He’s Not a Nice Guy! Mean Joe Campaigns for McAuliffe

27 Oct 2021

CLAY: We had Joe Biden getting set up and trying to drag Glenn Youngkin down by attacking him, using him as a Trump sort of surrogate — and, meanwhile, Terry McAuliffe is still out there flailing around trying to defend his position on schools. And what was interesting was Joe Biden claims that he was this unifier and that he was this incredible asset to bring the country together. Instead, he’s now accusing everyone, including Glenn Youngkin, of being white supremacists. Let’s listen to this cut last night from the rally in northern Virginia, Joe Biden talking about white supremacy.

BIDEN: Think of it! Republican Party nationally is for nothing. Not a joke! Nothing. Nothing! Just look around. Just look around what’s happening with the governor of Texas and Florida. They sold on women’s right to choose. (shouts) The lives lost to this pandemic could have been saved. Virginia, for the sake of your families and your country. We can’t let this happen here in Virginia. Extremism can come in many forms. (shouts) It come in the rage of a mob driven of to salt — driven to assault the Capitol. It can come in a smile and a fleece vest. (shouts) Either way, the big lie is still a big lie!

BUCK: Clay, here’s the situation with Joe Biden. First of all, I hate this thing, this consensus wisdom you get from the D.C. types. “Joe Biden’s such a nice guy.” I don’t think he’s a nice guy. I think that’s part of the mythology of Biden ’cause everyone knows he’s kind of an idiot. What are they gonna say, right? He’s not some guy with incredible oratory skills.

He does this, “Not a joke. Not a joke.” I’ve never heard anybody else use that phrase as often — or at all – -the way that he does. And here he is essentially trying to tie Glenn Youngkin, ’cause he wears a vest — which, most folks may know this. Very common thing among finance bros is to wear a fleece vest. Other people do too. I’m not…

But Glenn Youngkin was a private equity guy, and that’s considered the uniform, if you will, for many. You have a button-down shirt with the fleece vests on — usually a Patagonia, I believe, perhaps Lands’ End. So he’s saying Glenn Youngkin is somehow part of the white supremacists. I think he referred white supremacy. This is complete and utter madness.

But Joe Biden’s not a nice guy. Joe Biden’s the guy who said, quote, “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains” about Mitt Romney, we recall. Joe Biden is the guy who will take dirty shots, low blow us against Glenn Youngkin right now because they are panicking in Virginia over what’s going to happen here with the McAuliffe race. They know McAuliffe has lost all momentum.

It’s all with Younkin; the polls are starting to show it in a way that’s got them panicked, and Virginia then plays into a broader narrative of this is a failed administration. Virginia plays into a narrative of the Democrats… By the way, I think they’re gonna try to blame the Biden White House at some level for this.

But they’re also gonna understand that people are watching this and understanding what’s happening and at some level they’re coming away from this knowing — knowing without any question in my mind — that the midterms are gonna be a shellacking. A shellacking. They need to hold the line, so to speak, to McAuliffe here. That’s why when you have Biden doing this…

When he needs to, he’s an attack dog of the left wing of the Democrat Party. He doesn’t hold back. He’s not a moderating force. He’s not a unifying figure. That was all bull crap. We know it. That was all just stuff they said so they could have him as the Trojan horse and get Joe Biden across the finish line of the election pretending somehow that if only Biden were elected, we’d be so much better off.

It will fix the country. Normalcy. Does this…? What does it feel like? It feels like the third term of the Obama administration, is what it really feels like. Was that so unifying? Was there so much healing that occurred under the Obama years? Was the economy something that they will point to? Was foreign policy, was the border something they pointed to with great success?

No, of course not. It was all about the optics, all about the way that they were trying to package this for the American people. And Joe Biden plays the game just like all the rest of them. Basically, the real takeaway here for me is Joe Biden is no better than any of the other dirty players on the Democrat Party side who will say whatever they want to say.

I hate this “Biden’s a nice guy” thing. Yeah. He’s got a big grin and he’s used it for 40 years to be a submediocrity in politics. That doesn’t count. That doesn’t get you far enough in my book. I think we should take this at home and do a higher level. By the way, we’ve got some more on that Virginia governor’s race. Oh, I actually have Joe Biden here trying to speak on behalf of McAuliffe. Can we play clip 9, if you could, sir?

BIDEN: In fact, we’re takin’ a page from Terry’s book when (slurs) he was governor and when he’s be (sic) governor next time! We’re emerging from this pandemic want to expand pee — pre-K for 3- and 4-year-olds, millions of pre-care (mumbles).

BUCK: (impression) “Always yellin’ about somethin’.” No one knows what he’s talking about.

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