Get to Know C&B: Superhero Movies

30 Jul 2021

Spirited debate is a signature of Clay and Buck’s top radio show. Usually, that is tackling covid mask mania or Biden’s bumbling, but the guys’ sharp tongues were just as on-target when tangling – and often agreeing – about which is the best superhero movie of all time.

Buck raved that he is so much of a fan not only of Guardians of the Galaxy but of its star, that “I would actually get excited about having Chris Pratt on this radio show at some point. And I don’t even like actors, as a general rule, but he seems like a cool dude.”

Clay admitted to “watching every Spider-Man movie known to man like a thousand times” since his son loves the franchise. He also expanded to how hot-button topics such as racism can come into play if one, like him, thinks Black Panther was an average Marvel superhero movie and not “the greatest superhero film ever made.”

Buck reinforced that the entire debate over superheroes is highly charged and fully expects “to get some angry tweets from people,” especially taking issue with their earlier comment that The Avengers is mostly “CGI and nonsense.”

Listen to the entire action-packed discussion here:


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