Leftist Authoritarians Always Break Down Family First

18 Nov 2022

The Soviets knew that to solidify their power, they had to break down the family unit and make citizens more loyal to the state than to their own family members. In the audio link above, Buck tells the story of Pavel Trofimovich Morozov, a 13-year-old boy who denounced his father and became a martyr of the Soviet regime.

Well, the same sort of things are happening here and now in America. This story has gone viral, celebrated by liberals.

A brainwashing so complete that she totally renounces her own father in public at his funeral.

It’s a venomous degradation of her loving father because of politics. It’s sick.

Think this could never happen in your own family? Think again. This poison is being taught to your own children right now in school and online.

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