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Kari Lake Vows to Take Control of the Border as AZ Governor

28 Jul 2022

BUCK: We have Kari Lake with us now. She is the Trump-endorsed candidate for the governor of Arizona. She’s leading in the polls right now for the Republican primary, which is just about to come up here. Kari, thanks for calling back in. Good to talk to you.

LAKE: It’s great to be on with you. Yeah, right now people are still voting, and we vote for, unfortunately, 27 days in Arizona. But Election Day officially is next Tuesday. We’re doing great. Looking forward to it.

BUCK: So let’s… One thing that we try to talk about on the show, Kari, with frequency — because I think that the Democrat-aligned corporate media has very little interest in telling your story — is what continues to happen at our southern border. In fact, some of the national level polls show that this is a major concern, certainly among Republicans, but even independents, the open-door policy the Biden administration has set up. What’s the latest? What are you seeing in your state and what is the state of play going into this fall when it comes to the border?

LAKE: It’s just wreaking havoc on Arizona, and also this whole country, and that’s why people from all over the country are interested in watching so closely this particular race because it’s going to take a strong governor to put it to an end. We can’t count on Joe Biden. He’s illegitimate. He is the one who opened up our border. You know, as a journalist, when I was a journalist, I covered our border and Arizona for 27 years.

I’d never seen it more secure than under President Trump, and Joe Biden came in on day one and tore that back. So it’s going to take a strong governor to go down there and take back control of your border — and we have right to do that be and it’s right there in the United States Constitution. Article I, Section 10, when we are being invaded, when our people are in imminent danger and there’s no time for delay, we can basically take control of the border and enact states’ war powers, basically, in so many words.

BUCK: So if you become the governor, what would that look like, then? What actions would you take as governor of Arizona to secure the border?

LAKE: Well, for starters, day one we have to call it what it is. We issue a declaration of invasion, and then we are going to put our Arizona National Guard on the border and prevent people from coming across. Right now, we have the Border Patrol. They’re under, of course, Joe Biden’s control. And they can’t stop people. So they’re taking people in every day by the hundreds and thousands who cross our border, and so when we put our Arizona National Guard down there to cover those gaps in the wall, we’re gonna stop people from coming across.

We will not allow them to come in, and then we’re going to finish President Trump’s wall project. There’s only about 20 miles left. The materials for that wall have been left on the border; so, I’ll work with the legislature to redefine what “abandoned federal property” is. And, frankly, they canceled the contracts and left the stuff laying there for a couple years now. So, we’ll redefine that and we’ll take that property back and finish the construction of President Trump’s wall. And we will take on the cartels. We’re not gonna let them have operational control. We’re gonna blow up the drug-running tunnels and we’re gonna shoot down their drones, and we will take back control of our border.

BUCK: Speaking to Kari Lake. She’s running for governor in Arizona. How is the economy doing in your state under this Biden administration? I mean, what does the…? They call it a non-recession, but we know what’s actually happening. What’s it like for folks now, for businesses and for individuals who are trying to make ends meet while this White House is calling the shots?

LAKE: Truly hard for people. I’ve been on the campaign trail for over a year now, and when things first started kind of going south under Biden, people would say, “Kari, it’s getting harder to fill up the gas tank. Gas is costing more.” Now I’ve heard people say, “We’re looking at food prices. We can’t afford three meals a day,” especially for folks who are on Social Security. They cannot afford to make ends meet, and it’s getting to a critical level, and so we’ve got to stop… We gotta stop allowing the federal government to print out money like there’s no tomorrow.

They’re devaluing our dollar and really pushing inflation up. And everything Joe Biden has done, you don’t need to be a world class economist to figure out that every move he’s made has hurt our economy. And we’ve gotta do everything we can here in Arizona to make sure that small businesses have the support they need, that we get out of their way. We pull back regulations, we make sure that they’re able to thrive as much as they can in this difficult economic environment, and then we need to make sure we have honest elections so that we don’t get another stolen, shoddy election where we end up with the wrong guy in the White House.

BUCK: What has to happen there, Kari? Give me some details. I mean, how do we secure — ’cause I got people writing in to me all the time, and I understand is their frustration. They say, “Well, Buck, what does it matter if they’re gonna cheat?” I say, “Please. Don’t vote because you… Their cheating should not stop you from voting,” right? Please go out and vote. How do we secure elections?

LAKE: We have to go out and vote, and we have to vote in droves. And we’re way up in the polls, but I tell everybody, don’t get lazy. We got get out and vote, because we’re gonna have to win by a mile to eke out a one-inch win — and then when I get into office, I believe we’ll have a Red Wave at the legislature. And the state legislature is the only entity that can write election law. And we will secure our elections. I told you we vote for 27 days here in Arizona.

We’re gonna bring it back to Election Day, paper ballots, we’re gonna show photo ID, and we really need to clean up our voter rolls in Arizona. We have people who moved a decade ago who are still there. I talked to a woman who said she moved away, she moved back and registered to vote; she found out she was in the voter roles twice under both registrations. We gotta clean those up. But even if we do all that and we get that squared away, as long as we have these electronic voting machines, we’ll never have secure elections.

That’s why I’m involved as a citizen and a candidate in a lawsuit trying to get those banned. We can’t have a private company — we can’t hand over a hundred percent of our sacred vote to a private company — that won’t tell us how their machines work. We know for a fact they can be hacked and manipulated. We’ve seen it. We have the best cyber security experts in the world who have testified to that. And we know that these things aren’t safe. Also, the components are made by our adversaries in China. So, we need to get rid of these machines and go back to the old way of doing it, which is a hand count. They did it that way in France this last election; they had the results by later that night on election night. It is possible to do. We used to do it that way and we didn’t have the troubles we have now.

BUCK: Speaking to Kari Lake. She’s running for governor in Arizona — and, folks, just weeks away from Election Day there for the primary.

LAKE: Right.

BUCK: Kari, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has taken some pretty considerable steps to protect people from what I would call Fauciism, from vaccine passports, from mask mandates in schools, things of that nature. If you’re the governor of Arizona, I’m seeing here that there are counties in Arizona — Maricopa County among them — that have, considered under the CDC guidelines, “elevated covid levels,” we’re seeing masks coming back in places. What kind of freedom from Fauciism could you promise the people of your state in Arizona?

LAKE: We will not shut down your business ever. We will not require your children to be masked up. And we will work to pass legislation immediately to prevent a boss from forcing you to take a experimental shot against your will. What happened to the American people during covid was one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen government do to the citizens of this country. We can’t have schools — we can’t have appointed or nonelected officials, anybody — imposing vaccine mandates on our people. We’re learning a lot, frankly, Buck, about Big Pharma and what they’re doing and what they’re up to.

And we can’t even trust our CDC. We can’t trust somebody like Fauci because he’s lied to us. And so I’d put the blame squarely on them. They have not been straight with the American people. They’ve lied, they’ve misled us, and now we’re learning about all of the dangerous side effects of these shots. So how dare they even try to attempt to force people to get these shots anymore. Until we know exactly what’s in them and what the effects are, we can’t be forcing that on our people.

I stood as a candidate shoulder to shoulder with our airline employees, with our medical employees, with our first responders — all kinds of employees — who were being forced to either get the jab or walk away from their job and not be able to put food on their table. I can’t believe what we witnessed in this last year with these shots, and I vow as governor to do everything in my power to prevent this from happening again.

And we’re not gonna fall into the monkeypox thing and start shutting businesses down and masking people up. What I want to do is much like Kristi Noem did, the governor of South Dakota. She laid out the problem, she gave the people of South Dakota the facts as we knew them at the time and said, ‘Hey, here’s some things you can do to protect yourself. Here’s some things you can do to protect your business. Now, you take that information, and you make the best decision for yourself and your family and your business.”

BUCK: She’s running for governor of Arizona, folks. Kari Lake. Get out there and vote. Kari, thanks so much for calling in again. Good to talk to you.

LAKE: Thank you so much. Bye-bye.

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