KBJ’s Viral Catchphrase: “I’m Not a Biologist”

CLAY: We’re about to be joined by Senator Marsha Blackburn, at the top of next hour, who had clearly the most eye-opening interaction with Ketanji Brown Jackson, the judge who is up for the Supreme Court seat to replace Justice Breyer, and if you missed that early this week, Marsha Blackburn asked this simple question: Can you define a woman? Listen to this.

CLAY: “I’m not a biologist,” which is going to go viral. Now, this also was used by Judge Jackson to respond to a question about unborn babies. “I’m not a biologist,” I think, is going to go viral, by the way. Because, like, it’s pretty crazy. But this is her tagline. Let’s listen to this as well.

BUCK: This is amazing, by the way. I’m not a transportation expert, but I’m pretty sure that carjacking is a really bad thing. I don’t know how to build a car, Clay — I’m not a mechanic — but I oppose carjacking.

CLAY: The fact that this would be the fallback line, “I’m not a biologist”? You’re asked to define a woman, all right? Men have penises. Women have vaginas. I just gave you a pretty good… Sorry. If you missed biology, that’s a pretty easy answer, right? You don’t have to be a biologist to know the difference between a man and a woman, and you don’t have to be a biologist to have some sense, certainly, for a judge who understands and had to study as a law student, and has had to…

Look, I know the Roe v. Wade standard, right? I’m a lawyer. I had to learn it. I had to understand what the Supreme Court did. I just despise when we know that people are lying to us. “I’m not a biologist” is a lie, and it is brought to bear, Buck, because the Democratic Party is so enthralled, right now, in the grasp of the transgender… What would you even call it? The transgender army. The transgender interest group?

They are terrified, that they are terrified of saying something that could offend them. This is why we have to have… Google now, you can Google, “Can men get pregnant?” and they will tell you, yes. There’s a pregnant man emoji that you can get on your phone. Men can’t have babies! This is crazy that we have to say it. You want to talk about biology? I mean, these are fundamental scientific facts that aren’t allowed to be said because they might offend someone who is likely to vote for you.

BUCK: The left, the Democrat Party, the activists pick these fights, by the way. They like to do this thing now. “Oh, while people are suffering in Ukraine, you’re sitting here talking about how we refer to you as ‘menstruating people’ instead of women.” It’s like, that is the worst part of whataboutism and deflection. It’s so obvious. But this is what they do. They pick these fights. They push for the trans swimmer Lia Thomas for the NCAA to bend a knee.

CLAY: Yes!

BUCK: They made all this stuff happen. We are reacting to their madness, and this is good. Going into a midterm. People need to know. They need to understand. This is not a fringe belief. When Ketanji Brown Jackson, who is going to be on the Supreme Court soon, refuses to define what a woman is, this shows the country that to be considered a left-wing intellectuals person in public life, in good standing with the Democratic Party, you must pretend you don’t know what a woman and a man is. You must obey the final commandment from Orwell’s 1984 that you reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. That is what is required today.