Justin Trudeau: There’s No Right to Self Defense in Canada

CLAY: I heard this, and I thought to myself, “This is where we are. This is where the Democrats would take us in the United States.” Here’s Justin Trudeau letting you know that you don’t have the right to defend yourself.

BUCK: Can I just say we should probably start to give warnings to the guys in our audience that listening to Justin Trudeau could cause a sudden rise in estrogen levels, so we need them to be aware that whatever testosterone you have would come under assault the moment your ears pick up Trudeau ‘s blathers.

CLAY: You have to get killed by someone in Canada. You don’t have a right to defend yourself. If someone has a gun and they want to kill you, they can. That’s what Justin Trudeau just told us.

BUCK: It’s better… Justin Trudeau is flipping the adage. He’s like, “Yeah, no, it’s better to be carried by six than judged by 12.” That’s his attitude. He’d rather you not defend yourself.