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Idiot Host of The View Defends Sotomayor’s Ignorance

11 Jan 2022

CLAY: One of the idiot hosts of The View decided that she needed to defend Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor. This is Sunny Hostin — Hostin? I’m not even sure what her last name is — defending that completely not true statement made by Justice Sotomayor because her narrative was right. Listen.

HOSTIN: Well, first I just want to reframe this a little bit about Justice Sotomayor because, uh (sputters) while, you know, they may not be accurate for current hospitalizations, um, in children, she is correct that we have more children in the hospital, uh, now more than more than ever before. Umm, and it certainly reflects the current cases in children. Right now, we have 82,843, umm, children sick with — with covid, more than a thousand children have died from the virus.

Uhhhm, and in addition, about 7.8 million children have caught covid since, uhhh, the pandemic started. And — and –and so that — that — those are just — just the numbers. So, while fewer than 83,000 kids have been hospitalized with the virus, we have kids sick with covid more than we have before, and so that’s a real thing and those are real numbers.

BUCK: It’s so much wrong that it’s not enough to say it’s wrong, Clay, there’s so many things. First of all, that would be like saying if you owed me $5 and I run around saying you owed me $10 million, “Oh, I said he owes me money.” The scale is the whole point, right? The scale of the problem is how you’re deriving policy solutions one way or the other. First of all, a thousand children have died? That’s not even true. That’s not what the numbers are. The numbers of cases of kids… Kids, this thing bounces off them for the most part.

CLAY: Mercifully. Mercifully.

BUCK: 99% of them, and yet here we are. It’s crazy.

CLAY: Buck, the actual numbers for people out there, there’s around 3,000 kids currently hospitalized with covid. That means there are tons of kids — I wish it didn’t happen — hospitalized with all sorts of illnesses all over the country. But there are only 3,000 kids right now hospitalized with covid. Most of those cases are not remotely severe because — as we talked about earlier — they’re there with covid, not because of covid. There might not be a hundred kids right now in the whole United States that are severely hospitalized with covid.

BUCK: Do you remember when we used to actually care about serology testing for natural immunity?

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: It lasted about three months for this pandemic from the health authorities. The percentage of children that have already been exposed to covid — if we got a real number — would blow people’s minds.

CLAY: No doubt.

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