Leftists Continue to Target Rittenhouse

29 Nov 2021

CLAY: One bit of news that is getting a lot of attention — should be getting more attention, in my opinion — is the idea that Kyle Rittenhouse should not be allowed to go to Arizona State. There is a protest — and I’m curious whether Arizona State is going to be willing to stand up to students that are demanding that Kyle Rittenhouse be kicked out of school.

Now, I think the reality is if Kyle Rittenhouse is kicked out of school at Arizona State, there will be other schools that will step forward and say, “Hey, we would love to have you as a student in the wake of your not-guilty verdict.” That remains to be seen. But I believe, Buck, we have a caller who wants to weigh in on that situation that is underway right now, a great debate that I think is going to continue to grow over who is allowed to go to school based on what they may have in their background.

BUCK: Absolutely. Remember 800-282-2882, friends, if you want to call in. We’ve got a lot of lines lit, one or two spots open out there. And we have with us now Chris in Utah. What’s up, Chris?

CALLER: Hey, how’s it going, guys?

BUCK: We’re good.

CALLER: Hey, this is about Kyle Rittenhouse, but it’s a little bit different than ASU, and this is a petition that’s been on Change.org by a group called Real American that want to petition to the Department of Justice. It’s a click-and-sign, and it’s for civil rights violations and hate crimes. And if you read the email, it’s outrageous, it’s misleading, and just out-and-out lies. More of the same, white supremacist and just painting it as a Jew hater and a person who just doesn’t like black people because he was at a Black Lives Matter rally.

CLAY: This is an anti-Kyle Rittenhouse situation?

CALLER: Absolutely.

CLAY: Yeah, look, Kyle Rittenhouse — we talked about this, and I believe it’s significant — needs to file a lawsuit, and I believe he will, against many of the people at MSNBC, CNN, the Washington Post, New York Times that labeled him a white supremacist with no evidence of that fact and, frankly, really challenged his ability to get a fair and free trial.

Now, the challenge that he’s going to have is the standard in New York Times v. Sullivan of public-versus-private figure is very difficult to reach. The reason why Nicholas Sandmann has a better case, Buck, because he wasn’t in that point in time interjected into a story. He was just a kid on the steps at the Washington Monument when people started to attack him based on his video.

Whereas Kyle Rittenhouse had a trial and everything else associated with it. But if Arizona State bends to demands that he be removed from their roster of students, then I think this is going to be, unfortunately, another sign of the times for a kid being unable to get an education based on politics. By the way, remember, there’s tons of kids —

BUCK: It’s a school, right, Clay?

CLAY: — on campuses with all sorts of crimes in their background that are enrolled in schools now.

BUCK: There’s no way they would get…? First of all, they’re not gonna do it. The outcry here… He was acquitted, right? It’s one thing if someone’s guilty of charges. You’re acquitted. That means that all of your legal rights, all of your standing in the community as a matter of your interaction with the state which being at a state school certainly is, would continue as is.

But this just goes to show you that the alternative to the perpetuation of the lie among people on the left that Rittenhouse is a racist is to admit that they lied, right? So they’d rather keep going with it… You’re seeing this a little bit with Russia collusion these days too. There are all these pieces popping up, Clay. You may have seen some of this in the last week or so.

“Just because the dossier is fake doesn’t mean Russia collusion wasn’t true.” No, that’s exactly what it means, but they’d rather double down on the lie than have to accept that they are liars. And the same is true of Kyle Rittenhouse and the allegations of racism from the media. Remember, the media was not complicit in but leading the charge in that defamation, and if he’s not a racist, well, why?

What have we learned? Oh, from the trial we learn that there is no basis for calling him a racist in the first place. But these schools, Clay, it’s like Bolsheviks. Go back to the Soviet revolution, right? You only need a committed few who are total lunatics and people who won’t stand in their way and won’t stand up against them, and they’ll run everything.

And that’s what’s happened in college campuses. You know, there’s a reasonable amount of people that are somewhat sane that are in college administration. When I say “somewhat sane,” they’re Democrats, but they’re not completely out of their minds. But 20 or 30% of them, maybe 40 or 50% of them — it’s college campuses — are completely insane, and they call the shots.

CLAY: And that’s what’s really scary about the world that we live in right now. It’s a tiny minority, typically, that is dictating decisions like these. But there’s so many people that are afraid of being the target. There’s so many professors at Arizona State are gonna say, “Hey, you know what? Kyle Rittenhouse deserves to be enrolled on campus here.” But they’re all terrified that if they speak out, they’re going to end up being the targets.

And if you are the target, then, your own job is at risk, your own standing in the community is in jeopardy, and that is why there is such an amazing amount of silence from people who otherwise — a lot of people right now listening to us, Buck, who are — would be afraid to say that they listen to this show because of what might happen to them because people would say, “Oh, my God! You listen to Clay Travis? You listen to Buck Sexton?” even though we’re the most honest, the most rational, most reasonable people I would say in all of media.

BUCK: It’s a badge of honor. We should give people decoder rings or something, so they know, “Oh, you’re a Clay and Buck listener? Now I know it’s cool. We can have a normal conversation,” right?

CLAY: You can have a disagreement, too. You can just have a normal discussion.

BUCK: Yeah, that’s it. I wonder, by the way, if anybody out there had a really contentious Thanksgiving dinner politics discussion. I’d be curious to hear about it. In my family, let’s just say we’re all aligned in love of country, freedom, and God. So it’s not a complicated one in the Sexton household.

CLAY: Every Thanksgiving I’ve ever been at, there have been people who voted for both sides of the equation. This one was no different.

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