Libs Melt Down Over Musk’s Twitter Revolution

18 Nov 2022

Liberals inside and outside of Twitter cannot cope with Elon Musk’s moves to make the company a relevant, profitable town square for free speech.

He’s the richest man in the world, he’s built a cutting-edge electric car company — and he can send rockets into space better than NASA. Yet, at CNN, they want you to think he’s an incompetent boob who is going to kill the company.

Have you seen the videos of what Twitter was like for their spoiled employees before Elon? It was absurd and unsustainable — to use a world woke lefties love.

Twitter’s offices have been closed because so many of these entitled brats are quitting.

Twitter is really the final place where right and left meet in the arena of ideas. But liberals know they can’t survive in that arena unless they own the means of propaganda.

That’s the real reason they can’t stand Elon reforming Twitter and will do everything in their power to stop him.

Elon has restored banned accounts of the The Babylon Bee, Jordan Peterson and Kathy Griffin.

Why not President Trump? You can’t have a true forum of free speech when you don’t have an ex-president who’s running again. Restore Trump’s account, Elon!

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