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Kamala Harris: Your New Minister of Online Truth

17 Jun 2022

BUCK: Kamala Harris, who you would think, given that the current president is in a situation where even his own party is saying, one, his numbers are terrible; two, his cognition is clearly iffy — that might be far too generous, but iffy — this is where Kamala Harris could really come through and kind of why you have a vice president, right? You have a vice president if the actual president’s health or mental faculties are in question at a point in time. You want to have a backup plan for leadership. That’s the whole notion of a vice president.

Kamala could really be stepping out here and showing everybody just how much competence and how much skill she brings to bear in a leadership role. And right now, some people are saying, “Hold on a second. She’s going to be running some kind of a task force to end online bullying? That seems pretty vague.” She didn’t exactly solve the border crisis. In fact, if you see the most recent border numbers, Clay, I think it’s the worse that it has ever been, or close to it. It’s the worst, certainly, we’ve seen in about 20 or 30 years. Here is the White House spokesperson, Karine Jean-Pierre, when she’s asked, “How is the Kamala task force different in a sense from the Biden Ministry of Truth?”

CLAY: Of course, the White House spokesperson has no idea how to answer any question and she’s not really involved in anything. But the alarming aspect of this is that in theory this is the White House officially announcing that the vice president and people who are working for her are going to be monitoring what people say online and doing what? Demanding that social media accounts that are being sarcastic or mean to prominent individuals shouldn’t be allowed to do that?

This is a really strange concept for the government to be involved in, and this is why Alex Berenson’s lawsuit to me, Buck, is so potentially eye opening, is he’s reached the discovery stage in his lawsuit against Twitter. And remember, it wasn’t very long ago that Jen Psaki was coming out and saying, “We are working with all these Big Tech companies to flag information that we don’t like,” and basically demanding that these social media companies take down this information, which, by the way, everything Alex Berenson said ended up pretty much being true.

BUCK: And you would think, given the problems that we talk about day in and day out here on the show that everybody is dealing with, really dealing with day in and day out they would get much greater priority and focus from a White House that is embattled, right? The White House agrees that these are problems ’cause they’re seeing it in the polling. They know they can’t ignore the issues of inflation and the price of gas, all the things we’re constantly talking about. And yet they’re setting up the vice president somehow… They take the time to set up a vice presidential online task force that mentions harassment and the targeting of the LGBTQIA+ community.

CLAY: Never ending. We basically have all 26 letters that are now included on that acronym.

BUCK: I’m making a nonpolitical statement here. The acronym is too long. I come from an acronym culture at the CIA. The acronym is too long, folks. We need a better word or a better acronym for it ’cause it’s get out of control. But online harassment, Clay, does anyone think that Kamala Harris or this White House is going to be able to deftly handle online harassment without it being the government effectively censoring people that they don’t like?

CLAY: Or what is the recourse? Censorship is certainly part of it, but do we really have, effectively, people sitting in the White House all day looking at things that are being sent to prominent people on their social media accounts and investigating it? And in what world do we think this is something that should be focused on? We can barely protect our Supreme Court justices from assassination attempts and we’re expected to believe that Kamala incompetent Harris is gonna be able to handle this? It’s crazy.

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