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Joy Behar Thinks Black People Don’t Have Guns

9 Jun 2022

BUCK: I do agree with you, by the way. I think you could argue the dumbest person who speaks about politics for a living on television is probably Joy Behar.

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: I really do. I think that’s fair to say.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: People can argue with me, but I feel confident about that one. Listen to this take about guns.

BUCK: Can I tell you, Clay, the numbers on this? There are at least 10 million black Americans in this country who have guns, and everyone who is a Second Amendment advocate likes people of any background persuasion, ethnicity, who are lawful gun owners to enjoy their Second Amendment rights. But this notion that there are no black people with guns in America, which is what she’s saying, is just crazy. I mean, it’s just…

CLAY: Yes. It’s bonkers. It’s banana land insanity. Evidence of how little Joy Behar knows about the world. There are probably thousands and thousands of black men and women and women who are listening to us right now who have guns, right? We can open up phone lines.

BUCK: Some of them may be cleaning their Glock right now, or stripping down the AR-15.

CLAY: (laughing) Yeah, we could open up the phone lines right now: Only black people who are gun owners, you can call and respond to Joy Behar. Burgess Owens, by the way, who is doing a really good job. I want to make sure I get this right. He represents the fourth district in Utah. He also, by the way, former NFL —

BUCK: Oh, I know Burgess. Super Bowl champ.

CLAY: This is his response. He shared this clip, and said, “Joy, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, quote, black people already own guns. We’re also capable of getting an ID, driving cars, and using the internet. Now you know,” which is a funny sarcastic response. But it’s a dumb thing that she said, that — and, by the way, she’s lecturing a black woman about this. So I don’t know who the guest was on that day. But Joy Behar deciding to lecture a black woman about when black people can actually get guns?

No, in fact, the fact the data reflects that some of the highest percentage in the last couple of years, of gun purchasers has been black people who are living in inner city neighborhoods, overwhelmingly, and suddenly aware that they are protected by police in the same way that they were before the George Floyd incident, which is why overwhelmingly, black people want there to be more police. You know who doesn’t? And these are the people who also fire me up, Buck. Woke white people, who never have any idea, like Joy Behar, what the real world is like! These are the biggest enemies in America today. It’s woke white people who are totally clueless and are destroying this country.

BUCK: Conservatives are constantly arguing for law-abiding people — all people, and law-abiding black Americans — to be able to enjoy their Second Amendment rights, including the protection for themselves and for their families. By the way, just as a random example. There was a woman, a black single mother, a Philadelphia resident years ago, who made a mistake, drove into New Jersey. Pulled over by a state trooper for a minor traffic thing.

But she was a recent concealed carry permit holder, which is easy to get in Pennsylvania, because she had been robbed recently. And she’s a single mother, two children. And the liberal state of New Jersey was thinking about sending her to prison for ten years, Clay, because the cop pulled her over. She said, “I have a firearm in the car,” because she and her concealed carry class was told, make sure the officer knows. And she didn’t even realize she had pulled off on an exit on the highway. Didn’t think about it.

Do you know what came to her defense right away? Conservative guns rights groups. You know who was saying, “How dare you threaten to send this woman to prison”? First of all, the laws in New Jersey are stupid on guns. But put that aside. This woman. This black woman, single mother of two. You’re going to send her to prison. Look what that will do to her kids. She’s a law-abiding person. I think she actually worked in security. Conservatives rushed to her defense right away.

You see this play out within time and time again, across the country. But who is disarmed and at risk? It’s not Nancy Pelosi in her mansion, with her taxpayer-funded security. It’s not former mayor Bloomberg with his billions and billions and billions and his super high-end security that he’s paying out of pocket. It’s disproportionately, black men and women, minorities in cities where they’re not allowed to legally own guns. And criminals who don’t care about the laws prey upon them, and we want to change that. So Joy Behar is a moron. But at least it gives us an opportunity to speak about reality.

CLAY: Maybe the dumbest person. We need to do at some point, here in the summer, if things close down, where we rank the ten dumbest people in media. Like you and I, we put a poll out, and have some fun with it. But Joy Behar — I feel like spoiler alert — she may win this thing, because I’ve never heard her say anything remotely intelligent on any subject.

CLAY: Yeah. It’s a close call. There’s some close contenders. But Joy Behar, I think, is number one.

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