Fauci: Force Children to Get the Shot

30 Aug 2021

BUCK: Just some data that I think that would be of interest, and you won’t hear it or see it many places. Right now, you have big increases in cases, and the CDC has even called out the states of Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington. Kentucky is also on this list. But of course, that’s a red state. But they’ve called out a number of blue states. And you won’t see much media coverage of this, because the narrative has to be that it’s those big, bad red states that are causing all the covid.

Well, no. It turns out Hawaii — which has been extreme in its approach to covid for a long time in terms of mitigation measures, outdoor mask mandates. I think it was one of the very first places to put an outdoor mandate into place. Oregon now with Governor Kate Brown has outdoor mandates, Clay, which there is no science to support this. Fauci’s too much of a coward to say this.

He’ll say (impression), “Under some circumstances it’s theoretically possible — or maybe even probable — if you eliminate probability.” He’ll say something to justify the idiocy of the Democrats that he ideologically aligns with. But that’s just some background, because this is going to continue on. You’re going to see waves of this hitting around the country. Here you have Fauci. Clay, this is about to be, I think, the big fight now —

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: — which we’ve been talking about for a while, which is vaccine mandates for your kids.

FAUCI: I believe that mandating vaccines for your schools is a good idea — and remember, Jake, this is not something new. We have mandates in many places in schools, particularly public schools, that if, in fact, you want a child to come in… We’ve done this for decades and decades requiring polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis. So this would not be something new requiring vaccinations for children to come to school.

BUCK: There’s so much… I mean, which point of dishonesty, Clay, do you want to eviscerate first?

CLAY: Well, I’ll start this as a parent who has gotten their kids vaccinated for all those things: All of those things are dangerous to children! Like this is a big deal, right?

All those things. Polio really worked a number of kids back in the day. Measles, mumps, rubella, all of those things can kill kids. Listen to the survival rate. If you get covid, Buck, for people ages 0 to 19… I want you to listen to this. The survival rate, if you get covid…

According to a new study that has been done by a couple of top doctors at Stanford, 0 to 19-years-old, your survival rate is 99.9973%. That means covid, statistically, you have to go to the third point after zero, after the decimal, in order to find anything for people under the age of 20 in terms of danger. By the way, covid for 20- to 29-year-olds, Buck, 99.986% survival rate; 30 to 39, 99.969% survival rate; 40 to 49, 99.918% survival rate.

All these young people are under far greater danger of being murdered, of committing suicide, of dying in a car accident, and of the seasonal flu than they are from covid. So the idea that you would use this vaccine, which by the way, Buck, did you see out of Israel? Israel is now saying you’re not fully vaccinated until you get a third shot now. So everybody out there who got the first two, you’re not fully vaccinated.

BUCK: Did you see, there was a Buck Sexton tweet from about three weeks ago, which was: There is no such thing as fully vaccinated.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: There is only vaccinated until the next booster is required.

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: So this is the reality we have seen — on the record — coming for weeks, and I’m just trying to get everyone’s mind set in the right place. I understand. This same thing happened in the early days of covid. They said, “Okay. New York will lockdown, New Jersey, California, but Texas isn’t going to have mask mandates!” False. (chuckles) They did have mask mandates, right? That other states aren’t going to go this way, too. Right now, Clay.

You look at what they’re pushing for. Private sector businesses — many of which are dependent upon the federal government and know that the regulations the government brings could crush them federally. The private sector mandates coming your way, local mandates from cities coming your way — and now, if they can get away with it, schools.

That’s where they’re really gonna force it, because once they get everybody to make the decision or be forced into the decision — do you send your kid to school or do you get them the shot? — then they feel like they’re going to get essentially mass compliance. And you know, what’s going on in Nashville? Are there masks in the schools there or not? Even in a red state.

CLAY: So it’s interesting. They have now mandated masks for kids older than 11 now in my location. But anybody who wants to get an exemption can fill out a one-page sheet and they sign it, the principals do. So nobody’s wearing masks, right? And the governor maintains, still, that every kid — every parent gets to make the choice for their kid. But I don’t think there’s any doubt that they are going to continue to try to strangle away all freedom as it pertains to this issue.

And, again, remember, 5 to 11-year-olds or kids under 11 are not eligible — under 12, I think, right now — are not eligible for the vaccine anywhere. And the idea that you would give a kid a vaccine — which is never ending, Buck. I think this is a good point. The vaccine is never ending, right? Right now, if you have to get a booster every six months forever, at some point, first of all, the vaccine is going to wane if you have to get a vaccine update every six months. But all of this is pure madness and the madness is not going away. I will say it seems like there’s finally starting to be major pushback in England. Did you see the story out of England where people are just over it?

BUCK: How is it possible that in this country, Clay…? Yeah, I saw, England is finally.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: Look, I think Europeans — and this hurts me to say this. But I think there are some Europeans that have been more willing to fight —

CLAY: Far more rational.

BUCK: — for individual liberty on this stuff. Remember, for them, some of the lockdowns have been onerous beyond anything we’ve seen here. So that’s also a part of it.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: They’ve suffered more from that. But they’ve been willing to take to the streets and get hit with water cannons. You haven’t seen any of that, really, in this country over covid policy. But when people see that, okay, your kids are going to get this shot, the logic of this — and let’s all be very clear — is as follows: Your kids… How many times, Clay, have your kids gotten the MMR shot, right? One time, right? Or maybe it’s a double shot or something.

CLAY: You get a booster at some point —

BUCK: Yeah.

CLAY: — but it’s not six months after you get it, right?

BUCK: You’re done, right?

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: You get it, you get the second, and then you’re done. I haven’t gotten an MMR shot in how many decades right now because I’m getting old. But you look at the situation at what’s going to happen in the schools now; you’re going to have to get every year, your kids — and there’s gonna be variants, and there’s going to be evasive strains, and the vaccine’s not…

They don’t know. Injecting kids with an mRNA vaccine multiple times year in and year out? They’ll say right now, “Oh no, we don’t think you’ll have to do that.” Bull crap. They are lying to do. They do think they’re going to have to do that. The same way that there are people walking around New York City now outside with masks on even though it’s, frankly, insane. They’re still doing it!

CLAY: Before he sat for 30 seconds of silence with the Israeli prime minister; it appears he may have almost fallen asleep. Super weird interaction with Biden and the Israeli prime minister if you haven’t already seen it. But Biden said the boosters will happen sooner and then they tried to walk it back. But when exactly they’re going to require you to get this booster. It’s coming very soon. Way sooner, I think, than anybody expects.

BUCK: There’s also the possibility, Clay, of a variant. We all know this is where really largely evades… Fauci’s already said this, so this is not some conspiracy theory.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: What are we going to do then?

CLAY: Well, Delta already evades to a large extent.

BUCK: Well, it fades at a minimum.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: But I mean evades… Look at the flu. Do we think we…? If we could have a 95 percent effective vaccine against the flu, I’m sure everybody would want it. We don’t have that ability.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: That’s why we are at 50 or 60 percent year in and year out. And that’s assuming they don’t miss it by even more than that. I’m fired up. I want to know what parents are going to do. I’m curious. Can we put it out there?

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: 800-282-2882.

CLAY: I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.

BUCK: Yeah?

CLAY: My kids aren’t getting the vaccine. It’s not because I’m anti-vax, ’cause somebody will grab that quote and say, “Clay Travis is anti-vax!” No, my kids got all the vaccines for all the things that are actually dangerous to them. My wife and I have already gotten covid. We haven’t gotten the antibody tests of our kids. I would bet that if we both had it that they probably got it too, and we know natural immunity is a better protector.

BUCK: So homeschool? You would homeschool them?

CLAY: No. I don’t think they will require it in our schools. The governor has said he’s not going to require a covid vaccine.

BUCK: Let’s hope he holds the line on that one.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: ‘Cause I’m worried the federal government will go under DOE funding. The same way that they made all the private airlines be their little enforcers, they want to try to do this with the schools.


CLAY: We’re going to take some of your calls here. Buck pointing out that Fauci is arguing for your kids to be mandated on the vaccine in order to go to school. And I just want to keep sharing the actual data here since Buck and I were talking about this during the break. It’s amazing how many people still don’t know this. If your kid is under the age of 20 and gets covid, the survival rate for that is 99.9973%.

And by the way, natural immunity — all of the data that continues to roll out — is far more protective. So in many ways, your kid getting covid and surviving, as 99.9973% of all people under the age of 22, is more protective than getting the vaccine in the first place. We got a lot of people who want to weigh in. Sarah in California, what are your thoughts on this as it pertains to mandatory vaccinations for children?

CALLER: I have four children. All four of them including my husband, myself, have all had covid. They all survived. They did not have any side effects. They have all of their vaccines that were needed, required for schools. This vaccine, I think is a choice. I believe you have your children; you make a choice whether you’re going to vaccinate them or not. You have total control over your children and their medical history, their medical records, their medical decisions. That’s why I’m their parent. I don’t believe it’s the government’s decision as to what should be happening with my children.

BUCK: Sarah, we totally agree with you. I just want to know: If the state of California mandates covid vaccines for children to go to school and says, “It’s just like the MMR vaccines that are mandated,” what are you going to do?

CALLER: Homeschool until I can find private school.

BUCK: Wow. There we go. Not gonna budge on it.

CLAY: I think this is also significant. You’re like me. Your kids all got like measles, mumps, rubella. You’re not antivaccine. Your kids are vaccinated for purposes of those illnesses that could be dangerous to them. You just know your kids have already had covid and you don’t believe that the vaccine is protecting them from any danger?

CALLER: Absolutely. And if I give them a vaccine, this is an mRNA. It’s going to change their biological, physiological body. They’ve already had covid; hey get this vaccine? How much is it actually going to change their natural immunity now.

CLAY: That’s it. Yeah.

CALLER: There’s nobody giving any facts. There’s nobody giving any research on this. I have children that are all athletes. If they get this vaccine — government says: You need to vaccinate these children — this government is not going to take care of my children if they’ve got the water around their lungs or around their heart or any other adverse effects.

Who’s the one that’s going to be taking care of these children for the rest of their lives? Me, the mom, struggling to watch them not be able to play their sports anymore because they physically can’t because they’ve had an adverse effect. These children are minority children to begin with. I’ve adopted all four children. They are mixed children. They are minorities, and they need their sports to get into college. I want these kids to be successful. I’m fighting for my children to be healthy by not giving them the vaccine.

BUCK: Thank you for the call.

CLAY: Sarah, we stand with you on this principle and we thank you for calling in.

BUCK: What’s going on, Clay?

CALLER: Hey, Clay and Buck. First off, you guys are doing a phenomenal job.

BUCK: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Real quick to the point, I have a fourth grader and a second grader, and we’re already dealing with mask issues. So if they force the mRNA vaccination on our children, we’re going to homeschool. We’ve been talking to some friends that use the Liberty University program. I’m not 100% acclimated to what this is yet, but my wife and I will pull the trigger and take them out of public school and homeschool at home.

BUCK: I can understand it. I think it’s a choice you’re definitely going to have to make in the blue states in the next 90 days, Clay. I see it coming. I don’t know North Carolina will. North Carolina is close.

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: It’s a little bit red but barely.

CLAY: It depends on the school district.

BUCK: I don’t know how it’ll go there.

CLAY: Here’s the thing, Buck. I think the point that needs to be hammered home — and we need to keep hammering it because we’re one of the few places that will be honest 100% with our audience. The idea that natural immunity isn’t a monstrous part of our conversation as it pertains to covid is maybe the biggest failure of the discussion in general right now.

BUCK: Yeah. It is an intentional dishonesty because it undermines the very foundations of the Fauciite regime which are based on, “Shut up, peasant! Do what we tell you. Make your kids do what we tell you — or else. We have the answers. Don’t look into this other area where clearly we don’t have the answers because you don’t need any answers because this is natural immunity that comes from dealing with the virus as it is.”

CLAY: The strongest immunity based upon all the data coming out of Israel.

BUCK: One thing I’ve been saying from the very that beginning: When we all look at this, Clay, at the end of the day, we’re going to find out we did all the distancing, all the masking, all the things, and from an epidemiological perspective, the country just basically got the virus —

CLAY: No matter what.

BUCK: — and as many people got the virus as would have if we had just said, “Good luck. Wash your hands. Stay away from people when they are sick.”

CLAY: Slower! Slower, too, probably.

BUCK: Slower and more drawn out —

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: — and suffer all the consequences of the result. That’s what I think will be the retrospective.


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