How Many Times Does Dr. Fauci Have to Be Wrong?

8 Sep 2021

CLAY: The battle of our era right now is over how do we get back to normalcy in a covid era, despite the fact that right now, as we just finished Labor Day, we have twice as many people hospitalized as we did last Labor Day. You’ll recall that Joe Biden ran his entire campaign predicated on the idea that he was going to fix covid and get us back to, quote, “normalcy.”

That has not happened, and what’s become interesting is two of the most, I would say, stellar advocates — battlers, if you will — over how exactly we are going to reconcile covid in this country have turned into Florida governor Ron DeSantis and of course, the tin-pot dictator tyrant Dr. Fauci. And they went head-to-head talking about the data in a way, frankly, that usually doesn’t get talked about. Listen to Ron DeSantis talk about the situation in Florida and also lay out that herd immunity has not occurred as a result of the vaccine. Listen to this.

DESANTIS: If you’re gonna force vaccine mandates on people, just understand that what the data is showing us about the vaccine. In fact, the data is showing us you’re much less likely to be hospitalized or die if you’re vaccinated. That is true, and I think you see it in the statistics. However, the vaccinations have not created herd immunity.

And so if the idea is that having herd immunity — you force everyone to do this and that will create herd immunity — that has not happened. It’s still spreading. People who… Obviously, we’re going down in Florida. That was great. But that’s not what the issue is. The issue is, is it creating herd immunity? Fauci also said if 50% are an vaccinated you would not see any surges anymore. Well, that isn’t true.

CLAY: So that is a strong case from Ron DeSantis there again talking about data, which is not allowed most places. Of course, the tin pot, petty dictator tyrant Fauci was not happy with the fact that his own words were thrown in his face about if we had 50% of people — by the way, 75% of people at least 18 and up had at least one part of the vaccination. Fauci had to fire back at DeSantis.

FAUCI: Well, that’s not true at all. I mean, obviously, it’s important for you as an individual for your own personal protection, safety, and health. But when you have a virus that’s circulating in the community and you are not vaccinated, you are part of the problem because you’re allowing yourself to be a vehicle for the virus to be spreading to someone else. So it isn’t as if it stops with you.

If that were the case, then it would be only about you. But it doesn’t. You can get infected even if you get no symptoms or minimally symptomatic and then pass it on to someone who, in fact, might be very vulnerable — an elderly person, a person with an underlying disease. So when you’re dealing with an outbreak of an infectious disease, it isn’t only about you. There’s a societal responsibility that we all have.

CLAY: Buck Sexton, your reaction to DeSantis versus Fauci.

BUCK: Why is Fauci on TV still every five minutes? We have a massive federal health bureaucracy. He’s at NIAD, right. But under the umbrella of the National Institutes of Health, NIH, there’s also the CDC. We talk more about the CDC but somehow Fauci is still the face of all of this. Fauci is the face of all the failed policies.

This stuff has not actually worked the way we were told it would over and over. Now, they could argue that in some aspects, it’s had some efficacy. It depends on what mitigation measure we’re talking about here. But, you know, Clay, our friend — I know you had him on the show on Monday, on Labor Day — Alex Berenson, put out a great little quick cheat sheet.

Because we often say here, “How many times is Fauci gonna be wrong before people say, ‘Enough is enough’? How many times do we have to see his predictions being completely false?” and Alex pulled together, in his Substack, the following. Here’s Fauci November 12, 2020, Bloomberg. “Fauci says end of pandemic is in sight thanks to vaccines.” That was in November of last year, right?

CLAY: Right after the election remember, Buck, when they miraculously could announce that the vaccines were ready, literally two days after the weekend of the Election Day, right? I mean, it’s crazy.

BUCK: “Fauci predicts U.S. could see signs of herd immunity by late March or early April.” That was December 15th, 2020, in NPR. “Fauci gives sunnier outlook for end of pandemic — U.S. will see big, big difference by summer or early fall of 2020.” Clay, we’re seeing a big difference, as we know, a 300% rise in cases year over year.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: And then finally, as of August 25th — and again, hats off to our friend Berenson on his Substack: “Dr. Fauci says no end to pandemic before spring 2022 at the earliest.” This little lab coat tyrant is a jackass. This guy says every six months or so (impression), “It’s gonna be all over. Just listen.”

And then we wait six months or three months, whatever the time limit he gives, and he’s wrong. He’s like, “Just give it six more months.” It never ends as long as this guy is still given credibility not just by the Democrat corporate media, but by millions of Americans.

I look at people now and I think, “How is it possible that any person of sound judgment and rationality could listen to this little totalitarian Smurf on the television and think that they should pay attention to him at this point?”

CLAY: It’s such a great question, Buck, and I think about that a lot, too. I think one answer is, there’s a huge percent of the population that wants to have certainty and they have to turn their brain off and listen to people who are doctors, right? I don’t know; you’ve probably heard it a ton. Every now and then I dive into mentions and see what people are saying when I’m sharing things.

And one of the primary things I get is, “Are you a doctor?” No, I’m not a doctor. But if I had wanted to be a doctor, I would be a doctor, right? And I think this is an interesting response. I’m curious if you’ve thought about it a lot too. Buck, you’re smart enough to have been a doctor if you wanted to be a doctor. I’m smart enough to have been a doctor if I wanted to be a doctor.

This idea that only doctors are able to look at data and analyze it and make decisions that are smart, flies in the face of all American public policy because most governors and senators and congressmen are not doctors. But we elect people, and we listen to people based on, Buck, whether or not we trust their judgment and their ability to analyze facts.

And so this idea that you should have phone number a doctor to look at covid rates? I mean, Ron DeSantis is not a doctor. His analysis… By the way, he’s a Harvard Law grad. He could have certainly been a doctor if he had wanted to be a doctor, is smart enough to have been a doctor. But he’s smart enough to look at data, you and I are smart enough to look at data, and a lot of people out there aren’t willing to look at data. They want to be led, they’re comfortable being sheep, and that’s why people are still listening to Fauci.

BUCK: You have this credentialed class in the country. In particular, you’re talking about a lot of MDs, and these are the blue check MDs that you see who make noise and go on MSNBC and post photos like the one that I sent you of the mom doctor with her three kids with masks —

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: — and face shields on, as if face shields… Face shields are meant to prevent like they use them in some capacities in a medical setting. The actual splatter… It doesn’t do anything about aerosolized virus. Wearing a face shield, it’s like if you were a World War I infantryman and you put on a face shield to protect from you mustard gas, you are gonna have a very bad day.

CLAY: (laughing) You would die.

BUCK: It doesn’t do anything! They must know this at some level. But they believe that by continuing to adhere to this, they not only give themselves meaning and think that they’re more secure, Clay, they’re also tying themselves to the rest of the smart people. It’s not just virtue signaling. There’s an intelligence signaling that they think goes on here.

You mentioned doctors. “Oh, you’re not a doctor!” All the super smart people out there believe Fauci, even though of course that’s not true. There are doctors, epidemiologists that we’ve talked to wish we’d had on the show, from Stanford, from Cambridge, from all over the country who will say that this is crap.

And they’re never going to admit, Clay, no matter what the data actually says — you keep saying, “Look at the data” — there’s a very real chance that almost everything that the Fauciites have told us to do did nothing of benefit and was massively counterproductive.

CLAY: Yes. All cosmetic theater. I think that’s like you listed all the things that Fauci has gotten wrong. Here’s a good question for people out there. What’s he gotten right? What has Fauci, beyond a shadow all of doubt, looking at the data, gotten right? I’m not sure, Buck, that he’s gotten a single thing right.

And I’m giving him credit for adjusting his opinions constantly. Because originally, remember, he was saying, “Oh, masks don’t work; it makes no sense to go get masks.” He initially said this six-foot rule is total crap. Like, everything that Fauci has advocated is cosmetic theater, and it is totally noneffective, ineffective, has had zero impact.

BUCK: I think that Fauci has got one thing very right, unfortunately, and that is making it very clear to everybody in the Democrat Party that he’s effectively a Democrat operative in a lab coat and believes in authoritarian, bureaucratic control of the American people. I think he played the politics right, you know?

This is a guy who was somehow, in the Trump administration, in charge of the awful Trump response, they say — right? — and we know of course not true but managed to not only keep, elevate his job in the next administration. Well, why is that the case? How does that make…? You know, whatever happened to Deborah Birx? Remember her? Well, she threw a big party at home, and she told all of us not to see our relatives over Thanksgiving. That was kind of a bad move.

CLAY: Oh, yeah, yeah. And then she just peaced out, though. But I do think it’s an interesting question, Buck — and I don’t know that we’ll ever get the actual data. If we had done absolutely nothing at all, if we had just kept schools open, if everybody had kept working, if we had changed zero — if we really hadn’t done anything — would we be in a better place right now?

Because if herd immunity is the way out, Buck — and that’s really what DeSantis was arguing — and if we aren’t going to get herd immunity through vaccination, which I think the data reflects that we’re really not. Ultimately, everybody’s gonna have to get this, or enough people are gonna have to get this that it’s not spreading wildly.

BUCK: Then we get actual herd immunity.

CLAY: Actual, real herd immunity.

BUCK: We’re trying to induce, essentially, an artificial herd immunity through the vaccination process —

CLAY: Yes. That’s right. Through vaccination.

BUCK: — not through the actual contact. I mean, the mRNA vaccine works by the spike protein and this is a level of science that, you know, is legitimately not something that folks like me understand. But you do know that it’s different than the T-cell immunity you get from your immune system actually dealing with the virus.

But, Clay, to the point that what would happen if we basically done nothing or done something close to nothing… Fun fact. I’m putting Clay on the spot, but I think he’s gonna get this one right. How many people died yesterday in Sweden from covid, Clay?

CLAY: I think it’s almost zero.

BUCK: One.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: So there you go.

CLAY: I’ve looked at their death charts. They basically said, “We’re gonna go for herd immunity,” and covid doesn’t exist now in Sweden.

BUCK: Ten million people, folks. Ten million people. A year ago, “An experiment in death! The Swedes aren’t listening to the science!” Fauci is saying, “I’m very, very concerned,” you know, the whole thing.

CLAY: Yeah. Yeah.

BUCK: One person in the whole country, and, by the way, incidents an anomaly. Zero the day before… I’m looking at the numbers now. Zero the day before. One. Zero. They’re losing more people to death by bee sting right now in Sweden, most likely, than they are from covid.

CLAY: That’s right, and now Swedish people are in a lot better shape; so they don’t have as many people fat people as we don’t which I know you’re not supposed to be able to talk about because, it’s horribly upsetting to mention fat people now, fat shaming, whatever else. But we would be done with this if we had just peaced out and continued to live our lives instead of trying to shut everything down and allowing people like Fauci to continue to have power.


BUCK: Jeff, Concord, North Carolina, not to be confused with Concord, New Hampshire. Jeff, what’s up?

CALLER: Hey, I have valid reasons to support my question, but my question is: Who owns the Wuhan lab?

BUCK: Well, the Chinese Communist Party/the Chinese People’s Liberation Army/probably some private investors, too, maybe at some level. I don’t know. But that’s an interesting question.

CALLER: I felt the same way because of (chuckles) this point, but I used to work for a company that sent me to China through the years of 2000 and 2008. I worked in Nanchao, which is more the industrial side, and it also goes to Shanghai. I never did anything touristy, but I knew to get around over there you had to have the driver and a translator when I was going because everything, everything is in Chinese. I did recognize the industrial section, some United States businesses or U.S. businesses that had their logo on some of the entrance signs along with Chinese. But every time you see the Wuhan lab shown on the news, the building’s labeled in English, the Wuhan —

CLAY: — Institute of Virology. Yeah. I’ve seen that too. It’s interesting. It’s interesting point. Look, the reports that are out there are that we gave millions of dollars for gain-of-function research. I don’t know if you saw, Buck, some of the videos that Fox News has been running of alleged bats from inside of some of these labs. It does not seem to be very restrained in terms of like there are people with the bats crawling all over them from inside of these Chinese labs, and, again, we talked a lot about this. But Fauci, to me, should have to resign. And I think he should face severe criminal investigation over his testimony in front of Congress.

BUCK: Yeah, lying to Congress is either a crime or it’s not.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: But as we know, especially in those highly politicized incidents or cases, there are two standards of justice — one for Democrats, one for Republicans. Time and again. That was, really, the whole Mueller probe was relying on the grinding gears of bureaucracy to get people on process crimes when Democrats don’t go to prison for process crimes. Come on.

CLAY: And also, to be fair, perjury is a notoriously difficult charge to prove because you’re not only having to prove than that is false, you’re having to prove that someone knew it was false and was intending to speak in a way that was a falsehood. And if you listen to the way that Fauci has been talking — even when he got into it with Rand Paul in that viral clip, their most recent head-to-head — he was clearly parroting what lawyers had told him in trying to make a subtle distinction regarding what gain-of-function was.

That was clearly his attempt. When I heard it, it sounded Bill Clintonian to me when he said, “That depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” Right? It’s very legalistic driving down almost that he’s trying to protect himself in that respect, ’cause he knows that, as most people would hear it, he has been lying. I think Fauci knows that.

BUCK: I think Fauci knows a lot of things that he won’t say out loud at fancy cocktail parties in Potomac and in Georgetown, but I’m telling you this much: I’m not letting it go, man. I’ve been on Fauci’s trail from the very beginning. He is my tiny white awhile, and I’m not letting this go, man.

CLAY: Your fellow alum as well. That’s the ironic thing here.

BUCK: I know. I’m really just bitter that he goes for more than I do in the charity auction every year.

CLAY: Way more at the charity auction.

BUCK: Lunch with Fauci.

CLAY: How much more did he go compared to you?

BUCK: I don’t know. We don’t need to get into numbers, Clay?

CLAY: Ten to one?

BUCK: It was more.

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: We don’t need to get into numbers, though. This is not a scoreboard thing, buddy. It’s for charity.

CLAY: The only thing better would be if they just paired you with Fauci —

BUCK: Amazing.

CLAY: — like they just gave you away a side benefit.

BUCK: I’d sit there and be (impression), “Your cohost, Clay Travis, is convincing Americans at the football stadiums to be unsafe —

CLAY: Keep going up, baby. Keep showing up!

BUCK: — without the masks.

CLAY: You’re going to be at one soon.

BUCK: He’s be all over me because of what you do, and me too. He knows that I can’t stand him. So there’s that.


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