Dr. Fauci Turns Down Our Invitation Again

BUCK: We have an update from Dr. Fauci. It seemed as though yesterday maybe Clay and I had shamed the NIAID comms office into giving us an opportunity. At first it was a “no,” a “no forever,” and then it was we need more details, and now I think the latest is that we’re back at “probably no forever,” but we’re not gonna give up easily, Clay. We are a persistent bunch here on the Clay and Buck show.

CLAY: Can they text us the latest email, ’cause I need to hear “Dr. Buck Fauci” reading the latest correspondence from Fauci. So, as a rehash from what happened yesterday, we requested Fauci, what, like couple weeks ago, probably, and finally got an answer, and it was that he was overwhelmingly busy. Although did you see today –

BUCK: But he’s available for photo shoots.

CLAY: Yeah. Yes.

BUCK: He’s like an underwear model now, Dr. Fauci. I don’t know if you know this.

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: He’s got abs. He wants to show his abs.

CLAY: The New York Times… There’s a documentary coming out called simply “Fauci,” which is a hagiography of Dr. Fauci’s career. And the New York Times had him sit for a clear photo shoot. He’s all made up and it’s totally ridiculous, and so we read that he was overwhelmingly busy and we talked about it on the show, and then we got another email where they were like, “Hold on.” After we had ridiculed… ‘Cause look, the truth of the matter is this. Fauci does every possible media source that is friendly to him under the sun. And we legitimately have questions we’d like to ask.

BUCK: This just goes to the whole pretense here, which is that he is not a partisan actor; he has no politics.

CLAY: That’s exactly right.

BUCK: Why is it the case that you don’t see Fauci…? Shouldn’t he be just as quick to go on to conservative outlets — “Republican-leaning” or however you want to describe it — as he is on the others? And we all know the answer is “absolutely not.”

He probably has an honorary chair in the greenroom of MSNBC and CNN. He appears on outlets… Also ask yourself this question, everybody. When was the last time somebody not named Senator Rand Paul or perhaps a few other Republican members of Congress, in the media posed a tough question to Fauci that really, for example, pointed out:

“You said this at this point, and now you’re saying this. Why did you get this so wrong? What should we think about listening to your predictions going forward and into the future?” Clay we also have the beginnings of what we’ve been saying for a while coming up now, which is the BLM protesting of the vaccine mandate here in New York City.

We’ve been saying, “Hey, this narrative that you get from the media of it’s only those anti-science Trump supporters who won’t get the shot…” Well, there are black and Latino Trump supporters, of course. But a large percentage of young black and Latino adults in New York City are Democrats.

And a large percentage of them as well, the largest by demographic group, are unvaccinated. And this is now starting to come with real consequences for people. They’re saying that it’s racist, and we should get into this in a few minutes.


CLAY: One guy that doesn’t want to talk to us, Buck, your old high school chum, alum, Dr. Fauci. Dr. Fauci yesterday —

BUCK: I’m not that old, by the way.

CLAY: But high school alum. You’re chums in the sense that you graduated from the same high school. Dr. Fauci came out, his representation yesterday, and said, “No, we’re too busy. Got this documentary, got this photo shoot that I gotta do with the New York Times, gotta go on with Joy Reid eight times this week, gotta go on and talk to my boy Jake Tapper 14 times.”

BUCK: We’re gonna see him on Dancing With the Stars any moment now.

CLAY: Very soon. Too busy to talk to us. We read the email from him yesterday. And then amazing. After we read the email, it’s like somebody at NIH was like, “Hey, they’re making fun of the fact that Fauci says he’s too busy.” So we got a new email. And they were, like, “Hey, when would you like to have him on? Can we get any details on this?”

So we responded. And then they came back and rejected us again. And we have the email that was sent to us. This is a very real email. I’m gonna bring in “Dr. Buck Fauci” here to read the most recent correspondence from the esteemed Dr. Fauci to the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show. Take it away.

BUCK: (impression) “Good afternoon, Clay and Buck show. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to make it work this time. As you know Dr. Fauci’s schedule is packed, and he has to turn down more than 95% of the requests we receive, period. Respectfully, the office of Dr. Fauch. P.S. Clay, you must cease and desist all your superspreader events of college football where the droplets are flying even more than the interceptions. It’s getting to be too much of a public health risk.” Everything except for the P.S., they actually said.

CLAY: So, first of all, that’s such BS, to say they turn down 95% of interview questions. I’m sure they do, and as someone who has done local radio, trust me, I’ve gotten turned down for a ton of interview requests, right? You reach out when you do local radio or smaller market radio for people all the time, and most of the time you don’t get them, right? That’s normal. But I doubt that Fauci is turning down very many people who have an audience in the millions, right? More people —

BUCK: There are millions of people listening to this show.

CLAY: More people listen to this show than watch Jake Tapper or Joy Reid, and he’s on there all the time.

BUCK: And we would ask him real questions, by the way. I want to ask him questions. I don’t want to… I give my word on air that we would be respectful and ask questions and that’s how we would do it if they will have him on.

CLAY: Same thing here, and we would do the same thing for any guest.