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It’s the Dog Days of Summer! Send Us Your Pooch Pics

4 Aug 2022

The photos keep pouring in! We’re posting five lucky pups a day. You can submit yours at TheClayAndBuckShow@gmail.com (be sure to include name and state).



Chico from Hubertus, Wisconsin




Benny, an English Bulldog rescue from Louisville, Kentucky




Gurley from Savannah, Georgia




Zeus from Hempstead, Texas




Harley, Mocha, and Bob at home in Montana




Bella Louise and Lilly Ann from Houston, Texas




PNUT the French bulldog from Ohio, who escaped communist China in February of 2020




Nina and Tucker from Denver, Colorado





Finn from Virginia Beach, Virginia





Tanker, the mascot for the Scio Township Fire Department in Ann Arbor, Michigan





Pumpkin from Houston, Texas




Louie in shades from Gahanna, Ohio





Anya (Husky), Killian (Sheltie), and Flirt (Border Collie) from Saugus, Massachusetts






Oliver from New Jersey





Crosby (having a very good hair day!) from Puyallup, Washington





Dusty from Kentucky





Sully from Bemidji, Minnesota





Cappy from Helena, Alabama





Stewie and Wally from Richmond, Virginia




Tank from Seattle, Washington




Ollie from Galveston, Texas





Dory the Bama fan from Kingsville, Maryland




Rolex the Watch Dog from Las Vegas, Nevada





8-year-old Piper from Tualatin, Oregon




Trump the Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Florida




Dixon the Corgi from Kansas City, Missouri





Tonka, a 1-year-old Cane Corso from Canton, Georgia




Phoenix from New Freedom, Pennsylvania





Finnegan and Bootsie in Narragansett, Rhode Island




Finnegan (a popular name today!) and Buck from Vermont




Evee from Vancouver, Washington




Lorelei, Whitney and Audrey from Albuquerque, New Mexico




Charlie (Charlton Rhett III) from Wyoming





Doc and Dewey from Oklahoma




Stella, Lady, Sammy and Sadie from Williamstown, West Virginia




Harley Quinn from Racine, Wisconsin




Tucker from South Carolina





Pup the Mini Doxie in Alaska




Dunkin the Frenchie from Maine





Brogan, Buck’s fiancee Carrie’s family Goldendoodle from Tallahassee, Florida





Rosie from Indiana




Kuma, a Husky from Texas




Cal, the 3-year-old Golden Retriever from Nebraska




Happy, a 12-year-old rescue Corgi Chihuahua mix (also known as a Chigi or Chorgi) from Naples, Florida




Cocoa Puff from Strawberry Point, Iowa




Courage (10 years old, 155lbs) and Beck (5 years old, 135lbs) from West Milford, New Jersey




Peyton, a 9-year-old Boston Terrier that snores from St. Paul, Minnesota




Petey from Springboro, Ohio




Ralphie, a 5-year-old Shih Tzu mix from Kenosha, Wisconsin




Gemi from Illinois, whose first birthday is TODAY, August 18!




Taffy from Colorado




LuLu and Nibbles from West Linn, Oregon




Maggie the Boxer from Mississippi




Parker, a baby boy Cavachon from Hickory, North Carolina




Willow from Post Falls, Idaho




Chip from Hereford, Arizona




Hope from Ivins, Utah



Ginny from Illinois



Bailey and Daisy from New York




Zoe from Tallahassee, Florida




Jock A Mo from Colgate, Wisconsin




Butkus, a Boxer Hound rescue from Virginia




GG from Louisiana




Billy and Tommy, Ibizan Hounds from Ohio




Jadis and Raine from Maryland




Ronnie, the American Chocolate Labrador from Elkhorn, Wisconsin



Charlie and Cooper from Green Cove Springs, Florida



Mr. Barnaby Jones from Bakersfield, California



Tango (with an allegedly disinterested Echo in the background) from Lubbock, Texas



Libby Bacon the Cat (who apparently identifies as a dog) from Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts



Jack, an 8-month-old Dachshund pup from Albemarle, North Carolina



Barkley from Fredericksburg, Texas



Spencer, a 10-year-old Havanese from Kentucky



Wilson from Chicago, Illinois



Rufus from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho



Mitch, a Grand Champion Standard Poodle from San Clemente, California



Goose, the Llewellin Setter from New Berlin, Wisconsin



Murphy, the Mini Australian Shepherd Mix from Richmond, Virginia



Reagan, 4-year-old Bull Terrier from Tennessee



Charlie, the Aggie fan from Dallas, Texas



Tallulah (the Sexton family Frenchie) and Lila from NYC and Miami (Lila, a cockapoo, is Buck’s brother Keats’ dog)



Percy (aka Mr. P or P-Man) from Miami. Percy is Buck’s brother Mason’s dog. Someone abandoned him in a dumpster and superhero Sexton came to the rescue and adopted him. Now he’s living his best life.



Mr. Ted, a 4-year-old Boston terrier in North Carolina



Bowie (left) and Fig (right) from Las Vegas



Maisy, a 7-year-old Petite Mini Goldendoodle from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. (She is a member of Team Buck!)



Ruby, a Dogue de Bordeaux from Carmichael, California



Gertie, 3-year-old German Shepherd from Independence, Kansas



Bill from Helena, Montana



Russia and Collu’sion from northern Wisconsin



Schatzi, the 14-week-old Miniature Schnauzer, from Riverside, California



Ripley from Phoenix, Arizona



Lilly from Waters, Michigan



Roxy from Willington, Connecticut 



Baby Blue, a pitty puppy in Johnson City, Tennessee



Millie, a 3-year-old teacup long haired Chihuahua from Kingsport, Tennessee, who enjoys shaking the living stew out of her Nancy Pelosi doll.



Daisy from Rochester, New York. Went to Texas to pick up a truck. I pet a stray dog and she wouldn’t leave my side, so I came home with the truck and the dog.



Cody from New York



Clotilde Marie Sugar Magnolia Lefeve (“Chloe” for short) — a 7-year-old Catahoula Corgi from Louisiana



Chloe the Chug (Chihuahua/pug mix) from Utah



“Freedom” the Great Pyrenees from Florida (10-week-old puppy, who will grow to be 110 pounds!)



Mojo Rising from Virginia 



Shakes, a mini rat terrier from Florida



Henry The Portuguese Water Dog from Dauphin Island, Alabama



Fenton, a Husky, Lab and Shih Tzu mix from Michigan



Henry from Columbus, Ohio (a terrier mix rescue from Tracy’s Dogs in Texas)



Elliot from Columbus, Ohio (a terrier mix rescue from Tracy’s Dogs in Texas)



Bailey Beauregard in Brooklyn



Skylar from New Jersey



Rosie and Lola in Staten Island


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