Larry Elder Comes Under Violent Racist Attack, Media Silent

9 Sep 2021

BUCK: We have both the overall recall story to get into with you, but also an ugly incident that happened yesterday with Larry Elder, friend of the show, great guy, very widely liked and respected in conservative media circles and he’s doing well. He’s doing well in this recall effort. In fact, right now he would be the next governor…

If Gavin Newsom gets recalled, he’d be the next governor of California. Now, before we talk about the ugly incident which Clay and I want to break down for you in a moment, let’s just put into the context what’s happening right now in California. It’s a state that Democrat policies over the last 20 years or so have just driven into the ground.

You have a lot of people who are leaving, who are moving. A lot of the Texans listening to us right now are thinking, “Yeah, don’t ‘California’ our Texas,” right, ’cause they know a lot of people have left the Golden State for other places. They’re moving to Nevada; they’re moving to Idaho, to Texas; some of them moving to Florida, other places around the country.

Because the taxes are super high, the government is dysfunctional, the streets are filthy, the homeless problem is out of control, the crime is rising, and people are just living in this lunatic lifestyle liberalism delusion. And we know that right now you’re thinking, “Oh, it’s a blue state.” But you have to remember, there are millions of registered Republicans in the state of California, too.

One of the largest audiences we have on here on the show for one single market is our affiliate KEIB in Los Angeles. We have other very wonderful affiliates in California as well. But the point here being, there are a lot of folks who are suffering who aren’t responsible and who are trying to fight against these policies at the state level.

So what’s the likelihood that Gavin Newsom gets recalled? The most recent polling shows — I was just checking in the last hour — that he’s got a pretty good position if you believe the polls. Now, a lot of these polling companies are gonna be favorable to him for a lot of reasons. If you believe the polls, he looks to have a seven-, eight-point advantage ’cause here’s how the recall works, just so you all know.

If he gets less than 50% support, whoever gets the most votes from the recall, becomes the next governor. So if Newsom fails to get essentially a vote of confidence of 51% or more, over 50%, then whoever has the most votes of the candidates on the slate becomes the next governor. Larry Elder’s support right now is something like maybe 25%, something along those lines of those who are likely voters in the state of California.

Clay, we’re gonna talk about the assault on Larry in a second, but just first, to me one of the problems here is that California… They recalled Gray Davis and replaced him with Schwarzenegger, and Schwarzenegger ran into the buzzsaw of state employee unions and the teachers unions and was not able to do anything.

He’s also is kind of a lib to begin with. The problem isn’t actually Gavin Newsom in California. The problem is the Democrat Party’s one-party control of California. And I think that that’s, unfortunately, not going to change no matter what this recall effort shows.

CLAY: I think that’s the challenge, and it’s interesting. Where I live here in Nashville, Buck, we are surrounded by people who have fled California. Massive numbers of people have just relocated. Now, I know there’s a lot of you out there listening who are in… I saw this. I don’t know if you saw this, Buck: Where people are moving in 2021 so far.

We ran through a little bit of this list I think on Monday I was kind of running through. But it’s such a fascinating list because obviously nowhere in California are people moving, but listen to some of these cities: Orlando, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Denver; Savannah, Georgia; Dallas; Tampa; Austin; Nashville; Fort Myers; and West Palm Beach. It’s basically Tennessee, Texas, and Florida.

People are fleeing states and regions where there’s no lockdown freedom, and they’re moving to places where there is freedom. So a big part of this Larry Elder situation, I think — and you mentioned how many people are Republicans in California. It’s a great stat that blows people’s minds. More people voted for Donald Trump in California than in Texas. People say, “Whoa!”

That’s how big the state of California is. But there are more Trump voters in California than there are in the state of Texas. Pretty wild to think about when you look at the 2020 election returns. So the question here is, “Can we get a win that would shock the entire Democratic establishment?” ’cause they’re bringing in all the big guns. Whether it’s Kamala, whether it’s Biden, whether it’s Obama, they’re all speaking out right now desperate for Gavin Newsom.

BUCK: He’s a sweetheart of the Democrat establishment. They love Gavin Newsom. He’s very slick. He’s very telegenic, seems very smooth.

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: I think they spent $30 million last month to try to keep him in office?

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: They’re spending huge amounts of money to keep this guy because there is a very clear dynamic at play here. There is an optic that will be hard for the Democrat spinsters to make go away. What are the two blue strongholds? What are the two bluest states?

CLAY: New York and California.

BUCK: It’s New York and California, which is funny, of course, ’cause you point out our largest-by-market audiences on a state level it’s probably New York, California. I guess it just tracks population too, but New York, California, Texas, and then maybe Florida is right up there with Texas. Because there are a lot of Republicans in New York and California.

People forget this. There are a million registered — more than that, actually, I think — registered Republicans in New York City where I am, and that’s why this show… I’m here with them, Clay, behind the enemy lines in the commie place —

CLAY: You are behind enemy lines.

BUCK: — and there’s a lot of them out there listening in the Tri-State area, but the narrative for the Democrats is gonna be very clear. They lose their governor in New York during the pandemic, granted for sexual harassment reasons, but we all know that the other show was gonna drop with the nursing home scandal over time.

And if they lose the governor of California, too, people start to look at this and say, “Oh, so Democrats are just bad at leadership at the state level?” There’s no way to avoid that narrative coming out in a very clear way. So this is, in a sense, their political Maginot Line and we know how that one worked out.

CLAY: Well, that’s a good historical reference there. I would say this too. It was reflective I think already even if Gavin Newsom ends up holding onto power, it’s reflective that even in California people are fed up with the restrictions. I just keep coming back to it ’cause I think it’s an important sign, a symbol of that nature to which people are fed up.

Full football stadiums, Buck, is a massive middle finger to the Fauciites. When you have 70,000 people tonight, 75,000, whatever it is, watching Tampa Bay play against Dallas, that’s a huge number of people that are saying, “We’re ready to get back to normal.” And that’s really what is terrifying to the Democrats because normalcy doesn’t allow you to continue to have all of these dictatorial powers.

And that’s why they’re so threatened by college football, by the fact that millions of college football fans went to games. And that’s why I think tonight when the NFL kicks back off with this huge crowd, there’s going to be a panic that sets in, and that panic is already starting to become apparent in California.

BUCK: When we come back, we’ll dive into this assault on Larry Elder and the media’s lack of coverage on it in just a second here. But is the stadium tonight indoor or outdoor?

CLAY: Outdoor.

BUCK: So it’s not covered. I know stadiums are huge. It’s not a —

CLAY: Yeah, yeah. So your point is a good one. This weekend there are many covered stadiums that will be 100% full.

BUCK: If it’s covered, it’s huge, but it goes to the issue of airflow, which people always underplay in these conversations. But what we’ve actually seen — and they don’t want to talk about this — is that airflow and fresh air is more powerful than any of these other measures.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: Than masks, Plexiglas dividers and social distancing, all these things. Fresh air flowing in more important by the numbers than that based on —

CLAY: Which is why shutting down the beaches and the parks —

BUCK: Oh, yeah.

CLAY: — and pulling rims off of basketball hoops and taking down tennis nets, it was all — even in a mad situation — the height of madness.

BUCK: Yeah. Future generations will look back at it arrest of a lone paddleboarder at a beach off of Los Angeles for violating covid restrictions as, wow, people really lost their minds. But, Clay, let’s come back in a second here. Here’s what happened, folks.

‘Cause we’re just gonna tell you about the incident; then we’ll come back and unpack this a little bit and the media perspective or lack thereof because they’re not really covering it. Larry Elder’s in Venice. By the way, it’s really interesting. You’ve been to Venice, right, Clay?

CLAY: Venice Beach used to be phenomenal. It’s falling apart.

BUCK: It’s falling apart. It’s a mess now it used to be kind of cool, funky. You walk along the boardwalk and you’d see the weightlifters and the tattoo artists and all this stuff. And now it’s just like vagrancy everywhere, drug use, total mess.

But Larry Elder’s doing a walk to point out like this is what happens with these Democrat policies that affect homelessness, that affect drug use, crime. He gets attacked by what is believed to be a Newsom supporter wearing a gorilla mask. The attacker is wearing a gorilla mask.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: She’s wearing a —

CLAY: I think it’s a woman, yeah.

BUCK: — a gorilla mask and throws an egg and hits Larry Elder in the head, and the media’s just kind of like, “Yeah, whatever. Meh. No big deal.” Clay, can we come back and look at the way this would be treated if it were a different set of things?

CLAY: It would be an example of white supremacy.


CLAY: Larry Elder, who may well be the next governor of California, would be the first black governor of the state of California, walking in Venice Beach, which is a beautiful area of Los Angeles that has been in many ways revitalized over the last 15 years or so. For those of you who know the LA area, it had turned into a vibrant part of town that many people wanted to visit.

And now it has descended into a homeless encampment, people want out of Venice Beach, they don’t want to be living there anymore. And Larry Elder’s walking through, and a white woman in a gorilla mask throws an egg at him. This video came out right after we went off the air, a couple hours maybe yesterday, Buck. It went viral among people like us who say, “Hey, maybe it’s not a good thing for a white person dressed in a gorilla mask to be throwing eggs at a black candidate.”

BUCK: At anyone.

CLAY: At anyone, but certainly a black gubernatorial candidate in the People’s Republic of California. What is the most intriguing about this to me, Buck, is the overall silence. In fact, many of you listening to us right now may be hearing about this incident for the first time. And I don’t think there’s any doubt that if this has happened to Kamala Harris, if this had happened to Stacey Abrams, if this had happened to Cory Booker — a prominent black politician — it would have been “a sign of white supremacy.”

There would be hate crime investigations. We would know the name of the person who threw the egg and was wearing the gorilla mask within 15 minutes of it happening. They would be doxed. They would lose their jobs, they would be rabid, awful, horrible, racists. The White House would probably issue a statement about it. Just look at the response.

One of our buddies, David Rubin did a good job of this, going through and looking at all the things that were said by Democratic politicians about the fake hate crime Jussie Smollett case, and compare it with the silence that has occurred surrounding Larry Elder. This is just failure and hypocrisy.

BUCK: Yeah, yeah, yeah. The unspoken reality here, Clay, is that the Democrats, they won’t say this out loud. Democrats don’t believe that it is possible, really, to commit a hate crime against a Republican. There’s no such thing. In their minds, if you’re a Republican, you are somehow part of the apparatus of oppression.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: It doesn’t matter what your gender, your gender identity, your race, your religion, it doesn’t matter if you are a conservative — and you all know this. Listen to this. Democrats believe this. Sometimes they might have to say, “Fine, fine. We’ll put a hate crime charge on this. It’s too obvious. The person was yelling, ‘I hate Republicans in there and, you know, yelling some racial epithet,'” and they’re, like, attacking a minority Republican in some violent way.

But generally speaking, the Democrats just accept, or their mentality is, “It is not possible to create a hate crime or to cause a hate crime against someone who is ideologically conservative.” This is really a tool. It is only meant as a legal and cultural issue and protection for people the left likes. That’s what actually determines whether a “hate crime” has occurred.

CLAY: There’s no doubt. Some people say, “Well, of course they’re hypocritical.” This is my argument for how you win. You don’t win by getting CNN and MSNBC and New York Times and the Washington Post to cover this legitimately. You win by getting a large segment of the population that is persuadable to have what we call a red pill moment and sit back and think, “Wait a minute.

“You’re right. This would be the lead story on CNN if this had happened to a black Democratic politician. This would be evidence of white supremacy and why it is so unsafe for minorities in America today.” This would be their gristmill fuel for the narrative they want to sell, which is America’s a horrible, awful, racist place.

BUCK: And they are going to continue to be ruthless about all this. The Los Angeles Times called Larry Elder, in an editorial, “the black face of white supremacy.” They’re going all out because if Larry… I’m not gonna… I don’t want to mislead here.

It’s not a long shot, but the odds are against him. The odds are against him. Gavin Newsom has a pretty comfortable lead in the polls. If Larry Elder wins this recall and Gavin Newsom goes? Biggest electoral shock since Trump won in 2016 in my opinion.

CLAY: I think you’re right.

BUCK: I think you make that case.


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