Incredible Reaction to Johnny Depp/Amber Heard Twitter Poll

CLAY: We haven’t talked very much about this Johnny Depp, Amber Heard case that everyone seems to be watching ’cause it’s on CNN, Fox News all the time.

BUCK: It’s a ratings bonanza, clearly.

CLAY: And it’s on oftentimes while we’re talking, but I was curious about what people thought, because Johnny Depp’s been on the stand, and now Amber Heard is on the stand. And I put up this poll, and I’ve never seen any reaction like this, so I thought you would appreciate this, Buck, ’cause you haven’t seen the reaction. I just said, “Who do you believe in the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard case?”

And tens of thousands of people have voted. I gave three options: Johnny Depp. Amber Heard. Both Sound Awful. Okay? Sixty-four percent believe Johnny Depp. Thirty-five percent think both sound awful. One percent of my audience believes Amber Heard, which is kind of unbelievable to have that little support. Maybe that’s why she’s firing all of her PR team. But my experience has been, Buck, if you’re firing your PR team, it’s probably a sign that you suck. (laughing)

BUCK: Yeah.

CLAY: It’s not the PR team’s fault if you are getting consistently not good results, it’s often you.

BUCK: That’s a step away from firing your legal team in the middle of the trial, which is clear sign.

CLAY: That’s not good either.

BUCK: You don’t do that when things are going well. I haven’t watched much of that. I just… I do think there is a fascination that so many people have with Johnny Depp is one of the richest, most famous people on the planet of whatever it is, seven billion people, and you marry the wrong person —

CLAY: Doesn’t matter.

BUCK: — you make some bad choices, you get a little too into drinking and drugs and whatever, and you can be miserable, man. You can be super famous and super rich and be a totally miserable individual. So it just goes to show you, you could also not have a whole lot but marry someone great and be super happy.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: (laughing) So, you know, there you go.

CLAY: The number is… I saw this study, and I thought it was pretty interesting. If you make $75,000 or more — and it may have to go up now adjusted for inflation in the Biden administration — in general, your happiness doesn’t skyrocket based on making more money, right?

BUCK: Oh yeah.

CLAY: ‘Cause you can handle everything in many parts of the country based on that.