Jim Crow 2.0? Record Turnout in Georgia Primaries

CLAY: I wanted to share some of this data because I thought it was significant. Speaking of lies, do you remember all of the attention that Joe Biden and the Democrat Party put on the idea that there was going to be Jim Crow 2.0 in the state of Georgia? Stacey Abrams running for governor right now, all of the attention that they rained down on Georgia over this election integrity bill that was passed. And it got so bad — I know a lot of you are still fired up about this — that they pulled the All-Star Game, Major League Baseball did, out of Atlanta.

They were gonna honor Hank Aaron. Now the Braves ended up getting the last laugh because they won the World Series and they got to have three World Series games instead. But this was absolutely indefensible to anyone who actually read the bill or looked at Georgia’s law compared to other places. Well, right now we’ve got a primary that is coming up soon in Georgia — May the 24th, I believe, about 11 days from now — and Gabriel Sterling has been sharing the data on what is going on in terms of voting.

And not surprisingly, the same media that told you how racist and unacceptable this Georgia bill was, how it represented Jim Crow 2.0? Nobody’s talking about the fact that records are being set in terms of the number of people voting, and the number here — this was yesterday — that Gabriel Sterling shared were at 223% of the turnout for 2018, the last midterm election. Nearly 300,000 voters had cast ballots on the primary election with way more Republicans coming out to vote than Democrats so far.

And almost no ballots are being rejected — and just five minutes ago, Gabriel Sterling tweeted out:

Over 330,000 people, in fact — 180,000 voting in the Republican primary, 120,000 voting in the Democrat primary — record numbers of legal votes coming in in the state of Georgia. We were all told this was impossible! Joe Biden went to Georgia and told everyone that this was Jim Crow 2.0. He said there was a direct attempt to keep people from being able to cast their ballots in Georgia! This is all a lie. They lied to you. Jim Crow 2.0 was complete and total fiction, and what should happen is everybody who bought into this lie — in particular Major League Baseball — they should apologize to every baseball fan, to the entire state of Georgia.

And they should bring the All-Star Game back to Atlanta to make up for the fact that they lied to you and that many big corporations got full-on woke and they listened to those lies and they bought into them. It wasn’t just Major League Baseball, by the way. Delta Airlines did, one of the biggest employers in the state of Georgia. Totally unacceptable. Again, a lie. Has anybody called this misinformation? Has anybody out there been willing to call out Joe Biden and the Democrat Party for all the lies they spread about Georgia? Of course not. The data is in. Their lies are readily apparent.