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Harris Fearmongers That Roe Is Just the Start

20 May 2022

CLAY: This is what they’re now saying, okay? It’s not enough for Roe v. Wade to be overturned, which theoretically may happen next month. We’ll still see when this opinion may be out, obviously, that was leaked in such an awful perspective that has put so many people in danger.

Kamala Harris has already moved on from Roe v. Wade is not the end here. This is going to end in restricting contraception, she says, and same-sex marriage being disallowed. This is the slippery slope that Democrats are trying to argue now on a cultural-issues front, because everything else is a disaster for them. Listen to your vice president.

CLAY: No, it doesn’t, okay? And there’s a big difference — and I’m not sure if Kamala Harris, frankly, is smart enough to understand it. But Roe involves not only an individual right, but also trying to balance out what the rights of an unborn are, and I will say this. I’m gonna be straightforward about it. Some people may disagree. I don’t think that…

First of all, in his opinion Justice Alito specifically says this has nothing to do with contraception, this has nothing to do with Griswold v. Connecticut, this has nothing to do with same-sex marriage. He specifically says that. So she’s not acknowledging that not only does the opinion directly address and refute her argument, that is actually in there.

The logic that she’s trying to apply does not also line up because to my knowledge, Buck — and I could be wrong — I don’t think there’s any state trying to take away your rights to use contraception. I also have not heard of any state that’s attempting to take away same-sex marriage rights, and so these are issues… It’s not enough that Roe v. Wade be overturned, they have to try and terrify everyone that other rights are at stake, okay? So that’s one take here that Kamala Harris is trying to put out there, and we said this was gonna happen, by the way.

BUCK: And let’s be clear. The numbers have not shifted, really, politically ever since this came out.

CLAY: Right. It wasn’t win enough for them.

BUCK: This is a huge thing. Democrats have convinced everybody, “Oh, if Roe is overturned, we’re gonna — we’re gonna storm every state capitol with all our voters and we’re gonna take back…!” Actually no. Actually, it’s not true, it’s not happening right now, and this is why it’s so interesting we almost have a preview of the politics of this which is, yeah.

A bunch of blue-haired activists with nose rings are running around shrieking horrible things on the front steps of different Supreme Court justices’ homes. But those aren’t undecided voters. These are not reasonable people. They’re left-wing activists. Most people if they’re paying attention to this particular case, if they’re watching this play out, understand that it’s going to go to the states and you’re gonna have very different laws in different states and the American people will go through it.

The White House has already come out to condemn this Alabama law, which is very protective, right? Alabama, I believe, has already signed — I think it’s already either about to be signed or has been signed. And the law is essentially stating that there will be no abortions in the state of Alabama with the exceptions of life of the mother, rape, and incest. And I believe that’s what it says. This is the state-level bill. Now, we mentioned this yesterday.

From the pro-life perspective, if you’re a believing Catholic, those exceptions actually are not actually the moral case, those are a political case for the pro-life movement meaning they don’t believe even in a case of rape or incest because it’s not the baby’s fault. Now, some people who are very pro-life — and this is what you was leaning toward yesterday — are willing to make that very small concession politically, not ethically or morally, to get the rest of abortion outlawed in the state.

Now, there’s a back-and-forth on this. For example, Donald Trump said he was for the exceptions, life of the mother, rape, and incest. Ted Cruz has said he is not for the exceptions. The Republican Party platform has said there are no exceptions. Anyway, Alabama’s already moving on this; so we shall see how this goes in state after state. And I think you’re gonna even see an interesting debate on the right about should this be the maximum position of what is ethical in the law?

Meaning that every baby in a womb is precious and defended as a human being, or for the reasons of getting a law passed without losing politically, do you even include the exceptions as I believe they have in the state of Alabama? Do you want to save the most lives you can as fast as you can, or do you want to take the moral and ethical pure position of a life is a life in the womb and it must be protected? So that will play out, I think, on the right. So, it’s not even completely settled on the right how this will go.

CLAY: No. And look. I mean, I think there’s a real debate that’s going to happen because all 50 states are going to be having this debate. And I would be on the Donald Trump side there with the exceptions. Doesn’t mean, by the way, that I think that other people wouldn’t have different opinions — and I think Republicans need to be smart about this, right? This is what I would say to everybody out there. Be smart about the way that you address this issue, in a way that Democrats aren’t.

Let me give you an example. Democrats are already going to the mat saying nine-month abortions are okay. No one out there — virtually no one — supports nine-month abortions. That is a dogmatic, ridiculous, awful, in my opinion, murder. And I think the vast majority of the American public agree with me. But what is going to happen I believe, Buck, is you’re going to have a battle of the people who are the most fundamentally committed to this.

On the Democrat side it’s gonna be we’re gonna have abortions all the way up to birth. And I think the vast majority of American people are gonna recoil from that. And then on the Republican sides there are gonna be some people who say, “I don’t want a single exemption,” and I think the American public is going to recoil from that position too. That’s my personal belief.

So I think, to the extent that you can be less crazy than Democrats, right? That’s murder, nine months. Be less crazy than Democrats, that’s the winning proposition, because we’re talking about sane versus insane on a daily basis, and I think all the time about all these suburban moms that are listening to us right now, Buck — and there are a lot of them — who are so fired up about covid, who are furious about the way that their kids are being taught in schools.

BUCK: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt you. Go ahead. I just realized, I’ve been saying Alabama. I meant Oklahoma.

CLAY: I saw it. I thought that was —

BUCK: I meant Oklahoma. I’m so sorry, everybody. If anyone’s confused, I just got my states mixed up. It’s the Oklahoma law that was just signed, not Alabama.

CLAY: I thought it was Oklahoma, but I was like it wouldn’t surprise me.

BUCK: A big correction mistake from mine. I’m sorry. I meant Oklahoma.

CLAY: So, to me, you want to be able to still persuade those people, and I talked about this the other day, there are a lot of suburban women out there that are being told, they are being told if Republicans get their way, you’re not gonna be able to get contraceptions, you’re not gonna be able to use Plan B, you’re not gonna be able to have exceptions for rape, incest, for life of a mother.

That’s what is being told to many of these swing voters who are particularly likely to be women and who are in the suburbs and control not only the 2022 election but also the 2024 election. So I would just say to everyone out there who is dealing in this issue, they want — the Democrats do — to paint you as totally opposed to all women. And that is going to make some women who might otherwise vote Republican a little bit apprehensive. And so be intelligent. Don’t be like the Democrats saying, “We’re perfectly fine with babies in the ninth month of pregnancy being pulled out and,” frankly, in my opinion, “murdered.”

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