Fauci Admits You’ll Need Boosters Every 6 Months

22 Nov 2021

CLAY: I wanted to play this for you ’cause yet another time where Buck Sexton and I are proven right. What did we tell you? That based on the nature of these vaccines, everybody was going to need to get boosters because they fade in efficacy very quickly after about six months.

Let’s just be clear about this. If you’re over 65 years old, this can make a lot of sense to do. My in-laws are down with us for Thanksgiving. They got their boosters already. My parents got their boosters. Buck Sexton’s parents also in that same age range got their boosters. But do the rest of us who are either with natural immunity or have already gotten our vaccine, do we need to really be getting the covid shot every six months for the rest of our lives? Fauci says yes. Play cut 15.

FAUCI: We would hope — and this is something that we’re looking at very carefully — that that third shot with the mRNA not only boosts you way up but increases the durability so that you will not necessarily need it every six months or a year. We’re hoping it pushes it out more. If it doesn’t and the data show we do need it more often, then we’ll do it.

BUCK: Time to say usage of the term “hope” here repeatedly is the tell. First of all, the fact that very much’s always talking about dynamics of infectious and things. He’s trying to press stupid people by saying, oh, he’s the smart guy who says the things like dynamics of information. But beyond that he’s saying hope. They have no data.

CLAY: Zero evidence that this is gonna suddenly end the need for more shots. Zero. Right? And so the idea that that’s going to happen is just absolutely ludicrous. What’s the over-under here, Buck? How long are people gonna need to get shots?

BUCK: A very long time.

CLAY: Like, forever?

BUCK: Forever.

CLAY: Like, how many shots are we actually gonna need to get? I mean, I think that’s the question, and there’s no answer for it. And I don’t think Scott Atlas is gonna have the answer for it, either. And he’s going to join us next.

BUCK: Yeah. I know. He is. He’s going to join us, and he’s going to be explaining to everybody how it is that Fauci comes to this designation where he says maybe this time the shot will be the last one or will last a lot longer. That goes against all we’ve seen is the shot is actually less long lasting than they thought with each passing month, even more failure in terms of prevention of infection.

“Breakthrough cases” isn’t even really a term you’d think that they should use anymore. And because it’s just happening all over the place, right? The breakthrough makes it sound like, “Oh, my gosh. It escaped from the lab.” No. It’s actually out there and it’s constantly happening in pretty large numbers. Really gonna say that if 30% of now cases are in the vaccinated or 25% with that’s some breakthrough? No, we were told this was gonna stop infection.

And we’ve also seen the virus mutate pretty rapidly. We’ve had numerous variants. We’ve all become familiar with that term in a short period of time. And so what makes anyone believe that this will be different? Well, it’s just like everything with Fauci. Forget everything he’s told you up until this point and then you can believe him.

But if you look at the track record of promises made in the past, of the incrementalism as it has played out with regard to mask mandates, with regard to mitigation measures, lockdowns, everything, what they say a few months ago goes to show you that they don’t really know what they’re telling today but they’re gonna act like they do so they can make you do what they want.

And that’s where Fauci is once again. What, they’re gonna have boosters, Clay, for everybody? They’re just opening it up to everybody but they’re not gonna start mandating it for everybody? You work for the federal government, guess what? You’re gonna be first. They gonna say, you get the booster every six months. That’s gonna be the plan.

CLAY: And what’s unique about this is, after all of this if he came out and said the covid shot is the flu shot. And if you contemplate historically, you may be able to think of somebody, Buck, I can’t think of anyone that has ever lost their job over the failure to get the flu shot. I can’t remember it ever happening in the history of the country.

And so right now, thankfully the Fifth Circuit has got OSHA not implementing this newest vaccine requirement but seems what they are secretly hoping is that if people go out and get the booster, it gets us through the winter, they could claim that the boosters had some level of success because we know with seasonality the numbers are going to go down until they start to go up again in the South because it gets hot and everybody goes inside, and that is the season when really it spreads widely.

And hopefully we’re not gonna have another Delta variant, but this is just not going away. And so at what point is there this recognition and realization that you’re not gonna be able to get your shots and end covid. Because that’s what they told us. That’s what Fauci said. Remember, it wasn’t that long ago back in May where they said, get your shots. This is over. You don’t have to wear masks anymore. And now we’re right back effectively to where we were before. Buck, I believe I’m correct there have already been more deaths in November of 2021 from covid even with the all of the vaccines than there were in November of 2020 last year when we were told that it was totally unacceptable.

BUCK: Think about how many deaths there have been over all this year. As we’ve discussed, more this year than last year in the United States. Last year there were — we know this — zero percent of the U.S. population vaccinated.

This year we have, what is it now, 60% overall plus you have another year of natural immunity built up too. So the numbers if you believe the vaccinations are highly effective — and I do believe natural immunity is highly effective — the numbers should be quite, you know, certainly much smaller than they were last year. But they’re not.

Now, I understand they could say, well, we didn’t really get the shots out ’til March. Okay. What if we even control for that? What happened this summer? What’s happening this fall? They keep saying it’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated. I think we can give this a few times and they’re going to say it’s a pandemic of the un-boostered.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: And that if you are un-boostered you will become the new enemy because vaccine failure will be so widespread at that point they won’t be saying breakthrough cases anymore but you’ll be a reckless danger to the community if you don’t get the booster and I’d also just put this out there.

Australia’s actually taking people in military trucks now to quarantine sites, and it’s mandatory. Okay? That’s what they’re doing in Australia, everybody. Do you see Fauci come out and say that’s a bad idea, that’s a little too far, it’s a little too scary? It’s never too far for the Fauci.

CLAY: And the key is it’s not going away.


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