Federal Judge Nominee Exposed as BLM Extremist

BUCK: I just want to say that I’m a New Yorker and earlier this week poll came out from Siena College that the two biggest concerns for people in New York are the economy — which is, oh, everyone always wants to be able to pay their bills, have stuff, and feel like they have some economic security. But crime — economy and crime, those are the two biggest things.

The largest city in America, people are worried about, not just Republicans, everybody. This is a Democrat majority city. I think registrations are about eight to one in New York, Democrat to Republican. If Staten Island seceded to become its own territory or part of New Jersey or something, then it would be probably 12. It would be even higher, 10 to one or 12 to one.

But here we are looking at a crime wave that has hit all across the country. Houston is having a terrible time right now. We’ve obviously got a lot of folks listening, Clay. Houston is having a terrible problem with crime. Seattle, we have our new affiliate out there. Phoenix, big crime surges stretching now for 18 months, two years?

You look on a timeline, it almost specifically goes to the June 2020 riots, undermining police. But also there was a lead-up to that, and it was progressive prosecutors. It was people in the criminal justice system who decided that they were going to “balance things out more in society.” There’s gonna be a kind of redistributive mentality when it comes to justice.

We need to have some people just not go to prison because of historical injustice or because the criminal justice system is unfair or whatever it may be. They have these ideologies that they have been applying, and then they had a more free hand to push those things like no-cash bail and so-called bail reform laws, and all of these things came together in a perfect storm.

It’s been a nightmare. Clay and I talk to you guys about this all the time. Thousands and thousands of people are dead in excess of what would have been expected in a normal year in America. Overwhelmingly young black men are affected by this. They are disproportionately affected as victims of the violent crime wave.

So, all the people who talked about Black Lives Matter they should have to answer for what exactly the left has done here. And, Clay, on that notion of accountability, there’s a woman right now named Nusrat Jahan Choudhury. Now, the Democrats are very excited about this. She would be a federal judge for the Eastern District of New York.

It’s a big job. Southern District, Eastern District, are big jobs. They handle very, very big cases in New York. And she is somebody who has also been an activist in the past. And Senator Kennedy asked her about something that she said that I want everyone to hear.

BUCK: We do have the data: 17, Clay — in the year that she said this 17 — unarmed black men were killed in America, which is quite far from being killed every day by police in racist murders in America.

CLAY: Well, and not only that, first of all, I wish we could hear the audio of her at Princeton. And I don’t know if they played that in the hearing. But it should be disqualifying to be a federal judge, if you, in a time of incredible tumult in this country, went before an impressionable group of and lied, okay? She said she said that as an advocate.

Well, you can’t just lie, particularly when you are hoping to ascend to the federal bench in our judiciary, which is one of the biggest and most important jobs that anyone can have in the federal government, as we all know, based on the judge down in Florida, Judge Mizelle, I believe is her name, who ended the mask mandate.

She was a federal district court judge, and I believe her opinion, so far, is the single most significant twenty-first century — so far, single most significant twenty-first century – -federal district court opinion. Okay? So when you have this woman, as you mentioned, Buck, in the Eastern District of New York, this is a big-time court.

BUCK: Appointment. Big deal.

CLAY: All of them are important, but there’s all sorts of significant cases in the New York City area that she would be adjudicating on a regular basis. And, Buck, even for 17, by the way, unarmed black men, “unarmed” does not mean without danger, right? You could be choking someone to death and be unarmed. You could be trying to pull a gun away from a police officer and technically be unarmed.

It’s just wildly inappropriate — and this goes to one of the biggest lies that’s been told out there in general, which is leading directly to thousands of unnecessary deaths, and it is that police officers are out there “hunting” black men and trying to kill them which overwhelmingly the Democratic Party believed right now.

BUCK: That number, that 17 number, was for 2019 just so everyone knows. I’m not sure about when she said this in her role as an advocate. We can go back and dig that up. But the number, let’s say it ranges from I think eight is the lowest I’ve ever seen unarmed black men killed by police — in the entire country! It’s not just for New York City.

The entire United States of America, and some will have more like 50 or 60 depending on the year. Now, look. We always say, every life lost… Anytime a cop goes beyond what is lawful and moral and uses lethal force it’s a horrible thing. And there are incidents where that happens. And, by the way, conservatives say, “Yeah, lock that guy up.” Not some —

CLAY: Let a jury decide whether or not he violated the law.

BUCK: Right. But if — you know, it does happen. But this so rare. But the point is that she was part of, she was a reckless demagogue — and she went Columbia, then she went to Princeton, and then she we want to be Yale for law school, so she’s somebody who knows how to work the mentality of these institutions.

We’re all supposed to think, “Oh, she’s so smart.” How could she feel good about saying that cops “kill unarmed black men every day in America.” And notice even knowing that it’s a lie… I mean, it’s such an obvious lie. Notice, Clay, that even when she’s pushed on it by Senator Kennedy here, she just does the usual, “Oh, well, I support law enforcement, and they do a tough job.”

She should say, “I’m really sorry. That was slander, what I said. It was grotesquely dishonest. I am a panderer. I am a liar.” And the reason we’re focusing in on it is not just ’cause what Clay says. It’s true. Eastern District, big cases, federal bench, lifetime appointment. But she’s just emblematic of so many people who have done so well in this system in America, Clay, who are willing to lie about cops to advance their own political and personal purposes.

CLAY: And the consequences here are we’re in the midst of — I believe the director of the FBI even came out and said it recently, Buck — the largest number of violent attacks he had ever seen, and the data supports it, on police officers nationwide. We’re in the midst of surging murders, as you said, that have overwhelmingly impacted young and black inner-city residents, which is where the vast majority of these crimes are taking place.

And, by the way, the people who are killing most of these young black men, by and large, in these cities, are also young black men. So these lies — and I’m glad you brought this up today ’cause congratulations Senator Kennedy for also being willing to go after her with that detail.

But, Buck, the data reflects in the Washington Post has a police shooting database, and this was a topic of obviously much debate, even in the world of sports, which is how I initially started paying a lot of attention to it because so many athletes were coming out and saying, “Oh, police are killing young minorities at an overwhelming rate.” There are around a thousand people a year on average that are killed by police. Now, most of these people are violent, they have guns in their hands, they’re perpetrating violence.

BUCK: They’re literally shot swinging a bloody axe at an officer’s head. That’s what most of these are.

CLAY: The vast majority. Right. Around a thousand. But what I think is always significant — and this is the data point that almost no one on the left even knows, because of the demagoguery that occurs by this woman and the lies that are spread: 75% of all people that are shot and killed by police officers are white, Hispanic, or Asian. Twenty-five percent are black.

I think that that is a stat that even for our audience people are like, “Whoa, really?” Yeah: 75% of the people shot and I would every year by police officers — on average, multiyear, Washington Post database — are white, Hispanic, or Asian. Twenty-five percent are black. Now, “People will say, well black people represent 12 or 13% of the population.

“So they’re shot at a higher rate than their population would reflect.” But remember, the people that police are interacting with are typically not your grandma, right? Like your grandma isn’t gonna be, by and large — maybe you got a really wild grandma. Your grandma, by and large, is not gonna be engaging in violence. Ninety-five percent of them are male, right?

So it’s sexist, I guess, the way police are responding. No, ’cause men are more violent. And over half of all murders and violent crime as a whole are committed by black men, by and large, in this country. So the people that police are interacting with are more likely to be shot, which is why overwhelmingly the group that are shot are young men typically between the ages of 16 and 40.

That is every year, 75% white, Asian, and Hispanic. It’s a stat that changes everything if it’s actually shared widely because it makes the argument that people like LeBron James have made, that police officers are out here “hunting” and attempting to find ways to kill black men. The data just does not reflect it in any way. That woman to me just based on that comment that she made, Buck? She should not be allowed to become a federal judge.

BUCK: I would not be comfortable having that woman adjudicate a case that in any way I was a party to because the willingness to say something so inflammatory that she knows — and she’s admitting that she knew it was a lie at the time. She just went along with it and so many people did it.

So many people played along with the Black Lives Matter narrative. The whole thing is so Marxist in its originals and in its approach to destroying social cohesion and the use of repetition of lies. The storyline was that black men are killed by cops out of racism without consequence in this country every day.

That is a vicious lie that has really disastrous consequences for the whole country, including minority communities. That’s what we’ve actually seen. The movement made everything worse for everyone. People need to be held to account.

CLAY: Thousands of people are dead today that would be alive — I really believe this — if Black Lives Matter didn’t exist, cops and regular citizens.