Herschel Walker: Would You Want Me Playing Against Your Daughter?

CLAY: We are joined now by the man I believe is going to be the next senator from the great state of Georgia. He is Herschel Walker. Herschel, appreciate you taking the time to join us. What did you think of Joe Biden’s speech last night? You know it was bad when Biden’s already having to come back and basically say, “Oh, I didn’t mean it when I said that all Trump supporters were threats to democracy.”

WALKER: Well, you know, it was terrible, you know, all he seemed to want to do is divide the people, and that’s just like the guy I’m running against, Senator Warnock. They believe in division, and I believe in bringing people together. You know, when you have someone like Joe Biden speaking like that, then that’s just like the guy I’m running against, Senator Warnock, that makes a statement that “America need to apologize for whiteness” and you want white kids being upset because of their skin color, apologize for that and black kids think that they can’t make it.

All of that is divisiveness, and that’s what Joe Biden did last night, and I think it’s sad, that they need to be talking about the issues, and those issues are, you know, the crime on the street. They need to be talking about what they’re doing to this country, and yet they want to divide people.

CLAY: You now have the lead, according to a couple of polls that came out in the last week, which is super important, gratifying. Do you sense that momentum on the ground, that you are going to beat Raphael Warnock and that the people of Georgia are responding to you well as we move in to September and October headed into this election?

WALKER: Well, the people are responding, but one of the things I told my campaign, we want to continue to campaign like we are 50 points down, like we’re 10 points down, and the reason why is they’ve spent $50 million against me with these terrible, terrible ads where they’re trying to mislead people because they can’t win on the issues.

But what we want to do is continue to get out there and let the people know that I’ll fight for the people of Georgia whereas he fights for the elite people in Washington and Joe Biden. And when you see that they are standing for, where he believes — where he voted for Joe Biden 96% of the time which means he’s gonna give you high taxes, he’s gonna vote men in women’s sports, he’s voted to put men in women’s sports.

He believes in those things. And I don’t believe in the things that — you know, he believes in wokeness in our school, wokeness in our military. Those are things he believes in. And, you know, we’re good people. I think Joe Biden and Senator Warnock want everyone to believe that we’re a racist country with bad people, and I want everyone to know we’re a good country, we’re good people, and we can work things out together.

CLAY: You mentioned that you’re getting absolutely attacked, which is true. $50 million. I read your piece, which I thought was so good, in the Wall Street Journal, talking about the fact that you have long acknowledged the struggles that have existed in your life.

And for people to claim that you are the person that you were 20, 25, 30 years ago without acknowledging all the work you’ve tried to do in mental health related issues for so many people of so many different backgrounds is really dishonest on a level even for politics that’s staggering.

WALKER: Well, it’s dishonest in a a sense that that’s the reason I said Senator Warnock is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He don’t believe in inner redemption, he don’t believe in anything like that. You know, people gotta look at where I’m at today. Where I’m at today, that’s at America’s dream that I told that every kid in America should have.

I want everyone to know you’re gonna get knocked down in life, but you gotta get up, you gotta keep moving forward. You can’t give up. But I’m not gonna give up. Right now, they can’t win on the issues so they gonna try to bring up the past. Reverend Warnock, he’s got a past. Senator Warnock, he’s got a past. He’s got a very, very serious past that nobody wants to bring up. But I’m not gonna bring that up.

I want people to know that I represent Georgia. He represents Joe Biden and the people, the elite in Washington. I’m gonna continue to fight for the people in Georgia because they see what is happening. Right now, crime in Atlanta has gone up. This border is wide open. This man, this senator, voted to put men in women’s sports.

I ask every parent out, would you like Herschel Walker to compete against your daughter? Right now that’s what you voted for. They voted to make wokeness in our military. Our military is one of the greatest fighting forces ever assembled in the world today, and they want to bring wokeness to our military, pronouns.

Right now, we gotta think about protecting our men and women in blue, the guy I’m running against called them thugs and bullies. I’m for bringing people together. And after listening to a speech of Joe Biden last night and having an opponent that voted for Joe Biden 96% of the time, it’s like it’s time to go to TeamHerschel.com, let’s remove Senator Warnock from that seat, put someone in a Georgia seat that can represent Georgia and represent the Georgia people.

CLAY: Herschel, you mentioned that Reverend Warnock is in favor of men who decide to be women, to be able to compete. I mean, you’re one of the greatest college football and NFL players of all time. How crazy is it that if you had wanted to just decide that you were a girl, that Reverend Warnock would be like, okay, if Herschel Walker were 16, 17 years old, he should be able to compete against women in track and field, for instance?

WALKER: Well, that’s what’s so sad. Right now, you know, for people to even consider something like that, you know, women have come so far in this country today, to have people want to take ’em back. And that’s what it seemed to be happening right now is, you know, they want to continue to take us back, whereas we’ve come so far as a society, not just on women, but on — as a whole.

He want to believe in racial divide. They want to believe in so many different things that we’ve come so far, for people like the president and people like Senator Warnock to want take us back, we have our problems, but we solve those problems together. And right now, you can’t solve them by dividing people.

We have to come together. And that’s one of the things I’m gonna do. I want to go to Washington — and I’m not afraid to cross the aisle. I’m not beholden to anyone in Washington. I’m not a politician. I don’t sound like one, don’t act like one. I represent the people of Georgia, and that’s what I’m going to Washington to do.

CLAY: We’re talking to Herschel Walker. Herschel, it’s college football opening weekend. I bet you’re gonna be somewhere around Atlanta where the Georgia Bulldogs, defending champions, are gonna be taking on Oregon. What do you think about’s gonna be like to see Georgia running out on the field as a national champion team for the first time since you were with them back in the eighties?

WALKER: It’s gonna be exciting. I think it’s gonna be a great game. I think we can’t count Oregon out. You know, they got a great team. I’m gonna be at the game. I’m gonna be at the game, and I’m looking forward to this game. I think Georgia got another incredible team.

Stetson Bennett coming back. You know, he’s a great leader, incredible player. You know, he’s a national champion quarterback. But you can’t take anything away from Oregon. I think have let Bo Nix there, he’s an incredible player as well. And, you know, Oregon got a lot of speed, they got a lot of speed and, you know, we lost a lot of players on defense. But I tell you what, Coach Smart is very — he’s a smart coach.

He’s a very, very smart coach. And he’s gonna do the right thing. And I think he got the players we need to go out and win another national championship. So, I’m the looking forward to this game.

CLAY: You and me both. I can’t wait to watch it on Saturday. Brian Kemp obviously is running against Stacey Abrams too. Herschel, I’ve been arguing on this show for a while now that Georgia might be the most important state of any in the entirety of the country right now.

When you look at what you guys can do in the Senate by sending Reverend Warnock back to his pulpit and taking him out of Washington and what Brian Kemp can do to keep Stacey Abrams from being able to ascend to the governor’s office as well, how confident are you a couple of months out that both of you guys are gonna be able to get the job done?

WALKER: Well, I’m very confident because right now you look at the crime that’s in Atlanta today, the crime is up so much, and, you know, you have Miss Abrams who said this is one of the worst states to do anything in.

CLAY: Yep.

WALKER: She’s also believing in defunding the police, which is the same as my opponent as well. He’s called ’em thugs and bullies. Right now, you know, everyone wants to be safe. I think it’s okay for every mom, every child to be able to walk out of their home without being assaulted. And at the same time, you know, this is a great state, we have a lot of good people. We have our faults, like I said earlier, but you can work ’em out together.

And it seems like Ms. Abrams and Senator Warnock seat to want to divide, they want to continue to divide, I reckon divide and conquer, that’s the way you do things. But I want to bring people together. I think Governor Kemp wants to bring people together ’cause that’s how you gotta get it done. The only way you can get things worked out is together we stand; divided we fall.

CLAY: Amen. Herschel Walker, I got your back. I’m looking forward to campaigning some, hopefully, in Georgia with you. I’m sure we’re gonna cross paths on the college football trail this fall, and, man, we need you to believe taking down Reverend Warnock in advance and representing Georgia values up in Washington, D.C., sooner rather than later.

WALKER: Well, thank you. And I just encourage everyone to go to TeamHerschel.com. And whatever you can do, door knocking, volunteer your time, contribute to the campaign. It’s time for new leadership in Washington, and that leadership is Herschel Walker because like I said earlier, I’m not beholden to anyone. I’m gonna fight for Georgia and fight for this country, that every kid in America can get that America’s dream by putting me in that Senate seat.

CLAY: Amen. Enjoy the game tomorrow, Herschel. Keep it up on the campaign trail. Look forward to seeing you in Washington, D.C., sooner rather than later.

WALKER: Thank you now and God bless you. Thanks so much, Clay. And congratulations again on all of your success as well.

CLAY: I appreciate that. I really do. Look forward to seeing you this fall, my man.

WALKER: All right.

CLAY: That is the next — I really believe this. I think he’s gonna get it done. He’s running hard. And I believe Herschel Walker’s gonna be the next senator from the great state of Georgia. You guys need to help him down there, everybody listening in Georgia and beyond.