KJP Stonewalls Doocy: “I Would Refer You to the White House Counsel”

As the walls close in on Joe Biden, fresh boxes full of classified and Top Secret documents seem to turn up every other news cycle. Democrats are desperate for him to stop the bleeding now that a special counsel has been appointed.

Yes, as the president tries to hide in the Oval Office to avoid questions, his spokesperson isn’t so fortunate — and she can’t even say if this is the end of the scandal or if Biden is still hiding files from the authorities!

Remember, Hunter Biden and his Chinese Communist business partners among other foreign oligarchs breezed in and out of these places, including the “locked garage” which Joe Biden laughably seems to think is more secure than Mar-a-Lago.

Check out Clay on “Wins & Losses” with Miranda Devine. They do a real deep dive into all the details.

You can almost pick up some romantic comedy vibes in some of Jean-Pierre’s exchanges with Peter Doocy.

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