Enforce the Law to Stop Rampant Crime, Stealing

29 Nov 2021

DEON JOSEPH: Without accountability and teeth in the law, we’re never gonna have what we need. I remember a successful effort where we had not only high visibility, which saved lives and prevented deaths, but we also had great working relationships with district attorneys, city’s attorneys. And there were teeth in the laws that actually created an environment where criminals said, “Maybe this isn’t the place we should come play like we used to.” Now they have free complete rein because our politicians and even our district attorneys, their ideas are more important than victims of crime or protecting of property.

BUCK: “The law needs to have teeth.” There you have the LAPD consultant Deon Joseph saying, “You gotta enforce the laws on the books, friends, you gotta punish those who are breaking the laws and stealing stuff or else it keeps going; in fact, it gets worse.” Clay, more of these thief mobs over the weekend, more video of it. This is organized theft that’s happening. This is something that is a plague in retail across the country.

CLAY: It’s also directly connected to everybody wearing masks. (chuckles) It’s not a surprise to anybody who watched old westerns. Bank robbers wore masks, and now everybody wears masks, and they rob people like crazy.

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