Fact-Check? Biden Says Vaxxed Can’t Get, Spread Covid

8 Oct 2021

CLAY: I want you to listen here to this clip. I shared this on social media, and I asked Twitter, “Hey, will you be pointing out that Joe Biden falsely says here that if you get vaccinated, you can’t get or spread covid? That is a lie.” We know that many people who are vaccinated are getting and spreading covid. If you haven’t heard this, first of all, it’s an embarrassment. The man can’t read off of a teleprompter at all. But also he’s spreading falsehood. Listen.

BIDEN: My administration is now requiring federal workers to be vaccinated. We’ve also required federal contractors to be vaccinated. If you have a contract with the federal government, working for federal government, you have to be vaccinated.

We’re requiring active-duty military to be vaccinated. We’re making sure health care workers are vaccinated, because if you seek care at a health care facility, you should have certainty that the (sputters) people providing that care are protected from covid and cannot spread it to you.

CLAY: That’s a lie. It’s a straight-up lie that he said, “If you need health care, you should have a certainty that the people who are serving you are not going to spread covid to you.” That’s a lie. Vaccination doesn’t stop that from happening. Buck, I asked Twitter — won’t surprise you — “Hey, are you gonna label this misinformation? Are you gonna label this falsehood?” as they do so regularly. They didn’t do anything.

BUCK: Of course. But it also goes to a foundational lie of the entire Democrat covid response and the apparatus that has been implementing it now for eighteen months, and that is that they can create any specific of this that is risk-free, where they can take away any possibility of you getting sick and dying from covid. That’s never going to happen.

They have created completely unrealistic expectations. The vaccines created unrealistic expectations for people. They should have known. They did not know, or they lied to us. Those are the only options. But they should have known that these vaccines were gonna be far less durable — and let’s be honest, less effective. They keep saying, “Oh, they’re super-high effectiveness.” For a few months.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: Okay. That’s not what everyone in the beginning thought they were signing up for. Now, again, for a lot of people, the vaccines are a good idea. We say it ’til we’re blue in the face here, right? If you’re at high risk, you’re over 65, or if you just want it. You want it? Go get it. Fine. But the reality here is the Biden administration is now using covid as a rhetorical crutch all the time.

On the one hand they’re betting us over the head with the crutch. “Do what we say or else we’re fire you,” or if you don’t get the shot. But, on the other hand, when we say, “All right.” So you’ve had your way, Biden administration, we’re now nine months in, and the best that Joe Biden can do… Clay, we’re sitting here watching before we came back on air live.

Biden is muttering about Europe and wind and solar and it’s the same stupid speech that he’s been giving for the last 20 years, and we’re supposed to just assume that because he says things aren’t as bad as everybody who’s paying attention thinks they are, that there’s something we don’t know?

CLAY: It’s just so infuriating to me, because you know what the response of the 194,000 jobs is gonna be. Everything for Joe Biden and the Biden administration is a function of the unvaccinated. Doesn’t matter what happens. The unvaccinated is the reason, if it’s happening the United States, that bad numbers are occurring. Right?

Even though we know from just looking at basically data — and we’ll talk with Alex Berenson some about this a little bit less than an hour when he joins us for the latest deep dive into what the data is telling us. Buck, he’s lying. There’s a huge percentage of Americans out there who legitimately believe that if you get the covid vaccine, you can never die from covid, you can’t spread it, because of stories like that, which are a hundred percent false.

BUCK: And then you have the other people who get the shot and insist that everyone else must be mandated to get the shot, because they won’t say this out loud, but they actually don’t believe that it will protect them enough, right? So it’s one or the other because it’s not actually rooted in the data. It’s rooted in the perception that people have.

I think you tweeted it out — Matt Walsh over at The Daily Wire did too — the statistics on — and we talked about it a million times. We don’t have to go into the specific numbers again but there are parents… All you really have to know is there are parents in this country who are truly worried that their children will die.

CLAY: Terrified.

BUCK: Terrified that their children will die from covid. That shows you that there is a failure, a top down failure of Fauciism to speak the truth and to get proper messaging out to the American people because not a single parent in America should be living in terror of their 5-year-old or their 10-year-old getting covid. It’s completely irrational. It’s like living in fear of getting struck by lightning while you’re indoors. It could happen. No one should be worried about it.

CLAY: Look, I do think we should keep hammering this ’cause I would encourage everybody out there listening to us to help us spread the word of sanity (chuckles) around the country. I shared a data point that is important. The percentage… Look, I wish no kids ever died, right? I wish there was zero. Let’s get this straight.

BUCK: We all know. We can assume. We know. No one wants kids to die.

CLAY: Every single kid’s death is a tragedy, right? But there have been over 50,000 kids die since last year, 2020 now all the way up to October of 2021. Over 50,000 kids have died. That’s awful. Under 18. Less than 1% of those people have died with covid. Not from it, Buck, because almost all of these kids have severe issues. Less than 1% of the cause of death in this country for kids under 18 has been “with covid.”

BUCK: So here’s the problem I think, Clay. The people that are listening to this, they know, right?

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: And the people who won’t listen — I don’t mean listen to the show, although of course they should — to reason or to facts here. The only thing that will change their mind is when the high priest of Fauciism, Dr. Fauci or some of the others around him, when MSNBC, when CNN tells people, say, “Okay now it’s safe for your kids.”

That’s the only thing that will change their minds. It doesn’t matter what the numbers are. Doesn’t matter what the published data is because that is the power of the propaganda that we’re up against. And as we’ve discussed, I think a lot of it was unleashed not only in a way that was dishonest but recklessly on the American people just because creating maximum misery and fear was the strategy for defeating Donald Trump in 2020.

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: Orange Man So Bad that burning the country down in order to save it was the tradeoff that the Democrats were willing to make, and we are still living in the ashes of that decision.

CLAY: I think that’s a hundred percent correct. But here’s the real embarrassment that I want to build on that you just said, Buck. How does Dr. Fauci get out of bed in the morning? I mean this honestly. If you know that there are a massive number of American parents out there and their kids who are fearful because they believe their parents? Buck, I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning if I were Dr. Fauci being as dishonest as he is.

I’m not even talking about any other group of the population. The fact that… I think you’re right. Many of our audience knows that kids aren’t in danger from covid. But the fact that anyone out there believes that their kids are in danger from covid, think about the mental health that has been extinguished for so many young children.

This is what we talk about when we see young kids in these masks. I feel so bad ’cause I think about how miserable the last 18 months of their life must be living with parents who have convinced them that they are in mortal peril every day of dying with covid.

BUCK: To really understand the costs of Fauciism, the lockdowns, and the wrongness, we have to understand that while there are some places — Wuhan, China, Australia — where they actually create in essence a physical prison for people as a result of covid, this country has been suffering through a mental prison of sorts.

We have been confined in our beliefs about how much we can see loved ones. Can we go to church? Can we live our lives? The psychological anguish, unnecessary anguish or excessive anguish that we’ve been put through as a result of people who are either irrational or just using this for their own power, using this to control us. You think about the lesson that they’re all taking. Biden says it himself. Here’s Biden saying that, Clay, the vaccine mandate that United Airlines is doing and others? Just shows how great vaccine mandates are ’cause it works.

BIDEN: These requirements work, and as the Business Roundtable and others told me when I announced the first requirement, that encouraged businesses to feel they could come in demand the same thing of their employees. More people are getting vaccinated. More lives are being saved. Let’s be clear.

When you see headlines or reports of mass firings and hundreds of people losing their jobs, look at the bigger story. I’ve spoken with Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines, who’s here today. United went from 59% of their employees to 99% of their employees in less than two months after implementing the requirement. Ninety-nine percent.

BUCK: Turns out during a carjacking, somebody is likely to give up their car when presented with the alternative of your car or your life. And in this case, it’s the shot or your job.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: Yes, that does work, so to speak.

CLAY: Yeah, just a a robbery works. Imagine if Joe Biden got up there and said, “I used to be poor, and then I realized that if I took a gun and I walked up to a stranger and I said, ‘Give me all your money,’ they give you all your money. It’s amazing how well robberies work!” Yeah, if you give people no option other than unemployment, most people are gonna pick employment.

BUCK: Can I just say one thing? Based on the logic that Biden and others use here which is we had to mandate the shots because we’re saving lives with these mandates. That’s what he’s clearly saying. Why didn’t they mandate them right away? Why did they wait for so many lives to be lost, for so many months pretending that maybe there was a balance to be struck here?

Maybe it wasn’t as simple as just, “We make you get this needle in your arm or else you’re a murderer.” Shouldn’t, by their own logic, they be accountable for all those months they were too cowardly, too cowardly to mandate what should have been done right away, right? When you apply the way they’re arguing now to what they were saying in January, February, you see that they are frauds. Frauds.

CLAY: I just want to keep coming back to I don’t know how Dr. Fauci gets out of bed, because if I was helping to engender that much fear that is unnecessary in so many parents about the thing that they care about the most, which is their kids, the fact that people really believe kids are in danger here is an utter failure, and I legitimately question how Fauci can get out of bed in the morning.

BUCK:(impression) “He gets out of bed very slowly, ’cause he doesn’t want to… His legs swing on the side of the bed ’cause he’s a little tyrant Smurf.”

CLAY: (laughing) That’s the perfect image, by the way.


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