If You Care About Freedom, Speak Up

3 Aug 2021

BUCK: Clay, I’m looking at what the trend is right now, taking us back here to not just Cuomo, but also the vaccine mandate in New York City and what’s happening. I think that this is where the people that want pre-pandemic normalcy better speak up or else they’re going to enshrine a kind of forever covid mentality here where you have to fight to get it down to zero. Here’s the NIH director, Francis Collins, saying that he’s really frustrated that this has become so emotional.

COLLINS: I’m sorry if people think that that’s a change in the guidance. Well, it’s a change because of new data. Isn’t that what you want (snickers) your public health experts to do is to look at the evidence and tell you what right now is the best thing to do? And I guess I find it frustrating that the whole idea of masking has become such an emotional and, may I say, political situation. It’s pretty straightforward, pretty simple. We know that masks work. They’re not perfect, but they sure help.

BUCK: We actually don’t know that.

CLAY: (chuckling)

BUCK: This is the NIH director. We actually don’t.

CLAY: (chuckling) Yes. There’s no evidence.

BUCK: The little spray bottle test that they do is a joke. There’s actually no real solid evidence that they work in any meaningful way. That’s the director of the NIH. This is why, man, we gotta stay on all this stuff.


CLAY: I think people need to file lawsuits in New York, and I think it should happen soon. What is the date? It’s in September, correct? Where the date is gonna start to be applied in terms of that? For those of you out there just joining us right now, this got snowed under during the Andrew Cuomo news, which we’ve obviously spent a lot of time on.

But New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said that if you want to go to restaurants, bars, movies, a gym, or any locations such as those, you’re going to need a vaccine passport, and I believe it goes into effect in September. Between now and then, one, hopefully the number of overall covid cases declines substantially and people come back to their senses. But, two, I think you need to go ahead and file a lawsuit and be able to challenge that going forward beyond a shadow of a doubt. That needs to happen.

BUCK: Clay, can you get some of your law buddies to get together and file some lawsuits here in New York? ‘Cause otherwise they’re gonna force the Buckster to get a shot and I don’t want to get the shot, but I got no choice right now. So please.

CLAY: I would wait if I were you. You’ve got already the natural covid antibodies, which (Rand Paul came on and said it was a good discussion we had a couple weeks ago) are more reliable than a vaccine would be, and so I think that’s the play that you should follow. But, man! What an absolutely crazy day in New York with Andrew Cuomo, with vaccine passports. What in the world could happen for tomorrow?


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