Herschel Walker Makes His Case Against Raphael Warnock

CLAY: We’re joined now by legendary Georgia Bulldog running back Herschel Walker, who is the Republican nominee in the state of Georgia taking on Raphael Warnock, the sitting senator from Georgia. Herschel, I appreciating you taking the time to join us. Let’s start off right here with that bill that was passed: $740 billion being spent on top for Democrats, 9.1% inflation, the fact that he may well be in a recession.

WALKER: (chuckling)

CLAY: And putting it in context, about as many people as watched the Georgia Bulldogs play down in Athens: 87,000 new IRS agents being rolled out. What do you think about it, Herschel?

WALKER: Well, first of all, I think everybody can see that Senator Warnock is still in love with the, I’m gonna say, the Biden tax bill because this is another example, he seems to care more about Joe Biden than he does the Georgia voters because, as I was getting around the state over the last week talking about this bill, most of the industries there in Georgia are saying how much this bill is gonna cripple them and gonna put ’em at a disadvantage against people like China.

And not only that, you know, how in the world can you raise taxes during a recession even though they said the definition of recession is not recession, which they’re trying to fool us on that. And they’re gonna make more inflation. And I think people need know that. It seems like Reverend Warnock has gotten so great at being in Washington, being a Washington politician that I hope he’ll come back to Georgia and talk to the Georgia people here and hear what they gotta say, because they’re speaking out, and I hear from them, and I gotta represent the people, and I want the people to know he’s representing Joe Biden.

BUCK: Hey, Herschel, it’s Buck. Thanks for being with us again. Are you definitely gonna be debating? Are you definitely gonna be debating Raphael Warnock? I’ve seen some back-and-forth in the press in the last few days over this. Is there a number of debates that you want to have, that you’re gonna extend to your opponent here? And what are some of the top things you would want to ask Warnock?

WALKER: Well, it’s very simple, and I think Senator Warnock needs to admit that he’s scared. I think he is totally scared. You know, he talked about debate, debate, debate, and right now, you know, I’ve given him an opportunity that we get to have two discussions. One, we can have a Lincoln-Douglas discussion over the bill that he just approved that he thought was great that he’s seeing now is crippling — that’s gonna cripple the businesses there in Georgia.

And the other one is gonna be a debate that we’re gonna have in Savannah, Georgia, in front of a live audience, where the entire state can watch the debate where he can answer to those questions, people can see the contrast between Senator Warnock and myself, know what he believes in and what I believe in. He turned that down as well. I think what he would like to do is hide behind the elite media and hide behind them.

And I think that’s what he is. He is totally scared because, you know, he’s an incumbent senator, and I want to do it in his hometown, in front of a live audience where the people can see the differences between Herschel Walker and Senator Warnock. And he said, no. And it’s sort of like… I want to debate October the 14th, and if everyone — anyone can call him in Washington, get him to come out of Washington, come on to his home, let’s do a debate so the people can see the differences between he and myself.

CLAY: Herschel, you’ve obviously spent a lot of time interacting with military over your career. What do you think about the wokeness that’s going on in the military right now, and also the number of military enlisted people and Reservists who might be losing their jobs over the covid shot?

WALKER: Well, that is very, very disturbing. You know, just last week I had a veteran week where I got a chance to talk with some active members and a few — a lot of — veterans. And, you know, that is disturbing. We had our heroes that are gonna now gonna lose all their retirement in everything because the government gonna demand that they take a covid shot when yet they paid the price for the freedoms and liberties we have here.

And this wokeness within the military that Joe Biden and Raphael Warnock want to put within the military is gonna get a lot of our servicemen and women killed. You knowit’s gonna get ’em killed because I can promise you China, Russia, Iran are not worrying about no wokeness. They’re worrying about war. So Biden obsessiveness about wokeness is gonna cost a lot of our military men and women their lives.

And I can promise you that a grenade doesn’t care about no pronoun, that a bullet don’t care what color your skin is. And we gotta continue to get them ready for war because you see what’s happening with China right now. China is threatening us whenever they want. We have to show strength. You know, everyone always said, “Peace through strength,” and why are we not showing that?

You know, Reverend Warnock continued to talk that he cares about the multiple. If he cares, why is he not…? A year ago, the Afghanistan happened. Why is he not holding Joe Biden accountable for what happened in Afghanistan? Why is he not holding Joe Biden and Lloyd Austin saying, “We gotta get rid of this wokeness out of the military; we gotta have a strong military, not a weak military”?

BUCK: Hey, Herschel, you know, for anybody listening in the state of Georgia, we got stations there that are broadcasting all across the state. Anyone who says, “You know, I really like Herschel Walker, obviously fantastic athlete, seems like a great guy. But he has no political experience’ I don’t know about that.” If anyone had a question about that and they would want to know, what are you gonna bring to this, what in your background makes you feel like you’re the person to fight for them in the Senate from the great state of Georgia, what would you say?

WALKER: Well, first of all, Reverend Warnock had no political experience. He was a reverend. I’ve started a business and I’ve had a successful business. I’m continuing to run my business. I sat on a public-traded board. I know about teamwork. I know how to bring people together, and it seems like all they want to do is separate people. And I know about teamwork. So I think my experience is probably some of the best experience anyone can have because I also love this country.

I love America. I love the Constitution. I think that’s what’s most important right now. ITtseemslike everyone on the left continue to want to separate everyone in this country and pretend that we’re terrible, racist people. Well, we’re not. We’re not that. We have our problems, which we do, but we can solve those problems together. We gotta continue to work together, and I’m not afraid to cross the aisle if I need to be. You know, but right now, we gotta get rid of people out of their office that’s not representing the people that put ’em there, and that’s what’s happening right now that I’m going against Senator Warnock. He is continuing to try to separate people, and he’s not doing a good job. So I think it’s time for him to go.

CLAY: Herschel, I’m not sure if Reverend Warnock has gone in the record with this, but I know John Fetterman who is running up in Pennsylvania has. He said that men who decide that they are women should be competing against women. And also — this is the Democrat talking point now — that men can get pregnant. Did you ever believe that we would be having conversations about men deciding, “Hey, I’m gonna go compete against the girls and I’m gonna use the girls’ locker room and things like that,” and that you would have Democrats arguing that men can get pregnant too?

WALKER: Well, it is totally disturbing when you have someone in Washington arguing a point like that. That is totally disturbing. It’s disgusting. And, you know, one of the things I said, and I don’t say it as a joke, “Do you think you want Herschel Walker competing against your daughter?” Let’s be honest. At my age now, would you want me competing against your daughter? Reverend Warnock won’t answer that question because he’s afraid to answer that question.

But yet, he’s voting 96% of the time with Joe Biden who is making statements like that. I know photographic a man cannot get pregnant. I don’t care what anyone says. They need to speak out against that. And Reverend Warnock need to come out and speak and quit standing with the Washington elite, Washingtonians, whatever they may call themselves, and speak the truth for the Georgia people.

Right now, this country is hurting. We need leaders in Washington that’s gonna go to the table and make the right decision, and Reverend Warnock is not doing that. You know, they want to change the definition of recession! (laughing) Let’s be honest. It’s in Webster. Look it up. But yet they’re trying to fool everyone by telling you, “Do not believe your lying eyes, don’t listen to your lying ears,” and that’s not right.

CLAY: I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but the top 25 poll came out in college football just in the last hour or so, Herschel. Your Georgia Bulldogs are the defending national champions. They’ve won the title for the first time since you were playing this past off-season. Yet Alabama number 1, Ohio State number 2, Georgia Bulldogs number 3. What do you think about Georgia being ranked third behind two teams that they were much better than last year?

WALKER: Well, I’m happy to see is because we always give Georgia something to shoot at. When you’re the top dawg, they’re gonna come after you. You see they’re coming after me right now. They’re coming after me ’cause I am the top dawg right now. They are afraid of me. So that’s what they’re gonna do to Georgia. If they were number 1, you gonna come after the top team.

The top team is Alabama. But Alabama’s gonna have to prove it week in and week out that they’re number 1. And I think Georgia got something to shoot for, and I think that’s what’s gonna make it exciting, and that’s why I’ve been telling people all the time right now: Put Herschel Walker in the Senate. Go to TeamHerschel.com, put me in the Senate and people are gonna see some changes, because I’m gonna fight for Georgia and I think people will see that.

BUCK: Herschel Walker, everybody. Herschel, thanks for joining us here on Clay and Buck. Appreciate it.

CLAY: Big time battleground state there.

BUCK: Clay, we gotta win. I mean, Herschel has to come out on top here. He has to make it through the center of the coverage of the defense.

CLAY: Oh, no. Oh, no. The analogies. Buck tries every now and then to break out. That one didn’t work.

BUCK: He’s gonna have to do a spin move.

CLAY: He needs to be top.

BUCK: And then the Lambeau Leap.

CLAY: Top dawg. He’ll be top dawg.