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It Will Never Be Over: Fauci Calls for Forever Masking

22 Jun 2022

BUCK: We were just talking to our friend Ian Miller about mask mandate failure. Just so you know, in case you’re wondering, “The Fauch” is still out there. He still believes strongly in the continued use of a cloth, perhaps two cloths, maybe — to take the virus seriously — three cloths, one of which being an N95 mask. He’s not done, folks. He still believes this lunacy. Here he is just a couple of days ago saying, you want to mask indoors?

BUCK: So can I just…? I just want to jump in here to be clear. He’s saying it’s not over, so you still have to mask up indoors, and it will never be over. Fauci is straight-up calling for forever masking now, in case anyone wanted to know whether this little tyrant lunatic is as bad as we’ve been saying for over a year.

CLAY: And if you think that that is not something supported by anyone else, did you see, Buck, that Germany is talking about mandating masks now starting in November through March — every year, everywhere.

BUCK: It’s what we thought — it’s what we said — was gonna happen, mandatory vaccines every year and a mandatory mask season for lunatic libs every year.

CLAY: And if you’re out there, single-issue voter, repudiate Fauci and the vaccine mask mandates, you have to vote red. If you don’t want your kids wearing masks in school ever again, you have to vote red. If you don’t want your kids being mandated to take covid shots that they one billion percent don’t need, you have to vote red. This is why we need not just a Red Wave, but a Red Tsunami to send the message and let’s put a Congress and a Senate in there to combat Biden.

Because, unfortunately, he’s gonna be there until 2024, probably until January of 2025 when we can finally get rid of him once and for all and get rid of Fauci once and for all, because I think, Buck, if we have that Red Wave… I know Fauci said he’s gonna retire in 2024. I think he may retire in January of 2023 if Republicans take the House and Senate and aggressively subpoena him like they should going forward. I really do think that’s the play that we’re all gonna need to be part of.

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