Loudoun County School Protests Should Be the Top Story Everywhere

27 Oct 2021

CLAY: A big part of what’s going on — and it’s not just in Texas, and it’s not just in the red states. It’s spreading all over the place. Buck, back in, what was it, August, I think, I went and talked at my local school board, agruments against a mask mandate. And as soon as I came out of that hearing, I called you and I said, “Man, the energy and enthusiasm and passion and willingness to fight that I saw in my local school board let me know…”

I felt better than I had in years about the political perspective of this country based on the energy that I felt in people finally standing up for themselves during that local school board meeting. And I have seen it spreading everywhere. And one of the focal points of that storyline has been Loudoun County, but it’s not just there.

This has become the focal point for the Virginia governor’s race between Glenn Youngkin — who I hope wins — and Terry McAuliffe, who is desperately floundering right now. But I want to play a couple of clips for you guys from the Loudoun County school district yesterday, Buck — and you said it well. If the kids in Loudoun County had been walking out because of alleged racism, it would be the number one story on CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post.

Instead, the kids walked out chanting that they wanted change because of a sexual assault that occurred at their school, a kid who was identifying as female went into a girls’ bathroom and — according to a juvenile court proceeding — committed a sexual assault. Here are kids speaking out, chanting as they did a walkout yesterday during the school day. Let’s play cut 6.

(playing of audio)

So you hear them all there chanting, basically Loudoun County protects rapists. And, Buck, I mean, all these kids storming out of their classroom to point out this story, which is an inconvenient truth. Because the idea that you don’t require a gender — anybody can go to any bathroom — many people said, “You know what?

“This creates a situation like what we just saw where a sexual assault can happen.” That’s what they were protesting. And again, you change the storyline just a little bit, make it an alleges racial attack that didn’t receive attention, it’s the number one story in America. This one, it’s like people don’t want to acknowledge it actually happen.

BUCK: Well, the school itself, the administrators did not want to acknowledge it, and we have to remind everybody of the facts of the case around this, so to speak. There’s obviously the sexual assault itself — two sexual assaults, by the way, by the same student. But the parent, the father of the first girl who was assaulted in the bathroom by this transgender student.

He showed up at the school, and the school sent out a letter saying, “Oh, we know there was a disturbance today, but don’t worry. We’ll keep you safe.” Meanwhile, they didn’t send out any letter about, “Hey, hold on, we got an issue here,” because they wanted to push through the transgender bathroom policy. This is very important to Democrats.

There’s a movement here on the left to push the trans agenda as far as it possibly can throughout the school system, and that’s why you can’t have people being honest about research they do into transgender contagion as an idea among young children. That’s why you can’t public research that shows the longtime outcomes for people that have puberty blockers at a young age.

We’re at a phase now where people are saying, “Yeah, we don’t know what it will do to you if you’re 12 or 13, you take puberty blockers, but go for it. You do you, and parents shouldn’t get in the way. In fact, parents should affirm the gender.” This has become an article of faith for the absolutist left, and that’s why… Otherwise, Clay, it makes no sense. Why would they cover up?

Usually, any kind of sexual assault gets a tremendous amount of attention. In fact, on the left sometimes based on the narrative they’ll look at incidents where no assault even happened — the UVA rape case, the Duke lacrosse case.

CLAY: Oh yeah. The gang-rape case that Rolling Stone tried to blow it up.

BUCK: A sexual assault, when it fits the left’s narrative, can be the biggest news story in America, a single sexual assault. Now, obviously every sexual assault, every murder, every instance of these crimes are tragedies for the people involved. But the point here is, why would they cover something like this up? This is a teenage girl be assaulted in school.

The school board member presiding over the meeting where they were talking about the transgender policy knew that this has happened, pretended now that they didn’t know that it happened and there’s emails now. There’s receipts, so to speak. It’s because this was considered a threat. This would have been the first high profile instance of the transgender youth bathroom policy in school that stretches all the back to the Obama administration and North Carolina. Remember that fight.

This was the first time it would be a high-profile case. Hold on a second. Maybe this isn’t a good idea, a safe idea. Maybe this is putting teenage girls at risk. That’s why they suppressed it. That’s why the Soros-backed prosecutor in Loudoun County didn’t want to make a big deal of it, and this is also why Terry McAuliffe is now floundering and desperate. They got Biden out there talking about the white supremacist in the fleece vest or whatever? Give me a break.

CLAY: Not only that, this is also becoming a bigger and bigger story. And it’s as if — we were just talking about this off air — all of these stories are breaking in Glenn Youngkin’s favor, which is why this race is so tight, even though Biden won the state of Virginia by 10 points.

We’re talking about a one- or two-point spread right now with Election Day Tuesday of next week, six days away. This Loudoun County mom explained why her daughter protested and walked out. Let’s play cut 7 to let you know exactly what’s going on.

MOTHER: When this happened so long ago and people are just finding out about it, it really struck her. She just… Her friends and her and many other kids felt really blindsided, betrayed. And this is happening in our schools. And why didn’t they know about it? I’m just shocked by some of the pushback, because they are saying, “This is just political, political posturing. It’s something to help Youngkin at this time.” This has nothing to do with politics. This has nothing to do with politics. This is a crime in our schools.

BUCK: Well, she’s right, it’s a crime, but it has unfortunately been very much infused with politics by people who view this as part of the transgender agenda here. Really the elimination of the separation of genders in high school. This is why they want them to play on the same sports teams when they so choose. This is why they want them to be able to use the same bathrooms, all of this. Really, it just comes from a place of madness and the embrace what is not true.

CLAY: No doubt, and that lack of veracity and truth is becoming an issue everywhere.

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