Jesse Kelly Joins Clay and Buck to Bring the Heat

15 Apr 2022

CLAY: We bring in now Jesse Kelly, who is a good friend of both of ours. Have we had you on since the Houston event, Jesse, which was such an awesome time we had down there with Michael Berry and all the listeners we have down there in the Houston area where you live, I mean, that was a lot of fun that night.

KELLY: I had no idea it was gonna be that much fun, I’ll be honest with you, ’cause I don’t like events. I want to be home. I want to relax and watch a documentary like an old man.

CLAY: (laughing)

KELLY: That was a blast. That was an absolute blast.

CLAY: It really was. And, by the way, Buck and I are gonna have you up to Nashville at some point. I know I talked to your wife; I don’t think you guys have ever spent any time in Nashville, right? We’ll have a big… We’re gonna do a Clay and Buck event sooner or later in Nashville. We’ll get you up here. I think you guys will have a good time here as well.

KELLY: Well, you know you don’t have to twist my arm to come drink beer with you and Buck. I’ll tell you that much. I love… I’ve only been in Nashville, done an overnighter, did a quick overnighter there, took my son there. And it’s one of those amazing cities I’m worried the liberals are gonna ruin, if they aren’t already.

CLAY: It’s so far good.

BUCK: So, Jesse, what happens now given that… It’s like the Democrats are in the about the same time, they can’t go any lower, the poll numbers are atrocious. Anyone who’s being objective, when they’re not covering some external or foreign policy issue or the war in Ukraine, when they bring it back to domestic matters at MSNBC or CNN or wherever, they all look like they’re at some kind of a funeral just discussing Biden’s polls numbers. What do they do now? What happens now? It just feels like there’s almost no rational opposition to the argument that Biden is awful at this job and Democrats are bad at governance; so where do they go?

KELLY: They keep going down and they go down even faster because these are not… We have to understand, the JFK Democratic Party is gone. It’s long gone. Even the Bill Clinton Democratic Party is gone. These people are full-blown communists now, and they don’t know how to moderate or slow down or back off. If I was to put Buck or Clay in charge of the Democratic Party today, you guys would walk in, you’d gather everyone around.

You’d say, “Okay. You shut up. You, no more trans talk. You, we’re done with the CRT.” You would immediately try to moderate them, to mitigate the losses that are coming at the midterms. But that’s because you’re both sane people. Everyone listening right now, that’s what they would do. These people are not sane. Instead, they’re going to go all-in.

You watch. They’re gonna spend the next — I mean, I don’t know how many — months to the election doubling down and tripling down on everything that’s killing them ’cause that’s the only direction they know how to go. Now, that’s their great advantage is they always play offense. They’re never on defense, they’re always trying to move forward but again like many things in life your greatest advantage can quickly become your biggest disadvantage.

And there’s just nobody — there’s none there who can bang everyone’s head together and say, “Shut up, stop, we’re changing direction.” Ideally that would be Joe Biden, but look at Joe Biden. Is Joe Biden gonna call in the conference and bring Nancy Pelosi in and the head of the DNC and congressman here and senator there and say, “Okay, everybody put the word out, we are rearranging things”?

BUCK: Jesse, did you think Biden…? ‘Cause I saw some back and forth on this. Did you think Biden was trying to shake the hand of a nonexistent person for a second or was he actually signaling to people offstage?

KELLY: I actually to be honest, as much as I enjoy Joe Biden’s senior moments, I actually thought this one, I didn’t think he was trying to shake somebody’s hand. I thought he was signaling to someone offstage. Now, he did turn around and was completely lost as to how to get off the stage, and at this point I know it looks bad.

But why can’t we get a handler up there for Joe Biden right there when he’s done speaking, to just take him by the arm — you can make it not as obvious — and say, “Hey, Joe, we’re going this direction.” This is a human being who’s very clearly lost in — and not doing with me. It looks really bad for the country that the president can’t seem to get offstage ever.

CLAY: Jesse, I feel like this Twitter and Elon Musk battle, sometimes you get stories that perfectly epitomize what the stakes are, and I feel like this one really is as it pertains to Big Tech. Because on the one side you have Elon Musk who’s worth $300 billion and looks around — and I really do believe this is his motivation — and says (summarized), “I’ve got more money than almost anyone has ever had in the history of the world.

“But based on the way we’re going right now, I’m not confident that the world is going to continue to be a free place. Let me take 10% of my wealth and help to create a more free society.” And on the other side, you have people saying, “Hey, it’s too scary if everyone can say what they actually think. We’ve got a rigged system right now in control in Twitter.

“Let’s keep this guy, Elon Musk, from having power.” So you have the communists going up against the capitalists in social media. Does that crystallize for you, too, what’s going on? I mean, it just feels perfect to me to encapsulate, to people who may not pay a lot of attention in Big Tech and social media what’s going on.

KELLY: Oh, you nailed it. It’s not honestly as much about Twitter or Elon Musk as it is a gigantic reveal of just how rotted and corrupt our total system is and just what these people will do to protect what they’ve got going. I mean, we have a rotted government. We have a rotted Big Tech. We have rotted entertainment. We have rotted sports, as you talk about all the time, Clay.

And when you get to a point in a society where it’s all rotted and corrupt, societies don’t generally turn and change directions on their own. None of these people are gonna look in the mirror and say, “Hey, we’ve screwed everything up. We have to reform.” Reformers are going to start to rise and try to change things and make things right.

I would argue Trump was the first of these. Elon Musk is the second. And the system struck down Trump — two impeachments, the Russian collusion investigation. They’re going to do the same thing to Elon Musk. And what this is gonna do is reveal to more and more people just how bad it is. It’s really, really bad. An underreported part of the story is — now, this is still officially rumor, but we had organizations like Fox News reporting on it yesterday — that the Justice Department was talking about launching an investigation into Elon Musk!

CLAY: Yeah.

KELLY: We’re not that far removed from the NSA spying on Tucker Carlson and leaking private text messages to the press! That’s how rotted and bad it is. It’s really bad, and we’re gonna experience a lot more of it.

BUCK: We’re speaking to Jesse Kelly, syndicated radio host, host of the Jesse Kelly Show. Jesse, what do you think the primary messaging modes of attack between now and when the ballots are cast need to be for Republicans who want to not just win, but scorched-earth the other side, if you will? Is it parental involvement in children’s education? Is it the wide-open borders, crime, is it all of the above, is the economy? Where do we go?

KELLY: I would say it’s the parental thing, and I continue to ask people on the ground what they’re hearing, you know, these grassroots organizers out there, and I hear that from every single one of them. This gross LGBTQ whatever it is indoctrination of children in schools is something that turns off parents almost universally. The Democrat numbers…

When you pull Democrat parents on whether they want their kids learning this in schools, the majority of Democrats don’t want that at all. Parents do not want their kindergarteners learning about sex in school, and this is an issue that the right has been scared of and is still scared of, and they should not be. These people are psychopath child groomers, and they really are.

They’re really after your kids. And when you expose them for that, it drives them insane because they’ve enjoyed educating our kids for so long, and this is the issue that the GOP should be running on from New York to California and everywhere in between. Wade into this! It is the ultimate political winner.

CLAY: All right. I’ve got one of the most difficult questions you probably ever been asked in your life. Which decade was better, the 1980s or the 1990s?

KELLY: Awww.

CLAY: I don’t know if you saw the poll that I put up, but it is —

KELLY: I saw your ridiculous poll, Clay.

CLAY: All right. So may not be a hard answer for you then.

KELLY: It’s the eighties! It’s the eighties! The nineties? Look, I was a nineties kid, too, I was born in ’81 so obviously I experienced both decades. But the 1980s we’re talking everything from Reagan to Guns and Roses in their heyday. The nineties got a little dark towards end, and I don’t want to be painted as anti-nineties. But the eighties was the greatest decade in this country. I love it. Even the music was better in the eighties. The eighties might be the best music decade ever in the history of America.

BUCK: I gotta tell you something, Clay. Jesse Kelly prefers raisins to chocolate chips in his cookies.

KELLY: (laughing)

BUCK: So can he even be trusted with anything in this particular.

CLAY: The one area, by the way, that I think you totally when I find on is nineties music is better than eighties music.

KELLY: (groans)

CLAY: Now, I think eighties movies are better than nineties movies. I think you could argue nineties versus eighties sports, if you like Montana and the 49ers or Jordan and the Bulls more, like, you can argue that. But, to me, nineties music, more variety, right? You’re like old school rap, like, back in the day. You got the rise… Now, it is kind of a dark group when you talk about the rise of all the guys out on the Seattle scene, you know, who end up —

BUCK: Grunge.

CLAY: — the Cobains of the world, the grunge. But that was kind of a dark world, right? Like, the grunge scene.

BUCK: They were not very happy. Did not end well for some of them.

KELLY: (laughing)

CLAY: Yeah, not very well at all. So I can see that as being kind of a maudlin universe that we created there.

BUCK: I also want to get Jesse’s take here on this ’cause you keep posing it to other people. Jesse, speaking of the system, Clay — who in some ways is just such an optimist — believes that Hunter Biden could actually face serious federal criminal charges while Joe Biden is president and we have a bet that this year, he thinks that he will actual face charges. I say that he will not. Where do you come down on this but also how do you assess this thing right now, the whole Hunter Biden situation?

KELLY: I actually… (sigh) I kind of agree with both of you, and I know that doesn’t make sense. Let me explain really quickly. I normally would be king cynic right there with you, Buck, and say, “He’s never going to face charges; they’re gonna find a way to wash it away.” But I actually believe the Democrats, as insane as they are, I think they are smart enough to realize that Joe Biden is a big liability.

And as unpopular is the party is, he’s somehow dragged it down even worse. I’ve made this prediction — I know it sounds crazy — I think they’re going to run him out of office after the midterms. I think they want him gone, and therefore, I think the Hunter Biden stuff is a useless tool to get him gone. We all know how these things work, couple meetings, couple closed-door meetings and, “Hey, Joe, your son Hunter’s going down, there’s a chance you could get complimented in this — or you could retire for health reasons and let Vice President Dome take over.” I think that’s the route we’re gonna go.

CLAY: (chuckling) I don’t think there’s any way they put Kamala in office, Buck, and Jesse too. I think that she has been so bad, I think they’ll allow Joe Biden to kind of ride it out, unless his health just becomes so bad that they can’t even justify it. I think they will. But I think in February or March, he announces he’s not gonna run and then we have a total free-for-all in the Democrat Party. And I’ve said that I think we end up with Hillary as the nominee in ’24.

KELLY: I actually agree with that because their backup plans all went south. I mean, again, they nominated Dome ’cause she was a black woman. Well, she’s actually gotten less popular. The more people get of her, the less popular she is. And the backup to Dome was Rear Admiral Buttigieg, but he can’t get out of a primary because we have poll after poll after poll showing the fact that he’s gay is a big deal in the black community. And without the black vote, you can’t win the Democrat primary. So you’ve gotta go searching for something else. So you’re right. It’s gonna be grandma death.

BUCK: Man. Hillary? A possible Hillary versus Trump again throwdown.

KELLY: Yeah.

CLAY: Eight years later.

BUCK: It would be totally, totally full circle. Folks you’re listening Jesse Kelly podcast, tune into him live in the Jesse Kelly Show in syndication 6 to 9 Eastern time nationwide. Mr. Kelly, give the folks, give the fam a high five from us and thanks for calling many. We appreciate it.

KELLY: Be good, fellows.

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