Hochul: I Don’t Need Data to Grab Your Guns

30 Jun 2022

BUCK: I sit here, Clay, and I get so frustrated, too, because we’re being lectured by the media constantly about violence nationwide, right? We’re being told that we have to tackle the problem of violence. Of course, we all agree. Violence is horrible. The most serious crimes we have to deal with involve the use of violence, the criminal use of force — and yet what you see is this fixation on the NRA and gun laws instead of the real problem.

The problem is not somebody who wants to have an AR-15 that they have in their home lawfully and take to the range. You can take their 10-round magazine and make it seven or make it five or tell him they’re only allowed to own a blunderbuss or whatever, it’s not going to change the crime problem. That’s why when Kathy Hochul is going out there saying now in response to the Supreme Court decision on New York State’s gun-carry policy… Here’s what she says. Listen to this.

BUCK: Just put aside for a second, she is honestly one of the dumbest people in politics on the scene today.

CLAY: Clearly not a smart person.

BUCK: One of the dumbest people in American politics today. But, beyond that, Clay, notice it’s what’s politically convenient for Democrats. “Gun violence is bad. Shootings are up. Violence across the board is up. Let’s go after people who obey gun laws and harass them more, because they are disproportionately Republican and male and not the base of the Democrat Party,” instead of dealing with where the violence is happening, which is going to be in cities, which is going to involve people with criminal records. They don’t want to touch that issue. “Bail reform laws? That’s not gonna do anything! Plainclothes units? That’s not…” This is their mentality. But, you know, changing the front stock on an AR-15? That’s hero stuff right there.

CLAY: Credit to the media who asked that question because it elucidated the response of, “I don’t need data. I don’t need any actual facts to support my arguments because…” Did you hear that answer? She’s clearly not very smart. But she also, I don’t think, was expecting to get a question like that, which basically said, “Hey, can you provide any facts, evidence to back up your policy at all?” And she said, “I don’t need it,” which is, welcome to Democrats in 2022.

BUCK: The way Democrats deal with crime is what feels good for them to do and what is politically expedient for them to do. Really tackling the problem? No interest. No interest.

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