

These are drops that just don’t happen very often, and we’ve already erased the entire rise that we’ve seen in the stock market over the last 18 months in the space of five months to start this year. And I think a big part of it, Buck, is a lot corporate CEOs who may have quietly been backing Joe Biden are throwing up their hands and saying, “This administration’s economic policy is not just controversial, it’s so ill-informed and riddled with idiocies that you can’t even interact with these people and persuade them of their stupidity.”

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