FJB Chant Breaks Out in Liberal Boston!

21 Oct 2021

CLAY: We know that Joe Biden supposedly got 81 million votes in this country. It’s amazing how as soon as there’s a live audience of sports fans virtually anywhere, even in cities, Buck, like Boston, which ostensibly are major fertile, incredibly supportive Biden markets, as soon as they turn on the television screen, Boston Red Sox playing against the Houston Astros — some of you may have seen this last night — this is right outside Fenway Park in Boston. Listen to what the crowd had to say. I believe we have the audio.

BUCK: I could chant it. It’s not even “Let’s go, Brandon.” It’s the other version.

(playing clip)

CLAY: I mean, Buck, you can’t even put on live television audiences now because the FJB — and you could hear that being — being blocked out — chants are so overwhelming that that’s the first thing that crowds of fans want to do.

BUCK: I think this is indicative of an overall mood in the country right now that, even if you are a Democrat who voted for Biden, you are very frustrated because he dramatically overpromised to the point where it feels really dishonest, right? He’s the used car salesman who says this thing is, you know, the AC works great and it goes 130 miles an hour on the highway and you get into the car and it spurts and it can’t seem to get past to 55 without sounding like the thing is gonna, you know, explode.

Joe Biden oversold, underdelivered, even for Democrats. I hear from leftists, by the way, who are furious at my because the commies — the real communism has never been tried anywhere including here in America. So that’s always their thing. “There is no left wing in America.” Sure. Right. Whatever. But the point is, here’s nobody who does not work for Joe Biden and/or is not obsessed with the “anything but Trump” mantra as the only thing they care about who thinks Joe Biden’s doing a good job, including sports fans, apparently, across America.

CLAY: Well, and also, remember the early fear was, oh, with Joe Biden they’re gonna remove and replace him with Kamala? Kamala has been worse. Did you see — I mean, this is amazing. So she just had I think it’s her 57th birthday party and so they were having a surprise birthday, “surprise” is in quotation marks, right? To the extent that you can surprise fin in the federal government who has security detail and everything else, is probably unlikely you really get really surprised. But so they have this ostentatious room all set up for Kamala Harris so they can surprise her for her 57th birthday. She walks in, and the first thing she says to everybody is “surprise!” She said surprise to all of the people that were supposed to be surprising her.

BUCK: Classic Kamala Harris. If anyone’s gonna spoil their own surprise birthday party, you would think it would be Kamala Harris, who — it’s just the whole thing, it’s all so staged and so phony and her constituency —

CLAY: — about her is fake.

BUCK: — is the editorial board of New York Times and CNN executives. That’s who’s really pro-Kamala. Everybody else including the Democrats are like, ah, not so much.

CLAY: Well, and it’s so weird because it’s like she does the opposite of what a human would do almost every time. Right? Which is evidence that you’re stage-managed.

BUCK: Almost like she lacks authenticity and connection with voters and the Democrats, if they were hoping that Joe Biden was gonna be the steppingstone for a Kamala presidency, I tell you this much. If we place bets on a Kamala versus Trump…

CLAY: Oh, my goodness.

BUCK: Oh, I don’t think that’s gonna go well for the Democrats.

CLAY: Beat-down for the ages would be coming if it were Kamala against Trump or, frankly, I think Kamala against anybody. It would be a disaster.

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